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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 70

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 70

Arrived at the Temple of Kabira Falls

Kabira Falls is located in the jungle towards the northeastern part of the island. We safely arrived without any obstacles. I swam across the basin of the waterfall and went behind it. Leaving the water, I am met with megalithic structures.

“I wonder if that place would lead us to the Temple’s interior?”

Walking up while leaving drops of water with Miyu-tan, we reached the megalithic structures.

I tried pushing it, pulling it, shifting it to the side.

「It won’t open.」

“Should I break it?”

「With Sera-chama’s sword?」

“Or maybe with explosion magic.”

「Explosin? Sera-Chama’s new magic? Won’t it damage the inside?」

“Hmm, Miyu-tan, can you ask the fishes by the waterfall!?”


“How was it?”

「’Don’t break it!’ They said, and, ‘You should recite the ‘magic word’!’」

It definitely should have something to do with the guild, and it should have been handed down. But I’ve never heard of anything like that.

「What should we do?」

This is…… It can only be that…… In the name of my cheat!

“Open Sesame!!”


The megalith sunk into the ground.

Hmm, I actually didn’t have a plan for if it didn’t open…… So, it’s not bad that it opened, right?

Inside is a small cave, with the air being as clean as in our Granzeus’ house. There are dried up offering and wilted flowers on the altar.

“Just how many years have it been left alone? Miyu-tan, let’s do some cleaning!”


Miyu-tan shot out jets of water from her mouth and removed the dirts at a stretch! Somehow… I felt like I had seen this kind of cleaning equipment on TV in my previous life……

I then wipe them clean with a rag. The equinoctial weeks suddenly came to mind! However, unlike the tombstones in Japan, there are no spider webs here. Miyu-tan wiped those that are out of my reach.
(T/N: equinoctial week – when Buddhist services are held)

After moving around for about an hour and or so together, the space became clean.

I then cleaned myself with <dryer magic> and <purification magic>, and offered flowers picked in the forest and fruits like figs and apricots. Then, instead of sacred sake, I opened the special whiskey I had kept aside and poured it into the stone bowl there.

「Mnn, what a good aroma!」

“No no no no!”

No good, no good, Miyu-tan! If you drink those, it will start quite a fuss!!!

“Well then, Miyu-tan, let’s pay our respects!”

We joined hands… Ah, snakes don’t have hands… And worshiped the God.

“Patron God-sama of Reagan Island―, we apologised to have you been left unattended for such a long time―! We have cleaned the altar with sincerity, and prayed that you continued to look after all creatures on the island―!”


Then, light abruptly shone from the rift in the rock above the altar.

A white snake appeared on the altar amidst the light.

「A skilled adventurer… Nice to meet, YOU―! Why is the East Sea’s Ruler here!?」

“…Miyu-tan, pardon me, <Appraisal>!”

Blue glow.

Miyu (Snake < Spirit, Daughter of the Little Dragon, Servant of the Western Beast of the Four Heavens and Serafiona, Disciple of the Southern Beast of the Four Heavens, Ruler of the East Sea)

Condition: good

Skills: Water Magic, Reflection Magic, Poison Fog, Curse

“Certainly! Ruler of the East Sea has been added! It somehow sounds like a ring title.”

「That’s so cool!」

“Very cool indeed―!”

「Uoii! Don’t ignore me, don’t, please don’t!」

“Um, White Snake-sama is the god here? And how can we converse?”

「I am the messenger of the Master here. I can talk to humans thanks to the power of my Master.」

“Why is the requirement for worshipers at B-rank or higher?”

「Hmm, Master’s wish can only be fulfilled by a strong person. I set a certain level requirement and they will be tested here.」

“Umm, should I take the test?”

「Sera-chama. Sera-chama don’t have to take the test. Miyu is enough for that snake!」

「Wait! Wait please! East Sea’s Ruler… I have no intention of testing the abilities of a <Contractor>… That’s unthinkable!」

“…How do you know I’m a <contractor>?”

Lu is not here after all…

「That’s because Master have taught me.」

“…So then …What’s your business?”

「I can only imagine that the visit of you two is a blessing from the Moon Goddess…… My Master… is about to reach end of its lifetime!」


「I want the two of you to go see it so it might be granted a peaceful sleep.」

“Could it be… It’s impossible to do that unless one is strong enough? Is it dangerous?”

「There is no danger. But had you not been physically and mentally strong, I would not have allowed you admission.」

“But we don’t even follow the faith of the temple here?”

「It is fine since you are the <contractor> of the Western Beast of the Four Heavens.」

“…What do you think, Miyu-tan?”

「It is in trouble, so can’t we help? It pitiful.」

「I most humbly thank you!」

「Sera, go on! I’ll also help!」

I felt like I heard Lu’s voice.

“I’m glad to be of help. What must I do?”

「Oh! Master (Aruji-sama), I have found them! And thank you very much, Contractor, Ruler of the East Sea!」

We then introduced ourselves.

The white snake, the messenger of the God here, is Lenza-kun.

“Lenza-kun, the farewell rite will be done right away?”

「No, in fact, I want you to bring me a Shrine Maiden. It is customary that the rite is concluded with the ritual done by a Shrine Maiden.」

“Shrine Maiden? Where is she? On the island?”

「No, the shrine maiden passed away decades ago. I want you to bring one from another place.」

“I’m sorry, I don’t know of anyone like that at all.”

「It can’t be helped if you can’t find one. At that time, only us will do it. But I want you to look for a Shrine Maiden anyway.」

「For how long can the rite be delayed?」

「At most… 1 year.」

Miyu-tan and I didn’t know if we would have a Shrine Maiden a year later, but we promised Lenza-kun that we would return here at that time.

We take this change to climb Gizina Mountain and collect a small amount of alpine plants along with the Clear Grass.

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