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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 74

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 74


“Fio-kun, welcome back! Customers have already arrived―!”

I came back from the forest and was immediately greeted by Yoko-san, and when I took a glance at the dining room, I saw Sasaki-san.

“Good evening, why is Sasaki-san here?”

“Umm… I have a little request.”


“I have a request for… Hey, what’s that wound on your cheek?”

“Ah? Eh, it’s no big deal. It’s a cut from the grasses.”

“It’s a wound from a sword! Who attacked you!?”

“I was just careless. And this Gold Ranker doesn’t care about it anyway.”

I tried to evade the topic by saying something appropriate. On the contrary, if I’m going to keep living as a man, having such a wound would be just right.

“It’s unpalatable……”

“What was that? Sasaki-san, if you keep saying something rude, I won’t listen to your request.”

“That’s not the thing I wanna talk about!”

“Yes, then what is?”

“The other day… Did you give Yamada matcha cake? Make it for me as well! I ask of you.”


“Yamada has been boasting about it in the barracks a lot. He made everyone jealous. Is now a good time? I brought all the necessary ingredients.”


I asked Yoko-san to let me borrow the kitchen for a while to bake the cake. Marshe also has red beans so I added natto, which I had made as preserve food, into the dough.

“Excellent skills!”

Sasaki-san watches over my work while drinking tea. The cake won’t run away even if you don’t keep watch you know!

“How do I say it? My most important person loves cakes, so I’ve been making them quite a number of times.”

Though he hasn’t tried matcha cake yet.

“…Your lover?”

“Not my lover obviously.”

He is more annoying, stronger, and cooler than any lover. He is my one and only mofumofu.

“Hmm, the ingredients are all ordinary ones, yet why does Fio-kun’s cakes taste so special?”

Yoko-san, who had always tasted my cakes here, shakes her head.

“Hehe, it’s thanks to the sweet magic I used for the finish.”

“Sweet magic?”

“Uwaa! Delicious! So delicious! I did it! I’ll get the other one at the oven!”

“Fio-kun does something cute like this too huh!”

Yoko-san stroked my head.

The baking this time too is perfect. If I quit being an adventurer some day, shall I run a 『Cake Shop Sera-chan』?

Sasaki-san wrapped the other one up and took it home. Are sweet things appreciated so much more here?

I got some light burns since my body couldn’t handle the oven fire, so I moved to the courtyard of the boarding house to cool it down, and I heard a dry sound coming from nearby. Looking over, I saw sasa (bamboo grass) -like plants (trees?).
(T/N: ? this emoji)

“Isn’t this……”

“Oh, that’s called a <wish tree>. You write a wish on a strip of paper, tie it to the tree’s branch and leave it outside on a beautiful star-filled night. It is said that your wish will come true then.”

It’s a Tanabata tree.

Apparently, Marshe had a reincarnator from my hometown before. Yoko-san’s wishes are lined up on the sasa-like plant: <Business Prosperity>, <House Safety>, and <Increased Fortune>.


She presented me colorful paper strips and a brush.

I bobbed my head down slightly.

That’s it!

For now, the first is, <May I find a Shrine Maiden who will be sent to Reagan Island’s God>

I should be able to break the current non-progressing situation at a stretch.

There are still some paper strips left.

I simply wrote, <I want to meet everyone sooner>. However, I immediately realize that the loved ones I would like to meet had their own circumstances too. But I’m a cheat so it will come true. I do not know what exactly is happening in Judor, and I may not even be able to leave the country. Such movement can put me at risk after all.


I tear the paper strip and burn it on my palm.

Ash told me to wait. So I have to wait.


“Oh, were you watching?”

I am somehow embarrassed to be seen by Miyu.

I’ll do it again. Hmm.

<May Father, Older Brother, and Grandmother be Healthy and Happy>

They don’t have to try to become stronger anymore.

<May Alma-chan and Nick be Healthy, and may their Dreams Come True>

I somehow wish to join the two together… Is my arafo-ness coming out?
(T/N: Arafo – a woman of around 40)

<May Ghilane Not be Betrayed and Not Lonely, and may Allies he can Snuggle Up With appear>

I’m… writing things that are not useful at all.

<May Ash Always be my Noble Friend>

Is it strange to ask God for the Sacred Beasts?

<May Lu Always remain the same Lu>

I wrote this in a light blue paper strip.

「…Sera-chama, isn’t writing about herself yet?」

That is so. Hmm.

「What about: May my breasts grow bigger?」

Miyu-tan, that’s none of your business!!

<May I be stronger, and reassure everyone. Fio>

The moon seems to waver.
(T/N: Sera is tearing up?)

A few days later, Tabuchi-san called for me.

“Hee? A Saintess arrived?”

“Yes, the Saintess has visited every temple she came across here and there. It looks like she’s planning to expand her power using the divinity of the Saintess… Marshe seems to be her target this time.”

Prime Minister Tabuchi-san has a bitter smile on his face.

Marshe is in a trying time, and in such a chaotic state, if she performs even one miracle, the number of believers will increase rapidly.

“You said that she targeted everywhere?”

“Anyway, I’m grateful she’s aiming for this place. I can’t make the country recover on my own. Under what condition could I work with her, I wonder?”

“A Saintess is higher ranked than a Shrine Maiden, right? Will she come with me to Reagan, I wonder?”

“We will have the opportunity to make an inquiry on that topic. However, the negotiation will have to be done by Serafiona-sama herself.”

I nod. Tabuchi-san exhales. He is having panda eyes. He looks really worn out.

“Tabuchi-san, hang in there! I’ll make another cake again!”

“…? Another? Again? But I have never ever received cake from Serafiona-sama, the rumor <Most Excellent Cake Baker>.”

“Eh? I’ve given Sasaki-san two people’s worth though!”


Oh, Tabuchi-san is the Prime Minister who has the magical power and proficiency in control to see Lu after all! His killing intent is terrifying!

T/N: Tanabata – Evening of the seventh. Celebrated on 7 July.

It is also known as Hoshi matsuri (星祭り) – The star festival.

wiki page: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanabata

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