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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 29

Guild Master Sieg’s soliloquy

Me-self stood on an elevated hill in the Trundle Plains in front of a gravestone. There seems to have been a visitor today as Me-self finds a beautiful lily offering.

(TN: he is using washi which should be like the pirates’ way of addressing oneself. Old men used it too.)

A garland of red roses hangs on the hilt of a rusted dagger pierced beside it.

“Elsa, you’re too swift…”

This place here is the graveyard of the Lords of Trundle. A place where our friends, the former Lords of Trundle, including Gainz laid asleep, and a place to reminisce of his daughter, Rurifiona. The cute Rurifiona’s tomb isn’t here since her husband won’t let her go.

Me-self was born as a son in a territory belonging to Trundle, and seeking to become stronger through the arts practised by those who lived in Trundle, then gaining experience and becoming an adventurer in Me teens. Such a Me met a black-eyed man in the guild. When time allowed, we formed a team and worked together, and soon we came to be called <Trundle’s Wind God and Thunder God>.

Me-self later learned that Me best friend is actually a Lord and belonged to the military, but Me-self didn’t care much. Power is everything in Trundle. Gainz was acknowledged because he is strong, and we are proud that he is the Lord.

Eventually, Gainz married a terrifying woman with amazing dagger skills. If it were Me-self, it would not be possible even when offered one million gold. Me-self respected Me best friend who could sleep next to such a woman.

Over the years, Gainz often left the territory as a general in the army, and Me-self was asked to manage the guild in his stead. Me-self closed the adventurer business and concentrated Me-self’s effort on raising the next generation.

Then, one sunny day,


A cute bright voice resounded in the guild. When Me-self turned around from the counter, Me-self’s eyes caught the sight of a girl with dark brown hair and dark eyes, carrying a large sword on her back, smiling, making Me-self remember Me younger days when Me-self first met Me best friend.

『I have been waiting for you. Fairy-chan with black eyes.』

The former guild leader fell on one knee.

The fulfilling days ended before Me knew it. Hime, who was loved by all the people of Trundle died at childbirth. Gainz’s grief was terrible, losing weight and motivation all in one go. And the man who was so strong died soon after.

Me-self continued to protect the glorious Trundle Guild, as promised to Gainz.

One time when Me-self met Me Lord, Elsa, with a one-year income and expenditure report, and an updated rank list of adventurers, Me-self saw her with eyes shining vividly and seems to be thinking about something.

Me-self haven’t seen Elsa like this in a long time… Last time Me-self saw her like this… she was drinking while cheering on a spar between Gainz and Hime. Such nostalgic days before Hime’s marriage.

『Elsa-sama, did you find something that’s so fun?』

『Hehehe, I can’t hide it from Sieg… At this age, I am finally fulfilling my long-cherished desire.』

『Fulfillment of a long-cherished desire…?』

『Yes, I can finally fulfill my mission as a Trundle.』

Elsa’s eyes are shimmering. Me-self’s heart is raging.

『What might that be?』

『Sieg, it’s too soon for me. My time hasn’t come… I’ll be away from the other side for quite a while. So Sieg, be quick and cross over soon. That husband of mine was stupid. Make the guild stronger than ever, Sieg. That is my command. We cannot do any ‘protecting’ unless we are strong.』

For the next 5 years, in line with Elsa’s command, Me-self managed the guild and turned it into a solid organization both inside and out. Elsa had turned her private troops into an invincible group with < Elsa’s special hell training>.


Matt is an insidious screaming-idiot, but has been a promising young man since his youth. Me-self comes to the front of Me office. Looking at the direction Matt pointed, Me-self saw the <Zagato’s Magic Sword> that used to hang at the ceiling embedded into the front wall.

Zagato’s Sword is incredibly destructive, but it requires the user to have a ridiculous amount of magic power. Even adults will be dried out if they hold it for 5 minutes. Decades ago, its troubled owner left it in this guild’s management.

Who is it!? The adventurer who can master the magic sword!?

And there she is…… a Black-eyed Fairy. The second time in Me-self’s life.

…………Me-self’s tears came to Me eyes, for the first time since Me-self’s best friend died.

“Welcome… to the Trundle Guild.”

Serafiona-hime’s strength is insane. She is only 11 years old and B-ranked, defeating Kodak who should be more than 30kg heavier than her with only two daggers. Having amazing toss speed and techniques similar to her mother’s dagger technique. It is inevitable that Gilbert, a childhood friend of Rurifiona-hime, shook.

She is not only trained by Elsa, Me-self also feels an aura of God beyond the norm from her. Her enormous magic power does not run out even after she swung the Zagato’s sword. She also possesses a mysterious magic that lets her bring out a turtle’s shell from her cloak despite being smaller than the size of a tatami mat.

However, she does not reveal her unmatched strength, but rather showed herself as meek and smiles in a troubled way. Me-self didn’t think before that such strength and grace like hers are so wonderfully compatible.

“I can’t be the next Lord… I will not be recognized as one, right?”

“I fully recognized you! Hime is strong!”

“All that matters is strength!”

“Strength is justice!”

“Strong Hime-sama, Banzai!”

“Haa…… muscle-brains…”

What is the thing you said at the end?

“Don’t keep calling me Hime. I am a Kouhai adventurer of you all.”

Why is she hiding her strength and so reluctant to accept her position?

『We cannot do any ‘protecting’ unless we are strong. 』

The words of Elsa I heard before comes to me once more.

It can’t be. Is our Hime targeted because of her special power? Her position…………?

After handing over a B-rank silver plate and seeing off Serafiona-Hime jumping off with a -pyon- -pyon-, Me-self called an emergency guild-leaders meeting.

“Our Hime a very reserved and shy person. As Hime requested, let’s put away her title and interact with her in familiarity, with a nickname. Don’t get me wrong, Serafiona-hime cares about Trundle, and is our one and only Hime!”

The more than 20 executives silently nodded.

“There is no doubt that Hime’s strength and magic are the strongest in history.”




“However, there seems to be someone who threatens our Hime. Proven by the fact that Elsa-sama has kept Hime’s existence a secret until today!”

“Who dares harm our Hime…?”

“I absolutely can’t forgive…”

“Sieg-sama, permission to subdue!”

“Wait, Elsa-sama, for the time being, wants to lay low and reserve her own power. Hime is strong! But she is still a pretty child. In future, our guild will act with protecting Serafiona-hime as the most important mission. Don’t divulge Hime’s information to outsiders, and rush to Hime when she is in trouble. Those who disagree with this policy should leave Trundle now. I will write you a letter of introduction to your favorite guild. “

“””””No objection!”””””

“You really are stupid.”

Me-self grinned at Me friend’s tomb.

“Shouldn’t you be going on a crazed rampage right now? Hahaha!”

Me-self’s life suddenly became interesting.

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