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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 72

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 72

Turning 15 years old

I (ore) am Serafiona Granzeus, 『The Wandering Snake Charmer』, 15 years old!

My buddy Miyu is always wrapped around my neck, giving the feeling of intimidation to onlookers.

My hair is always at the length reaching behind my ears. If I clean my neckline, I will look just like Older Brother when he was younger!

Uhh, Haa―. Do I have to refer to myself as a male even in my thoughts? It’s tiresome.

The trip from Reagan to Marshe continent took about three months, then I worked with guilds from all over the world to enter Marshe Kingdom.

A revolution broke out in Marshe, and all members of the royalty, including Princess Tomoe, were imprisoned, and the group led by the Prime Minister was in charge of politics immediately.

Will the ordinary people’s rule change anything? Such thoughts floating around and the dissatisfaction about the small amount of goods distributed led to the worsening of security, and tension is high everywhere, for better or for worse.

I lived in an inn which is a restaurant cum boarding house in Tokyun, the former capital of Marshe.

The proprietor is an Arafifu (woman around the age of fifty) named Yoko. I was able to sign a contract to rent a small room on the second floor by paying the room fee each month in advance and adding a weak recovery drug on top of that. If not for the fact that my home-made healing remedies would be helping the landlady with her back-pains, I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to live there, being with an unidentified snake and all that.

As soon as the boarding house was decided, I bought a set of plain Marshe-styled clothes at a clothing store to not seem odder than I already am.

I am currently about 155 cm tall. My growth hasn’t stopped yet! I swear! My growth period is coming just ahead!

Therefore my clothes are all child-sized. Since I’m wearing a jacket for boys, it felt a bit painful around my chest…… or not……! I cried silently. There is no problem with my chest area when I’m going out with a cloak since onlookers’ eyes will be drawn to Miyu who is wrapped around my neck anyway.

In the first place Marshe is filled with people having black hair. I got buried among the crowd as a plain boy otherwise! Though, I haven’t seen anyone else with black eyes.

As soon as we arrived at Tokyun, the Liberation Memorial Parade took place. I (watashi) was observing it from the window of my room on the boarding house’s 2nd floor, and saw the face of someone I knew marching among them.

I thought for a bit… then decided to make contact. I copied Papa’s magic needle and shot it at Sakaki-san, who was on a horse, on his neck. He instantly turned his head and looked for the source of the needle, and he saw me. When I gave a light wave with my hand, he opened his eyes wide in astonishment.

That night, Sakaki-san and Yamada-san visited my boarding place.

“Serafiona-sama! What happened? Your appearance……? Still cute…”

“Serafiona-sama, why have you come to Marshe? Your hair… Ah, apologies…”

“Yeah, I have a little request. And come on in.”

“No, our Master has told us to invite you as politely as possible.”

“Is your Master the Prime Minister?”

They both nodded.

“I am supposed to be arrested?”

“There isn’t anyone in the country who can arrest The Twilight Princess of Destruction right now. However, if Serafiona-sama harms His Presidency, we will do everything to eliminated you at all costs.”

Being escorted towards the scorched castle, I was guided to a small lounge.

“Serafiona-sama, it’s been a while.”

Standing up from his seat is a man dressed up in Marshe’s high class noble’s dress…

Tabuchi-san… The one from back then.

“That means――!”

「That means?」

Tabuchi-san, Sasaki-san, and Yamada-san settled down at a round table.

“Serafiona-sama, why have you come to Marshe at this time?”

“Well, the country asked to use my power, so I ran away. I planned to be in Marshe until things died down a little bit more.”

I don’t lie.

“And, because of that mess…… you’re with a Spirit Beast right now instead of the Western Beast of the Four Heavens?”

My eyes opened wide.

“Hee―. Tabuchi-san saw it after all! But you didn’t seem agitated at all back then.”

He has a lot of magic, and the skills to hide it.

“No, back then, I was prepared to die. We not only deceived the contractor… but we also tried to kill her.”

I guess he was the Prime Minister for a reason.

“Well, I was worried that the contractor of the Western Sacred Beast-sama was in the party, but I couldn’t just have nothing done. -Fufuu-.”

“That aside, did you really have to travel to another country back then?”

“No, but because a member of the royal family escaped back then, we were given the chance to turn things around.”

Right… They were forsaken by the guild, and that would certainly trigger the collapse.

“Eh? What? What are you talking about? I can’t seem to follow the story.”

Yamada-kun’s confused gaze fell on the three of us, but we just ignored him.

