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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 67

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 67

I am not alone

After an overnight rest in the tent, my health is almost back to normal. Once again, this is thanks to Ash’s teardrop, Older Brother’s special healing pills, Matsuki’s homemade emergency food, and the cushion-like wind magic of Ghilane.

Ghilane’s wind magic, which was released from the plate, still wrapped around me even though it had been quite a while after I hit the ground. Is it set in a way that it will not be undone unless my safety is confirmed by Ghilane’s standard?

Anyway… I’m relieved but…


This time a screen floated in front of me.

“Miyu-tan! How are we in the sea!? This is Reagan Island, located far east from Judor!”

「The sea? And I thought it was too big to be a swamp. But I’ve only been in Sera-chama’s pocket. Also, Miyu definitely can swim this far anyway.」

As expected of the Little Dragon’s daughter, even though she had only lived a short life… No, this snake here is my Senpai!

“Ash sent us really far away.”

「The farther away we are, the less likely anyone will come after us. Otherwise, the Royal Family would be in the way and we would not be able to move anywhere.」

There is no warp magic in this world. I had tried to connect certain points on land through another dimension or what not, but to no avail. Since even a cheat like me couldn’t do it, even if things could be stored in another dimension, people most likely won’t be able to enter.

In other words, people have to move on their own feet. Those with a lot of magic can move faster using all sorts of magic, but they can’t jump across countries so easily. Unless they are blown away by Ash like I was.

As for His Highness Schneider…… It will be impossible for him to go outside the country without permission from the Royal Family, and being under their watch. Such things will only create shortcomings for him. He will also take some time to come up with an excuse.

Then what can be said about Ghilane? Ghilane is the emperor. The responsibility on his shoulders is even greater than Schneider. If Ghilane crossed the country without permission, would it lead to war?? Then that would mean…

What about Tarl’s ability? Can it fly while spinning like Gamera? Will his Highness ride on it? Won’t the sight be very cool? The image in my head is quite surreal. But it won’t happen for real. Wait, something’s clearly wrong. 『Wild Rose You』 is an Otome (maiden) novel!
(TN: Gamera – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gamera)

For now, it seems unlikely that I will be killed today or tomorrow.

“I guess I should somehow tell Lu that I’m safe.”

「I can tell Sera-chama’s condition after consuming Sera-chama’s magic power. If Sera-chama dies, I will lose the magic power from my body. Sera-chama’s magic power that I received earlier is swirling in my body. I’m sure it is swirling too even in Lu-sama’s body.」

That’s good……

Lu will surely inform Father too. Lu and Papa have been sharing a close bond since the heel drop…

My departure will surely be an inconvenience to the people I love. I had already assumed that would happen. Father just laughed when I worried about what would happen to the Granzeus house at the countermeasures meeting.

『Serafi, I’m reasonably strong and prepared. So don’t worry. What Serafi should do is to live energetically. I do not intend to live at the expense of my beloved daughter’s life. Your Grandmother will have the same feelings.』

Father…… Are you safe?

「Ash-sama said that he will look for Sera-chama when the time comes, to pick Sera-chama up.」

Perhaps, Ash is the fastest in this world. Ash can also cross the sea. I feel really guilty for having Ghilane take care of me all the time.

Ash is the one only pillar in the nation that Ghilane can trust. But he is willing to let Ash, who is also my friend, go out for me.

………Ghilane is going to be furious. He is just as tough on himself as he is on others. And I end up getting hurt this time.

It’s because I’m disappointingly weak.

The last time, when I healed the injury on his face, I used my magic power quite intensely. So does he also have my magic power inside himself? I hope he can know that I’m okay.

I don’t want to make my loved ones sad anymore.

So there’s only one thing I can do.

“Miyu-tan… Let’s do our best! Shall we aim to be the strongest female duo!?”

「Yes! Sera-chama!」

I’ll be strong and live until the day I can meet everyone once again!

The future plans for me and Miyu-tan are decided. For the time being, we moved towards the port town while having training around the precious landscapes of Reagan Island. All in preparation for our trip and cross the sea.

Our goal is… Marshe continent!

To the northeast of the island is the only small town here. If there is a sea route in this town, Miyu-tan and I will train and work out new magic, collect materials, and proceed forward.

「Sera-chama! Water magic does not simply mean the ability to harness the power of water! It has to flow like water… Yes, unless you feel the water itself, you won’t be able to make a decent geyser? Ah, no. That’s no good at all. As punishment, swim to the cape over there. Yes, jump!」



“Miyu-tan, stop suddenly dropping me into the sea! I think my neck would break at this rate.”

「I did all of this just for Sera-chama’s sake! Uwaaaa―!」

“S-sorry, Miyu-tan, don’t cry?”

「I hope Sera-chama understands! Then, once again, shoot the water with the maximum pressure you can?」


「Yes, it’s more powerful than before, but… Not enough! -Eii-!」



“-puhaa-. Miyu-tan! There are lots of oysters on the seabed over here. Look at this, it has such a big pearl inside!”

「Sera-chama! It’s very beautiful! I want 100 of them as souvenirs for Otou-chama. Get them?」

“100 is a little…”

「Even when Miyu is away from Otou-chama, Miyu wanted to prove that Miyu was working hard… Uwaaa!」

“Oh, I understand, don’t cry! I’ll get them for you!”

「Thank you, Sera-chama. But hold your breath until you get 30 of them, okay? If you come up before that, I will feel depressed?」

“Gyaa! -bukubukubuku-…”


「Sera-chama’s footsteps are too loud! One have to move more silently in the forest!」

“But that’s because I’m not a snake.”

「Sera-chama! Sera-chama is a fugitive right now! Becoming as stealthy as possible is necessary! That way we can see Ash-sama and Lu-sama sooner! Put strength on the base of your thumb and index finger! Don’t walk on dry leaves!」

“L-like this?”



「Uu――! Sera-chama! Don’t be sloppy, I’m getting serious!」

“Gyaa―! Poison fog is forbidden――!!”

Miyu-tan is like Mrs. Rottenmeyer in Sparta… But it’s very much Little Dragon-like… -battan- … -guh-…

I passed out right then and here. Well, I kinda feel like I’m saved like this instead………

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