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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 73

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 73

Requests are completed swiftly

Another day as Fio begins.

Recently, I have been taking in pets I saw while collecting materials, and we started to be known as, 『Fio and Snake’s everything shop』, around the neighbourhood. Some people came to me directly, but the ever-reliable Yoko-san helped me file the lists of client, their requirements, and rewards in the notebook, then, after Yamada-kun, who is a soldier and the big brother around here, checked them, I have received the permission to carry on.

It would be a waste of time if I am made light of since I looked like a young boy when it is already quite troublesome to accept each commission directly.

“Fio-kun, Snake-chan, have a nice day―!”

“Yoko-san, we’re off―.”

「We’re off, see you later―」

Miyu waved her tail to give a bye bye to Yoko-san.

“…Working so hard… So desperately… Living as a boy…”

Yoko-san always muttered something when she saw me off.

「Sera-chama, what are your plans today?」

“Today, we’ll be dealing with a <Junk Bear> and capturing <Elephant Beetle> in the forest. I would also look for <Marshe Mushroom>, which I think would be useful as ingredients for <healing medicine>.”

<Elephant Beetle> looks like a pill bug with a body length of about 50 cm. Miyu has the extract of <Neneru Grass> in her body and she spat it out as poison mist, the <Elephant Beetle> then fell asleep and is easily secured. The ingredients have quite a lot of similarity with traditional Chinese medicine. Stop thinking too deeply. And I’m feeling a bit drowsy.

「Sera-chama, you were caught up in the <sleeping mist> I created earlier!」

Miyu-tan is becoming more and more amazing…

On the way back, we encountered three <Devil Boars>.

“Take this!”

I poured water from my right hand on three boars before Miyu-tan could react, then snapped my fingers to freeze them.

「Excellent! Sera-chama’s reaction speed was fast despite the sudden attack! But why freeze them?」

“It’s because the butcher told me that it’s easier to deal with them if they’re frozen.”

Then I stored them in my <magic room> ― <frozen>.

(T/N: I guess she has different versions of <magic room>. She already used <sloth> before)

While picking <Marshe Mushroom> on the way, we kept walking on the map to reach today’s main event, the <Junk Bear>.

The junk bear that I subjugated with Nick was bigger…

I grab the small treasure from on top of my pocket. And as I was just staring blankly, the other party noticed us. Then immediately,


It put strength on all four of its legs and charged towards us.

When it reached right in front of my eyes, I swung my right foot and kicked on the <Junk Bear’s> chin. Using the back of its leg as a foothold, I release another kick on its left cheek. Yes, if I were to become a pro-wrestler like in my previous life, my stage-name would be <Shining Wizard>, I have decided! Shouldn’t I be a <Witch> since I am a girl? No, I’m a <Wizard> because I’m crossdressing as a man!


The <Junk Bear> then falls backward.

「Sera-chama, why did you stopped?」

“Hmm, the request said that a <Junk Bear> was spotted on the shallow part of the forest and I was only requested to do something about it. But it didn’t cause any damage actually. Miyu-tan, why don’t you speak to it for a bit?”

Lu never liked killing animals for no reason as well…

Miyu-tan woke it up by spraying water on its face. Then after interacting with it for a while,

「Sera-chama, this bear is about to give birth. That’s why it came to the shallow part of the forest to forage for more food.」

Now that she mentioned it, the bear’s stomach does look quite big. I was about to kill a pregnant woman who is preparing for childbirth…

I quickly used <recovery magic> and confirmed that the fetus is safe using <ultrasound>. I can hear the sound of two separate heartbeats, she’s carrying twins. Like Alma and Cecil, it will be a struggle, I thought to myself and rubbed it’s belly, wishing for a safe delivery. I feel the touch of fur after a long time. It feels rougher than Lu’s.

“Bear Mom, this area is dangerous. It’s an area where humans will attack you if you are spotted. Go back to the deeper part of the forest. I’ll give you one freshly iced boar for food. How about that?”

Bear Mom bowed down many times, then took the wild boar with her and disappeared into the deeper part of the forest. I feel like I’m a middle man!

「I will return this favor someday!」

A bear’s favour? I wonder what it would be like. I’m looking forward to it!

On our way back to the city, I picked Miyu-tan’s favorite <heavy strawberry> when, fireballs suddenly came down from above. I shot water from my right hand again and swallowed them up. Miyu then covered the surrounding area with mist to prevent fire from spreading into the forest.

「This is not a natural forest fire!」

Snake-nee-san is sharp!

I locate the enemy using <map>. Three people. There are tree shadows two kilometers away. I think the three of them work together to make the magic fly farther.

I jumped upwards using the branches of the trees… then aimed and threw <shurikens> with both hands. Yeah, there is no further resistance. I trained everyday to improve my accuracy and concentration amidst Marshe’s forests. My skill level is now higher than when I fought against His Highness Schneider… I now have 100% accuracy for up to 3km away.

I don’t want the forest to be devastated by magic, and there’s no need to use magic in the first place. <Poison shuriken> should be enough.

I descended on the ground, retrieved Miyu-tan, and headed towards the assailants.

All three of them are my paralyzed by my <poisoned shurikens>, and they are lying still.

“Black <stealth costume>… Though they don’t seem to be from Trundle.”

「Sera-chama, danger!」

One of them unexpectedly got up and slashed a knife right at my face. At the same time I felt a stinging pain on my face, I swept the knife away with my left hand and hit on his carotid artery acupuncture point with my right hand, fainting for good this time. This one unexpectedly has poison resistance. Should I try to improve the conventional poisons to make them a little more lethal…?

Miyu searched the men’s pockets.

「There’s nothing that can be used to trace their origin. But seeing their fire magic, could they be magicians from Judor?」

“I don’t know about that. But didn’t I already say it when those from the last time were questioned? They could definitely be His Highness’s minions, but I already am making enemies in various places. It could be from Marshe’s Royal Family as well. Princess Tomoe definitely bear grudges against me, and it’s true that I’m working for the Prime Minister.”

Tabuchi-san pays me my rewards neatly as well!

「Sera-chama, what’s next?」

“It’s enough already. There were lethal doses of neurotoxin mixed in the poison. It would be impossible for them to recover and continue as assassins.”

「Sera-chama, your cheek, blood」


I rubbed it with my palm. There is not as much blood shed. Especially when compared to that time.

「Sera-chama, how about we go back to the pond where we took a break earlier this morning? I would like to pick more strawberries from around that place.」

“Okay, I’ll also do some maintenance on my knife at the pond!”

Miyu-tan is a glutton.

Miyu glared at the three men who were lying still and stared right at the areas corresponding to their eyes, and her eyes glowed!

Black mist pours down on the men.

Suddenly the fainted men started to sweat and began to writhe while still fainting.

「Daring to harm my master, do you think you can go back alive and unhurt?」

Miyu makes a small sigh.

「Sera-chama…… is too kind…… The place there…… is a place I loved to be at but…」

She stared at the men lying down.

「If I kill them, Sera-chama will be sad. So I’ll give them nightmares that will never go away. I guess it would have been better for them to just die.」

Her fangs can be seen as she laughed… and she looked up at the sky.

「Lu-sama… Please come back soon… Your beloved child is overstraining herself… Always crying in her heart…」

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