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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 69

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 69

Miyu-tan’s upgrade

That night, we stayed at the fisherman’s house.

“I can never thank you enough. That octopus is gone and the fishes will now be back… I will be fishing once again. It’s a poor house, but please stay over!”

Gan-san roasted dried fishes, which seems to be things he had saved for emergency situations.

“Y-you don’t have to treat us!”

“I will be able to catch a lot more from now on. Don’t hesitate! Snake-nee-san too!”

「Thank you, Gan-chan!」

Well, Miyu-tan is nothing like a snake, but people will definitely see her as one. And she can only talk to me. Miyu-tan, who ate the octopus that had been troubling Gan-san for a long time, became his Snake-nee-san.

“We are going to the shrine tomorrow? Why is the request for B-rankers or higher?”

“I’ve heard that the God of Bountiful Harvests is there… But I don’t know why it requires B-rankers or higher. And I’ve never heard whether it’s dangerous there or not…”

「Let’s quickly finish that tomorrow, and we can get the Clear grass from the third request the next day.」

“Hey, don’t look down on Gizina Mountain.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m used to climbing such heights.”

I’m from Trundle after all!

-goho- -goho- -gohon-!

That’s when I heard a nasty sounding cough from the next room.

“Your family member?”

“Un… ye…s. My wife. She’s bedridden.”

“It wouldn’t trouble you if I go say hello, right?”

“…Haa, Gold-nee-san and Snake-nee-san would be surprised to see her. Please, by all means, go ahead.”

His wife is lying unconscious in a bed and, on her skin that is visible are… black discolouration, especially on her face and neck.

“……This is?”

“It’s just like that. I don’t know the cause behind the change in her complexion. Four years ago, she fell unconscious for no reason and couldn’t move after that, her skin color also changed. I’ve consulted a doctor on the island but he couldn’t do anything about it. I have been told that she was cursed and had the priests pray for her, but it is still ineffective… I’m also told that she would be better after one more prayer… But I’ve run out of money.”

He’s probably scammed.

Me and Miyu-tan narrowed our eyes.

“I can now go fishing once again due to you Sisters, and I’ll be able to pay for the prayers once again. And as strong as you both are, you’ll also be able to secure the Clear grass and heal her.”

“The request for Clear grass was from Gan-san?”

“Oh. Ah, please rest assured, I have already submitted the fee for the Clear Grass request to the guild!”

「Sera-chama, there are no curses here.」

That’s quick, Miyu-nee-san, have you already checked? Curses are the patented magic system of snakes after all!

Then, my turn!


I recited in my heart.

A new magic I immediately came up with after being on this island is <Appraisal>. Until then, this task had always been left to Lu. I could learn it in just two days thanks to the fictional stories in my previous world and the magic of Lu, which abhors evil, still dwelling in my body.

The woman’s body glows blue in my vision.

 Julia (Fisherman’s wife)

 Condition: Poisoned (mixture of Krill Shellfish’s poison, Beach Rose’s toxin, Sea Bee’s venom)

I see… The doctor realised that she was poisonous and gave her medicine. That’s probably what kept her alive for now. But he didn’t know that the poison was a mixture…

「Sera-chama, do you want to treat her like you helped Otou-chama?」

“Yes. However, this poison, I’ll prepare the antidote myself. We should save our magic, right?”

Miyu-tan nods.

But even so, the poison… How could a fisherman’s wife come in contact with such complex poison?


 Gan (Fisherman, Julia’s Husband, Former C-rank Adventurer)

 Condition: Good

Gan-san, Former C-rank… That aside, Gan-san is also glowing blue. This is important.

Blue is normal. If a body glows red… It means they are having ill intent. Gan-san is clear.

He is not someone who should be doubted…

“Gan-san, your wife is inflicted with a complex poison. If you can trust me, I’ll prepare an antidote now. However, the effect won’t be immediate. It will work in about… a few days later. It’s okay if you can’t believe in a stranger you just met.”

“Young Lady (Jou-chan)… Julia can be cured?”

“Yes. I’ll cure her. However, poisoning Julia would have required an elaborate plan in the first place. So I’d like you to promise me that you would keep her treatment a secret, and never let her be in contact with anyone until she is completely cured.”

“…You’re saying that someone on the island poisoned Julia, and could cause her even greater harm!? Cut it out!”

He got mad about that after all?

“It’s a matter of course that you will trust those from the same city more than strangers. Gan-san, good night.”


The next morning, I and Miyu-tan woke up at dawn and sneaked our way out to leave for the temple.

“P-please, wait!”


“I’m sorry about last night. I’ll believe in you. About Julia… I ask of you.”

Gan-san bows deeply.

“…Please tell me your terms.”

“Make her drink everything!”

I would feel sorry if she ended up getting poisoned once again after treating her with great efforts.

I took out a bottle with cloudy green liquid from my pocket.

Of course, it is something I concocted last night. I anticipated that this would happen. Gan-san is a sensible person after all.

“It tasted horrible. I already tried it. Even Julia-san who is unconscious will reject it. If she won’t take it herself… well, you could just give it to her mouth-to-mouth in one sip.”


Gun-san turns red.

“Yes. She will develop high fever for a while to neutralise the poison and would rampage because of that. Hold her tight to stop her from hurting herself!”

“Hold her tight!?”

Gun-san holds his mouth down with both hands for some reason. What is he so ashamed of?

“Yes. And when her fever drops, take off her clothes and wipe the sweat off her entire body. Change her clothes too.”

“Take off her clothes and wipe her naked body!?”

Gun-san’s gaze is losing focus.

“Yes. And keep her hydrated, if her consciousness hasn’t returned then, just give it to her mouth-to-mouth once again. She will soon wake up after enough rest.”

“Mouth-to-mouth again?”


“Ah― haa! Gun-san, your reaction is super weird each time! You are a couple, why are you so red!?”

“A-actually… When she fell unconscious… It was our wedding night…”

“…Your wedding night?”



“I’m… I feel ashamed that I couldn’t protect my bride.”

“…But you changed her clothes before, right?”

“I don’t change her clothes. I felt bad to see Julia naked without her permission, so I had my neighbors wipe her body.”

“That’s no good. Gan-san should do it! Even if Julia-san will hit you for it later!”

Well, she married him after all. A woman like that will allow Gan-san to touch her.

“…I hope she’ll be healthy enough to hit me soon……”

「They poisoned her because they were against the marriage!! A wedding is every girl’s dream! Miyu can’t forgive them!」


Miyu’s eyes glowed!

Ah, Miyu-tan’s magic, <curse> has been activated!

Let me explain. The reflection magic that I casted on Miyu-tan and the Little Dragon-sama is constantly upgrading, and it no longer only reflects physical attacks, but also the magical ones. <Curse> can now be activated against those with evil intentions. She’s a scary girl, -ufufufu-!

How was it upgraded? With the constant efforts of Little Dragon-sama and Miyu-tan of course… I guess Lu and Ash looking after them also helped. The parent and child who are innocently following the Sacred Beasts ended up learning curses. Is that okay? I can’t tell.

This time, a calamity will befall those that had ill intent to Gan-san, who had provided us with dinner and a night’s stay. This is what they got for crushing a maiden’s dream. Their daughter’s maidenly dreams.

By now, Miyu-tan’s curse should have arrived to those responsible for the poisoning. How would it be like over there?

“I don’t know!”

Miyu-tan returned to my pocket and we left for the temple.

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