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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 66

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 66

I am alone

When I came to, I found myself lying face down on a grassland.

“Uuh… uuuh… -yoisho-.”

I lie on my back and find a sky filled with stars.

…That’s right, I was blown away by Ash.

The whirlpool of wind from the wings of Ash has amazing power. How far away have I been hurled? Ghilane often appeared and disappeared like the wind, but he could ride on the winds and rule them.

……The cry of the insects sounded different… Where is this place I wonder.


I called out but nothing appeared. I don’t seem to have recovered my magic power yet.

I swiftly took out a <recovery medicine> from my <magic room> and drank it… And I will eat something…

……I need to hurry?


“I lost……”

I wasn’t able to compete with His Highness Schneider at all.

I turned against His Highness Schneider… And I’m no longer a retainer of the nation.

“Alma-chan, Nick…”

I can’t go to school anymore.

“Older Brother, Grandmother…”

I don’t know when we will meet again. I’m sorry to the two of you who would not know of the circumstances at all.


Can we really meet again if we both stay alive?


My most dear one.

…Lu and I are one and the same.

Lu is a sublime Sacred Beast who chose me for a reason I’m unaware of.

My mofumofu, a sweet little kid who loves Matsuki and his cakes.

I can’t live without Lu anymore.

Where can I go without Lu’s sugary sweet smell and clean air?

I will live as a powerful adventurer alone. This is the emergency protocol decided by Father and Lu.

But that felt like it was a hopeless dream!

I’m so weak, how can I live all alone!?

I’m not as strong as I was in the previous life!

I have known warmth. And I can’t stand back up without that warmth!

Lu, are you safe? I was heavily injured. I can’t use my magic to contact you!

I’m a <contractor> but I don’t even feel Lu’s presence because of my immaturity!

“Lu! Lu! Lu! Lu………… Uuuu………”

I am severely dehydrated but my tears kept overflowing.


I can’t see the stars with these tears.

“What should I, what should I do!? Aah aaaaah……”

I got wrapped in a gentle yet bittersweet magic power.

「Sera-chama, don’t cry? Sera-chama is drowning in tears.」

My tears got sucked away.

「It’s salty, Sera-chama. You’re awake?」


As I moved my gaze down from the sky, I saw a worried looking Miyu-tan on my chest. She is of the size she was when I first met her, kissing the tears at the corner of my eyes.

I timidly raised myself up.

“…Miyu-tan, why are you here?”

「Ash-sama came to the swamp and asked me to help Sera-chama. I like Sera-chama, Ash-sama, and Lu-sama, so I am all good with it! I even received Father’s well wishes! So, I shrunk myself smaller and came to the desert with Ash-sama, and got into Sera-chama’s chest pocket when a the sandstorm obstructed everyone’s view.」


I remembered his teardrop at the end, and noticed that all my bleeding had stopped. The poison from the rose has mostly disappeared. Thanks to that, I can move now.

「Sera-chama, to me, Ash-sama and Lu-sama had me undergo special training. I would be rewarded with delicious sweets if I was a good kid and if I could do well. Ash-sama said that we will definitely meet again someday. So it’s only us two cute girls doing our best for now!!」


“Right… Did the special training make it possible to adjust your size freely? Miyu-tan is amazing”

「Hmm? This already was possible when Dad (Otou-chama) became a Small Dragon. But Dad is really really huge. Miyu is still a child.」

Miyutan… She’s still a kid… But she’s encouraging me…

I hit my cheeks with both hands to snap out of my negative thoughts.

I believe! I believe! We’ll definitely see each other again!

Lu said I could still be stronger. I’ll become stronger and survive! I can’t betray everyone’s expectations!

My dream is to travel around the world with Lu on my head for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land! I’ll carry out what I had intended from the start! Absolutely!

“Miyu-tan. I’m very much reassured to have Miyu-tan with me! Thank you very much. Let’s do our best, us girls! I’ll be in your care in future!”

「Sera-chama. Haven’t I already decided to serve Sere-chama on the day my Father was saved? I will wrap myself around the neck of the guy who bullied Sele-chama and squeeze him! Leave it to me!」

“Oh, ooh…”

「And then, me and Dad are gonna feed him yabayaba leaves every day until he can’t take them anymore! Oh and they taste horrible.」

“Oh, ooh…”

I took out another <recovery medicine> out of my <magic room> and drank it. We walked for a bit when I was able to move and found a small cave that can be used as shelter, and set up a small tent.

There are four types of tents in my <magic room> that take into consideration the season and the purpose they will serve. Of course I’m in quite a comfortable space because of such options and the useful magic embedded on them. Clothing, food and shelter are very important after all.

After relaxing in the tent, I asked Miyu-tan while eating a piece of the preserved food,

“What does Miyu-tan eat?”

「I will receive the magic power of Sera-chama.」

Like Lu? I hope he will leave Miyu-tan alone.

Speaking of which, is Lu okay without my magic? I wonder if he’ll be hungry…

「That’s right! There is a message from Ass-sama. Sera-chama, refrain from using magic. There may be bad guys who will trace the magic and catch Sera-chama.」

“Eh, but I will need my magic for adventuring.”

「Yes. So, I’ll pour my magic power into Sera-chama. Then the signature of the magic will change. Then Sera-chama can use magic for a while. Is Sera-chama fine with that?」


Miyu-tan crawled up to me and I pointed towards her with my left forefinger.

Miyu-tan’s magic flows in me.

“Miyu-tan’s magic has the scent of flowers.”

「Miyu is a girl after all!」

I vomited out the little remaining poison…

「Speaking of which, when Sera-chama was falling down from the wind, light-blue magical power sprouted from the chest of Sera-chama and wrapped around Sera-chama’s body. Thanks to that, Sera-chama has a fluffy fluffy landing.」


I grab the plate tight.

“Speaking of which, how old is Miyu-tan?”

「Sera-chama, asking a girl her age is a breach of etiquette!」


「Ehe, actually, I don’t know. I stopped counting when I was 50 years old.」

…… Senpai ………

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