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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 71

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 71

Reported back to the Guild

I opened the door of Tobos Guild.

“The requests have been completed―.”

“G-Gold-san, I have been expecting you!”

The receptionist with bad customer service from yesterday rushed over. Gold-san is me?

“Ah, yeah. Then, I will detail on how each one went. First, the octopus…”

“It’s not about that! Quickly, over there!”

With my back pushed, I entered a small room at the back, where the D-ranked guy with a bad attitude, the one who was blown away with Miyu’s <reflection> from yesterday, is lying on a bed with the white of his eyes visible. His skin is black and hardened.


「Sera-chana… This bastard is the enemy of women.」

“Gold-san! Please help Bacchus-san!”

“Why me? Shouldn’t you call a doctor first?”

“The doctor already gave up! I’m sure that Gold-san’s presence here is destined! Please!”

Was this guy after Julia-san? Was he jealous of Gan-san who married Julia-san? Did he go mad because he can’t exceed the C-ranked Gan-san? Was that how things went?

“Customer. Can you think of something?”

The mayor cum Guild Master is also here.

“…I guess this guy will come up with something on his own? He would know how to heal himself. Ask him when he’s calmed down a bit. That said, I’ve completed my quests. Prepare the ship as soon as possible. I want to use it right away.”

“Fuu. Let’s change the place.”

“…So, all three requests are completed. This is the Clear Grass I have collected. Please check.”

We sat in the Guild Master’s room, which seems to be rarely used, and I carefully placed the Clear Grass on the table. The Clear Grass is clear and refreshing.

“…Do you think Bacchus will get better with this Clear Grass?”

“Wasn’t Gan-san the one who requested the Clear Grass? Are you willing to use it?”

The mayor shouldn’t have known that Julia-san is already treated. And with that, he will naturally expect Gan-san is waiting for this Clear Grass right now.

“In other words, Bacchus is more important for this city than Julia-san?”

“……I don’t want strangers to be involved in the matters of the island.”

The mayor cum Guild Master suddenly tried to intimidate me. Hey now, seriously.

“…The remark I made just now, I’m not allowed to do so just because you are the Guild Master?”


“So you are a Guild Master who doesn’t intend to fulfill the requests made to adventurers? If you can’t prioritize the well being of the people, quit it.”

“…Everything worked fine until you came.”

“Are you blaming me for something?”

Miyu-tan crawls out of my chest and wraps herself around my neck with a -shaaa- to intimidate him.


“You seem to be unclear with my story, so I’ll say it once again. I am acknowledged by the Patron God of this island and was asked to bring a Shrine Maiden, and my partner here is powerful enough to intimidate the <messenger> of that God. So think first before you pick a fight with me.”

“……I was wrong.”

The mayor timidly apologized as I kept my cold gaze and my attitude remains unwavering.

“I don’t need your apology. I just want my end of the deal. Please verify that the requests have been completed and arrange the ship to Marshe immediately.”

“……Haa. You’re trying to step into a place harsher than you would imagine. You are young and cute… And you probably misjudged things.”

Let me think of what I just stepped on ― hmm, I was almost killed just recently, and I’ve come across many people with way scarier faces than this elderly man, and speaking of the elderly, I have met those that are way scarier than him.

“I’ll arrange it right away. And I’ll give you advice as an elderly. If you’re in a hurry, it would be better to do something about that pretty appearance of yours so that you won’t lose time with pointless interactions like this.”

Me and Miyu exchanged glances.

「Miyu has an idea. Why don’t Miyu always ride on Sera-chama’s shoulders so that stupid men won’t come close to Sera-chama anymore!?」

So I’m cute? My stature isn’t very big first of all. Should I start drinking milk? And anyway, I’m tired of having to explain everywhere I go that I’m not a child……

I pulled the dagger on my thigh holder.


“Miyu-tan move aside for a second.”



I cut my hair that had stretched till my waist to right behind my ears, and tied them up like Grandmother’s barrette.


“For the time being, I (ore) will be known as 『The Wandering Snake Charmer』”

「How awful… Lu-sama is going to be mad… Se-Sera-chama, you shouldn’t discard your hair! Take it for now!」

“Hee, why?”

「C-contractor, something to do with that!」

“Is that so?”

「It is so!」

I stayed the night at an inn and went to the port at the appointed time, and a man is standing there. He has dark brown eyes and tanned skin. He is quite a good-looking guy.

I tried to quietly pass him by but,

“Gold-nee-san, Snake-nee-san!”

The man suddenly cried and hugged us.

“Huh? Eh, umm… Who are you?”

“It’s me, Gan!”


We both looked at the man from top to bottom, and judged that he certainly is Gan-san.

「Just having his beard shaved and hair cut can change a man so much……」

Miyu-tan has her mouth open wide.

“Nee-sans! Julia, Julia has regained her consciousness! Her original white skin is back! Uuu… Thank you very very much!”

Her recovery is faster than I expected. It’s gotta be due to Gan-san’s care and love! Did Julia-san get angry and immediately throw him out after all?

“Isn’t that great…? Gan-san?”

“I will never forget your kindness!”

“Oh, you don’t have to bother? You can now make up for the time you lost, right? But anyway, thanks for informing me that Julia-san has recovered. You will go back to stay beside Julia-san now, right?”

「That’s right― That’s right―! They can start their newlywed life over―! They are going to be all lovey dovey and -chu- -chu- with each other―!」

When I translated what Miyu said, the pure-hearted boy’s face turned red! He covered his face with both hands.

“So you are Trundle’s A-ranker…? You were actually so strong… Nee-sans, I will send you both to Marshe. Julia has told me to do that too. I cannot give this role to anyone else! Please, get on my ship.”

I look at Miyu’s face.

“Then, I guess that’s fine?”

「Yup. Gun-san is clear!」

“Gold-nee-san, by the way, what’s with your hair?”

“Yeah, I’ve decided to become Gold-nii-san for a while. I’ll be back one year later! I’ll contact you with <messenger magic>.”

“…With hair shortened… the innocent-looking black eyes are emphasized… like a real fairy… Then, we’re off!”

“Ouu! Set sail!”

「Set sail―!」

Destination! Marshe continent!

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