“Since the power of the Sacred Beasts shouldn’t be used in the internal affairs of a country, you decided to act separately from Sacred Beast-sama. I see…”

No… It’s not due to something so noble like that, I was just blown away by Ash… Though I won’t tell him that.

“And, what is the request you have?”

Sasaki-san returned to the topic we started with.

“When we said our farewell last time, you told me that would pay me back somehow. I would like to ask for that right now.”

“……To be more specific?”

“First, I want to know about the state of Judor as much as possible. Get me information on that. Second, I want to recruit a shrine maiden. There is a ritual that must be held on Reagan Island.”

“Shrine Maiden… I don’t think there is one around here…”

“Information exchange and scheduled sails have all stopped, and the guild has been discarded, so I’m afraid we may not be able to do much. After all, we’re all too busy dealing with the problems inside.”

“It won’t bring the guild back, but how about I sign a personal contract with the guild? And I will be paid as per the requests. Keep it confidential though since I’m currently hiding.”

I feel that I should bear a bit of the responsibility for crushing Marshe’s guild! It was done because of the folly of the Royal Family, and had nothing to do with the common people.

“…Hmm. Frankly speaking, I’m already very grateful that Trundle’s Gold Ranker will be helping. I understand. Let’s work together.”

“Oh, I won’t accept any requests that require me to be involved in revolutionary stuff.”

“Naturally. We’ll only make requests that won’t bring shame to Sacred Beast-sama.”

“Fio-kun, where are you going to have your show with Snake-chan today?”

“Yoko-san, I think I’ll start from around the market today.”

“Is that so? Be careful about heat stroke. Snake-chan should do your best too!”


「”I’m off, see you later―”」

Sera-kun, Miyu-tan and Landlady-san

“…The kid is really like an angel. I got help with cooking, moving heavy objects as well. Far from being creepy, the Silver Snake has a mysterious charm… Why leave home in the first place? I’d like to let the vigilante know the route they will be going on so they won’t be kidnapped…”

“Miyu-tan, first of all, the cat from the 3rd block of Torino district area is missing.”

「Roger. Miyu will look in that alley.」

Miyu-tan has been well taken care of by the people in the area for the past year or so, and has become quite the Onee-san. Kaa-chan feels lonely…

“You’ve worked hard, Miyu-tan! Next, we’re going to the forest to weed the grass.”

「Okay, Sera-chama!」

“I’m back―!”

“Fio, welcome back!”

“Fio, let’s eat together!”

“Fio, come next to me! Look!”

Yoko-san’s restaurant is very prosperous in the evening. The customer Onii-sans are very friendly. They remembered the name of a boarder here and occasionally shared amiable and lighthearted stuff. They will occasionally have dinner here, so I think it will be helpful to the economy somehow! The start of an economic “Revolution Bubble”?

It makes me remember Trundle’s guild bar a bit…


“Oh, older brother Yamada!”

“You’ve returned. Are you tired?”

“Yes! I’m fine. Let’s go up, let’s go up!”

Hmm? Why are the customers at the dining hall scowing, Yamada-kun? Are they hungry?

We arrived at my room and I made a report to Yamada-kun about the requests I’ve received. I’m glad he visited at just the right time.

“Then, this time, the 8 requests are all done.”

“That’s fast! You don’t need to rush… Then, this is the next request. It’s nothing urgent. And here are the rewards from the last requests.”

“Thank you”

I served tea with the matcha cake I made last night when I borrowed the kitchen. One of the reasons I chose Marshe as the hiding place is that there are Japanese ingredients here!

“Fio-chan, even if you are a noble, you’re good at cooking too… Seriously. Too cute! But what am I? I’ve tried to kill her once… Haa… There are more rivals every day too…”


“Ah, sorry, I flared up all of a sudden. I don’t have much information today. Only one in fact. It seems that all of Trundle’s soldiers have retired from the army. They all seemed to have scattered around the world as adventurers. They were all powerful members and there was a huge panic since the strength of the army got considerably reduced all at once. Well, Judor’s Magic Division is where more power is concentrated in in the first place.”

Grandmother… Has she begun the hunt for His Excellency Avenger? My condolences.

“What about Granzeus?”

“I don’t have any information about Fio’s father.”

“I see……”

According to the information collected by Tabuchi-san, there wasn’t any particular uproar due to my sudden departure. It’s as if that life-or-death battle never happened.

Did they decide it isn’t a good idea to turn Granzeus to an enemy at this point? Or are there other intentions? It’s very ominous.


Are you enjoying whiskey with the glass I gave you these days…………

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