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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 68

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 68

Arrived at the port town

We finally arrived at the port town of Tobos.

I immediately move to the pier that has ships boarding them. I am currently wearing clothes that were stored in my <magic room> – an unbleach shirt, beige pants, and a khaki cloak. I don’t stand out among the crowd at all. Ships to Judor and other countries seem to be moving in and out, however, there are none at the dock for Marshe.

“Is there no more ships sailing to Marshe today?”

I called out to staff-like people.

“Young Lady (Ojou-chan), all ships to Marshe had been canceled. It seems that the leading shipping company in Judor has decided to withdraw their route for an unspecified amount of time. Probably because of the political instability there?”


Who are? Just who did that kind of thing!?

“Are there private ships that may take me there?”

“Let’s see, someone with a ship and has free hands… Well, it’ll depend on the pay. Why don’t you make an inquiry in the guild?”

“I see. Then pardon me, where’s the adventurer guild?”

“The guild is, there. See that? Brown roofs, three-storey building.”

“Thank you very much.”

Tobos Guild has a restaurant corner where one can eat light snacks. While eating the port town’s soup, I browse through the request board.

The soup has lots of crawfish-like and mussels-like thingy, with the garlic doing its job to make the soup very delicious. I finally ate something handmade after a long time and my heart feels good.

Miyu also stuck her face out of my breast pocket and licked the soup.

「Sera-chama. Why do you want to go to Marshe?」

“There is a saying that a tree is best hidden in a forest. Marshe is in the middle of a civil war and the people are in panic. Everyone will only be interested in their own safety. It will be extremely hard to look for a person there.”


“I was surprised that the routes were closed, but that also means that they can’t catch up with me if I cross it.”

「I see! Sera-chama, an attack―!」


I was suddenly called out and I looked up to see a big, drunk man who didn’t seem to even clean himself at all.

“What are you doing here? Cutie! It’s not fun to eat all alone, right? Come for a moment at my table!”

How nostalgic…

In the previous life, I was bullied a lot by people with such bossy attitudes.

“Pardon me. I’ll refrain from doing that―”

“Huh? Can you not hear me? Come over here!”

The drunk grabbed my arm. I did not panic but rather tried to swat it away, but before I did that, two spells activated!

The first one is the reflection magic I gave to Miyu-tan. Miyu-tan seems to have judged that it was the same as she herself getting attacked as she is stuck to me right now. What’s the physics behind it? Well, I don’t know!

The second one, the spell that had been overprotecting me since I landed here… Ghilane’s wind magic.


The drunk was blown away and slammed against the wall.

「Daring to touch Sera-chama… You just can’t wait to die, do you?」

A male employee at the counter came over in a hurry.

“T-this is troublesome. A dispute.”

“Even if you say that, wasn’t that person the one that touched me without permission?”

“That person is the only D-ranker on this island! What a mess! You won’t be asked for anything else if you apologise! In the first place, you’re at fault for being alone in a place like this. You can’t not get caught up in trouble with a cute face like yours!”

“You’re really saying that I’m at fault?”

I released a little bit of killing intent.

Well I… I’ve had a lot going around with me here and there… And I feel that a lot of irritation has accumulated in my heart… My fuse is much shorter than usual.


The staff fled back into the counter.

I instantly finished that soup with a frustrated feeling and pulled down three requests and headed to the counter.



“These requests have been here for over two years already. I’ll receive these three B-rank requests.”

I retrieved the plate from my chest and showed it.

“Hiii! T-Trundle gold!”

The gallery is in an uproar. I can use the plate outside Trundle. Well done our ancestors! Our seniors!

“We can forget about that drunk guy over there. As for the reward, I don’t want any…… Instead, get me to Marshe. That’s okay, right?”

The staff left the counter in haste and quickly returned with an old man with a white beard.

“Are you the guild master?”

“I am the mayor of Tobos. It’s a small town so I’m also the guild master. To be honest, I only received the title. I have no track record as an adventurer.”

“Be that as it may, the guild master is the guild master. And how will you go about with my suggestion?”

“Hmmm… The first is to destroy the octopus that had devastated the coastal waters. The second is to cleanse the temple behind Kabira Falls. The third is to collect Clear Grass from the summit of Gizina peak. Can you do them all?”

“I don’t know how to fish, but the octopus can be lured, right?”

“Y-yes… I understand. As the guild master and the mayor, I’m grateful to accept your offer. It will be very beneficial for us. The ship to Marshe will be prepared once the three requests are completed.”

“Don’t just make a verbal promise! Have it written properly.”

I have to rebuke him to have it written properly.

Then, once that procedure is completed, I immediately get on a ship to deal with the first request – subjugate the huge octopus! I don’t really want to sail too far. Time is money after all.

A local fisherman, a wild looking muscular guy with an all-you-can-grow hair and beard, threw something like a raccoon caught in the forest into the sea.

“Were octopus meat eaters?”

“This guy eats anything! Since the sea creatures around this area have been eaten up, it even came on land to eat…… It’s here! Grab tight!”

The ship got tilted by huge waves and I firmly grabbed onto the railings. The top of the water rose and -bashan- the seawater splashed everywhere. I became wet from my head to toes. Then,


A huge octopus appeared in front of me. I have to plant my feet firmly on deck!

Though, it’s smaller than I thought. It’s about the same size as the ichijoubekk turtles? It’s 3 meters long, I guess? It’s an octopus after all. The Spirit Animal-like deer I fought against as a child came to mind.

(TN: Part 15)

“Anyway, I’ll use lightning.”

「Sera-chama, leave this to Miyu! Miyu will show a useful skill, one that had not been shown to Sera-chama before!」

“Eh? I don’t doubt that Miyu-tan is strong and useful, but…… Go ahead. I’ll leave it to you.”

Miyu-tan moved out of my pocket and returned to her original size. Hmm? She’s much bigger now, and as long as my height.


The fisherman, Gan-san, stood still in fear.

Miyu-tan leisurely approached the octopus.

「-Se―no-! -kappun-」

Miyu-tan wrapped her tail on the ship and made a strange -kappun- sound… Following that shout is an intense suction coming from her mouth.

-gyuru- -gyuru- -gyuru- -gyuru-!

“I-it’s sucking the whole thing in―!”

「-gyuru- -gyuru- -gohon- It’s done.」


The sea becomes calm like a mirror…………

“M-Miyu-tan, is your stomach ok?”


“W-which is it!?”

「The octopus seems to have been the strongest and the ruler around this area. But Miyu has become a ruler of the eastern sea because Miyu defeated it! The underwater creatures around this area will now be listening to what Miyu says!」

With a sip, Miyu-tan reigned at the top around this area………

My cute Miyu-tan is now eligible to be a Queen in a Dragon’s castle…

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