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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 4 Chapter 64

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 4 Chapter 64

Reply to His Highness Schneider

His Highness Schneider and me, our interests seem to perfectly align. The enemy of my enemy is a friend, was it? I can understand the struggles and suffering of His Highness. I can sympathize with the confusion and lamentation as a fellow reincarnator.

However, His Highness and I are incompatible.

“Your Highness… Did you kill people with your own hands?”


“I wish to never dirty my hands, unlike Your Highness.”

“……The deaths I’m responsible for are more than those I ordered.”

“I killed thousands in the previous life in the novel. The fire from my right hand killed hundreds all at once.”


“Beast-like screams, foul-smelling stench on the nose, blood all over my body. They were actions without a shred of dignity. I don’t know why, but I’m now completely synchronized with my novel counterpart, and I remember them all.”


“Since you have the Japanese’s sensibility, you understand that I don’t want to go to that place ever again, right?”

“……I’ll only use your name. I’ll keep you in reserve as much as possible.”

“Fufufu. Your Highness is the same as them, and don’t think that I have a heart, right? That I’m cold-hearted? A woman who can simply kill with a bang? A woman who sleeps at night well even if she saw a hellish sight the same day? That’s why you’re inviting me to the war so simply.”

“But, aren’t you tired of living in Judor like this, and did you not constantly fight to turn your fate over?”

“Yes, that’s right! I fought day after day. And that’s why I’m saying I don’t want to join you! I thought and acted like any teenage girl would, and fought!! All because there is no other way!!”


“Your Highness and I are in a similar situation, but not entirely alike. The future I want to avoid is not just the prison-death end, but also the betrayal end. There are many more, like being branded as a killer and murderer. And I also don’t want to be a chess piece of the Royalty! In the previous life, I was told that since I was a student, I would be kept as a reserved force, but when the war actually started, I was at the front lines from the beginning, until I eventually sold myself. It was detestable and completely despicable.”


“My dream isn’t to serve and exalt the glory of the King. I want to live with Lu as a normal girl and travel around. I don’t mind being scorned for not fulfilling my responsibility as a noble. After all, what happened in the previous life after I fulfilled my responsibility? I was scorned and killed!”

Lu stretched up and put his front leg on my shoulder, and licked the tears that had flowed without me realising. Rings shone around me and Lu.

“I see… If you have such a strong will… Negotiations… Breakdown.”

“Yes, I will never do anything else except to protect myself and the ones I loved. It’s a breakdown indeed.”

“Haa… I understand your feelings a little more. I was being insensible. I apologise… However, I was prepared for the worst possible scenario anyway. And if you don’t cooperate, it would be troublesome if you become an enemy, so I’ll have to get rid of you…… Sorry.”

“Your Highness, you can’t apologize for something that doesn’t require apologies. A statesman must stay strong and true to his goals and swallow everything else.”

Like Ghilane.

“I see. I’ll dye my hand with your blood and carry on towards my goal. Since you’re standing in my way, disappear.”

“I won’t simply be killed. I’m going to do my best… I hope we can become tea drinking buddies in the next life.”

“Absolutely. Let’s share a toast with each other then. I want to have beer on a garden of a building’s rooftop in the next life. In my previous life, I only ever put my fingers on the window panes of the hospital and stared outside.”

“That’s great! Beer and edamame it is then!”
(TN: Edamame – green beans)

“I’ll prepare teppan-yaki! Let’s meet as fellow members of the society then!”
(TN: teppan-yaki – Japanese cooking prepared on a hot steel plate in the center of a table)

I gave a bye-bye like they did in the previous life, and made a huge jump backwards.

「Sera! Let’s go!」

His Highness Schneider took out a short stick and held it in his hand and shook it twice like a baton. Sharp knives like ice crystals rained down on the desert. Just one hit would be fatal enough.

I wonder if ice is his main attribute…

“Lu, don’t you think it’s sneaky? His Highness has gone through reports of us he might get his hands on and is now trying to kill us with all his might. In contrast, we don’t know His Highness’s weapons or skills. This won’t do.”

「Sera, complaints come later. Get yourself busy!」

I use fire and wind magic at maximum capacity. They swirled and swept the ice away, and went straight to His Highness.

At the same time, Lu wraps the whole area with sandstorm and hides me behind himself.

Lu looks like he will be manipulating ice and snow from his appearance, but he originally is the Sacred Beast that protects the western desert. His main attribute is sand.

As His Highness waved his cane toward the Flame Tornado which was then wrapped in a giant square of ice, and they were suppressed.

Lu sneaked amidst the sand and moved behind His Highness, while at the same time I dropped a lightning strike at him. I then threw kunais made out of auroch-horns at his thighs, which he countered with his ice. His legs are firmly planted in the sand by Lu, then I threw one more kunai at his heart

If I don’t go for the kill, I will be killed!

His movements are sealed! It’s done! My heart hurts. Tears are overflowing. Even in this world…… I will be doing the same thing once again. Farewell.


The kunai hit something hard. He has a defense the special Kunai cannot pass through? Unbelievable!

I took out the poisoned knife from my thigh holder and jumped over the ice surrounding him. I swung my right hand holding the knife down on his neck.


Something gets in the way and the blade does not reach his skin. I turned to his flank and moved to his left leg.


He responded even on his flank and his back! I can’t reach the body of His Highness. How is this possible? Eh?

My left leg froze from the heel. I used fire magic to melt it! It’s useless.

Is this what Older Brother was saying… Ice magic similar to permafrost?

Lu appears in a hurry from the sand and melted the ice in a flash.

After confirming that my feet are now free, I retracted my knife and pulled back to determine the current situation.

The sand flying in the air lost their energy and slowly fell to the ground.

“Lu, the sandstorm ceased?”

Lu raised his magic at a stretch and his silverish fur rose up.

But cold winds blew, sending the last bit of the sandstorm far away.

Brilliant amber shield, about one meter in diameter, appeared in front of His Highness Schneider.

Was the attack received by this shield?

Just when I thought that, the shield moves, it’s not a shield… It’s a shell.

It made half a turn and landed on the sand with a loud noise.

Intimidating murderous intent, the likes of which I had never felt before passed through me.


I got blown backwards and Lu caught me.

“Lu! Lu! What’s that!!!”

I should have gotten used to intimidation due to the battlefields I experienced in the previous life.

……But my trembling never stopped at this killing I am receiving right now.

「……It’s the worst.」

His Highness Schneider pulls out a knife from his belly and holds it with his left hand.

“What’s with the poison… Sh*t, this is the first time. My close combat abilities are not as good as those in the Knights School after all. Hey! You should have guarded a little sooner!”

「……The sands of the west slowed my movement down.」


For the first time ever, Tarl, the Northern Beast of the Four Heavens, with icy particles glistening around his amber-like shell and rainbow coloured halos surrounding him, makes his appearance… His eyes are staring at us.

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