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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 4 Chapter 65

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 4 Chapter 65

Meeting the Northern Beast-sama of the Four Heavens

I stood up slowly and used defensive magic and magic resistance to myself and Lu.

“Northern Beast of the Four Heavens… He is super intimidating, why is that?”

「Sera, this is the reality when confronting us as enemies. However, have me or Ash ever tried to kill Sera? Should I have to go against Sera… No, I can’t ever do that to my beloved.」

Just by being glared, my limbs turn stiff and it’s painful. I almost kneeled unintentionally. No Good. It’s felt as if I’m hated by God itself. Such dangerous thoughts filled my mind, and I don’t feel like we’re gonna win.

Then, a huge… but familiar mass of energy appeared in front of me. It spread its rainbow coloured wings and hid me behind it.


「Sera, I came in Ghilane’s stead. I am faster after all.」

“Why is the Southern Beast of the Four Heavens here!? Did you rob it from Emperor Ghilane?”

His Highness Schneider screams.

…………I obviously can’t do something like that though.

Then Ash raises his red eyes.

「Tarl… You’re under <subjection>. Were you careless?」

「Sand… Sun’s flame… Why are you both in front of me?」

「With your eyes clouded like that… You obviously won’t detect the scent of my magical power in this beloved child of mine right here.」

「I’m… Taking care of both Lu and Ghilane… I guess I’m a friend? Sera?」

“……Yes. Ash is my best friend.”

You’re a close friend who will come for me even in such a remote desert.

“Once again… Sacred beast and ‘friends’. You truly don’t understand.”

Suddenly, Lu’s restraint which has been hindering His Highness Schneider’s movement melted.

“This poison is a bit too tough. Shall we increase the pace. I’ll be troubled if another helper of yours arrived. Tarlnight. Snowstorm.”

Magic power gathered atop Tarl-sama’s head and the area froze, followed by snow falling with roaring violence. Lu created a whirlwind of hot sand, receiving the power of the blizzard.

I threw a shuriken from Ash’s back at His Highness, but Tarl-sama’s defenses made it meaningless.

Conversely, His Highness Schneider raised his staff and a huge amount of ice crystals appeared above his head like meteorites. The number is so great we will be in a mess if we received it. His Highness has no intention of letting me go even with the sympathy of us being from the same place.

Ash flew up and poured lava from the sky and sent it crushing down. However, only a few crystals fell one after another. Just how much magic does His Highness have? I opened my <magic room> and sucked in the ice that Ash couldn’t break. However, after taking 20 in, I am out of breath.

I shot a lightning strike in hopes of reversing the situation somehow, but it was sucked into a bulge on Tarl-sama’s shell.

“L-lightning rod?”

I don’t see any weaknesses.

「Sacred Beasts instinctively worked to protect the land and the people even while fighting. In that regard, Tarl, whose ego has been destroyed…… He must be branded as being the worst.」

The words of Ash flying in the sky echoed in my head.

My magic… will soon be exhausted. This feeling is the same as when it was all sucked out at the imprisonment tower.

His Highness can deal with the poison somehow, however, in terms of magic power… I can’t hold on.

It’s a complete defeat in terms of magic power. I’m only better in close combat! But I can’t get close for the kill because of Tarl-sama.

「Sera! Get on!」

I jumped on top of Lu who was running towards me amidst the dust. I use <strengthening magic> on my right hand and threw punches in zig-zag fashion at the sharp ice crystals above, and then plunged into His Highness

Lu wraps sand around Tarl-sama’s body, who then sucks the sand in, making him pause for a moment. The protection around His Highness becomes thinner. I coated the knife in the same kind of snow surrounding His Highness and Tarl-sama for it to move more freely without losing power.

I jumped from Lu’s back with the momentum from his dash, holding the knife with both hands and shooting towards His Highness’ head.

I am better at martial arts! This will be the deciding factor!

I approached till I’m right below his eyes and grabbed the rose at his chest.

Then, the rose spreads out like it is a living creature and transformed into a thick and supple whip, wrapping itself around my knife. The whip took the knife away from me and I got slammed down on the ground.


Pain runs through my body…… My arms are numb… they are poisoned. I was counter-attacked. When I looked up, I saw that the whip had many thorns. Poison is secreted from them.

Not only a cane… He also has a whip… I never knew!

“In my previous life, the only friends who visited me were roses. And now, the roses are my ‘friends’.”

His Highness kissed the rose. He looks like a sparkling prince.

Ah…… It’s important to gather information first, Grandmother……

Lu jumped at Tarl-sama to prevent him from attacking me. Lu is holding him down from above and surrounded him with sandstorm to suffocate him.

「Sera! Leave this place!」

The pain… it won’t go away. I can’t move. Sorry.

This is the first time that I have been so full of scratches. Older Brother always used his all-out defense magic on my sneak costume and gym clothes.

However, today I am in my summer uniform. Just the school specified white shirts and pants. But they’re not white anymore. They are red and brown everywhere from the sand and blood.

My hands also have too much ice on them and they are bloody. My vision is obstructed by the blood flowing down, and I’m running out of magic power. It’s the first time in a long while.

His Highness’ whip had me completely done in. My defense magic, how much longer will it last?

The faces of my Father, Older Brother and Grandmother appeared in my head. It’s the revolting lantern. Dangerous……

No way… I’m going to die way earlier than I did before…

Ghilane… I can’t protect you…

As I made my breaths albeit with difficulty, and sweat covered my body, Ash plunged down from the sky, emitting blue flame from Its beak, and burned the elegant rose whip to cinders.


His Highness looks at the remains of the rose with sadness.

Then Ash covered me as I was crawling on the ground.

「Sera… It is due to an encounter with an unexpected person instead of Maribelle, but it is time to proceed with the plan.」


「Lu and I can’t really kill Tarl. He is the world itself. We can only do that to the <contractors>. However, the Prince is too strong, Tarl has gone crazy, and Sera is too weak. We are in a stalemate just by protecting Sera. You should leave now while you can still be in a good condition.」

“Haa… haa… But then!”

「I believe that’s decided? Then move as planned. It’s decided! Won’t you believe in Lu and your Father?」


Even then… I don’t want to leave!!!!!

「I believe in Sera.」

Ash’s whisper is very soothing.

「Go! Sera!」

Lu shouts out while being in a struggle.

「You are my cute… One and only friend」

I received Ash’s teardrop on my lips.


Ash spread both wings and the wind blew me away at once. I got swallowed by the updraft and flew to the edge of the earth.

「Lu! It’s done! Close to the sanctuary!」

Lu, who was biting Tarl’s neck, heard Ash’s words and looked around… After he made a small nod, his body distorted and disappeared like a mirage in the desert.

Ash looked at the situation for a little longer and spread its seven-colored wings and flew toward the sky.

“……Tarlnight, you can go back.”

Tarl’s eyes got cloudy and disappeared into a mist.

“Haa, she escaped. What a disappointment.”

The Prince picked up the black and burnt rose petals while putting one hand on his back.

“I’ll keep you in the beer garden…”

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