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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 75

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 75

Meeting the Saintess-sama

There is only one religion in this world, which is dedicated to the Earth God and the Moon Goddess, and having no name of religion in particular. There are temples where people gather, and those who are willing to serve the God and Goddess will join as priests or shrine maidens, and such positions are mostly hereditary now. While giving prayers in line with the God and Goddess’ will, some will be granted divine power and show talent such as <recovery magic>.

As an ordinary person, I only see their ceremony occasionally, and from a distance. In the first place, there was Lu next to me, and also Ash, so it’s quite pointless for me to go and pay my respect in such specific places.

There seems to be a relationship between the temple and the nation, such as the former receiving alms, the latter getting help with power balance, and sometimes ‘dirty’ dealings between the two. But I don’t know about such things in detail because they haven’t been relevant to me, and I was only desperately trying to survive after all.

And one day, a Saintess-sama suddenly appeared in a temple of this world. The temple here is currently in a festive atmosphere. The temple seems to be using the title of the Saintess as a means to enliven the currently stagnant state the religion is in.

A Saintess huh……

Can I say my frank opinion on this topic based on my memories from my previous life? Yes?

ーNo way, they have summoned a Japanese Schoolgirl with a forbidden summoning technique! That won’t really be the case, right?

She was being forcefully separated from her family and was told ー If you want to return, work hard! She wasn’t really told that, right?

When in actuality, there is no way to return at all! It can’t be that, right?

Also, on the topic of a Saintess’ appearance… A Demon King is also going to appear in this world? Oh, maybe my Papa is the one?

Then, a Hero will be summoned soon…

Anyway, if she was indeed abducted by the temple, I’ll help her run away after the task at Reagan is done.

On the day of my appointment, I was called by Tabuchi-san, and I am currently waiting in front of the audience hall of the castle with my attendants, Yamada-san and Miyu.

It was only after I got here that I realized the Saintess could be an “enemy” as well. Although she did not appear in 『Wild Rose You』, there already was a precedence with His Highness Schneider. Should I be alert? However, if she is wary against me, she will not follow me to Reagan Island, and there is no more time.

“Yamada-kun, do you know the color of the Saintess’ hair?”

“It’s a beautiful black. The people of Marshe were delighted to see her.”

Hmm… anyway, it isn’t Maribelle. Safe.

The door opened and the soldier at the entrance prompted me to enter with his chin.

I stepped inside. Two old men in pure white martial artist costumes stood on both sides, giving me a stern looking glare. A woman in a white dress with a veil on her face is sitting on the throne of Marshe’s king.

I made eye contact with Tabuchi-san standing to her side, I glanced down and kneeled, copying a knight’s etiquette.

“Saintess-sama, this is a benefactor of our country…”


Then, I heard the sound of something getting pushed aside, interrupting Tabuchi-san’s words.

The sound of a rustling and the clacking of shoes resonated, and in the blink of an eye, a pair of white glowing toes with high-heels entered my sight……… I was caught by my neck, made to stand up, and hugged.



The surroundings become noisy.

She let go of my shoulders and our faces met as she flipped her veil back.

The exposed face is… like an angry noh mask, but cool-looking at the same time…… The Samurai I had always longed for… And once again, my head is given a strong embrace.


“It’s, it’s you!!”

“You, Baka-Serafi!!! Do you know, do you know how worried we all are!?”

The person with a scary face and tears… Our dear dear… Onee-chan.


My whole body trembles.

As if, as if… a dam has broken… tears… tears burst out from my eyes…

“E, Eris-san… Aa aaa…”

I’m clinging to Ellis-san… and crying.

Eris-san hugged me in her embrace until I stopped crying, gently stroking my head all the while.

It’s Eris-san… It’s Eris-san… It’s Eris-san…

When I feel a little calmer, I realize that the surroundings are extremely noisy.

“Saintess-sama, please stay away from such vulgar things!”

“Hey, Priest! Have you forgotten your position just because Saintess-sama is merciful!?”

Eris-san then speaks in a low, intimidating voice.

“Shut up. She is my benefactor.”

“Even so! Please consider your position”

“…And what is your position? Are you raising your opinion on how I should act?”

“You are the Saintess! You are in the highest person among all humans!”

“…You don’t get it at all, both of you.”

Eris-san relaxed, holding my hands, smiling at me, and getting down on her knees.



“She is the <contractor> of one of the Western Beast of the Four Heavens… I can only hear the voice of the Gods… And if I use your own words, she stood above the highest of all humans. Serafiona-sama, it has been a while. A year has passed since you went into hiding.”


Eris-san also saw Lu…

Tabuchi-san, who also is aware of Lu’s existence kneels behind Eris-san…

“S-she is a <contractor>?”

“Then why hasn’t she reported it to the temple!? Where is the evidence? Show the evidence!”

“Are you doubting me and the <contractor> Serafiona-sama? How insolent!”

Miyu crawls out of my pocket as Eris-san’s murderous intent is about to be fully released. Then she returned to her original size and raised a hiss.


“Well, you are with the Silver Spirit-sama today instead of the Western Heavenly Beast? Serafi is still beyond the norms.”

Everyone can see Miyu. Miyu is not concealing her haki right now as well.

Miyu looked at Eris-san from top to bottom and kissed her head.

“Blessings from Spirit-sama… I am honoured. Thank you very much.”

Eris-san gives a deep bow to Miyu, and Miyu nodded a little.

Here are two actresses in perfect sync! Even though they just met for the first time!

The Priests lost strength in their knees and fell down, making harsh and rough breaths.

“The real thing… The Spirit… It’s real…”

Eris-san stood up and looked around.

“I will have a chat with <Contractor-sama>. Please leave everyone. And I don’t think I have to tell you to not say anything about what happened here! Leaking even one word will result in punshment. Is that clear?”

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