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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 24

Request and unexpected reunion (2)

This girl, however, has no way of knowing my thoughts.

She stood up from the sofa and turned around, swiped her brown hair with her right hand and, without even consulting me, declared,

“Your Majesty. I know for sure that this case is bothering your heart. But don’t worry! This me, um, Charlotte Oliver and my servant Konomi… No, Eileen Aldington, will solve it for you!”

“How reassuring!”

Benedict, touched by Eileen’s words, stood up from the sofa in the same way.

At that sight, there is a thought to comes to my heart―― yes, that is――

――the number of idiots has increased.

“By the way, what’s that ‘konomi’ you just said?”

“That is, well, it’s like my nickname, nikkunemu. It’s for me.”

I made an appropriate excuse.

Benedict narrowed his eyes.

“I see―― Konomi. Then, I’ll call you that too.”

“Please, do it as you like. But Your Highness, we’re at an age where we haven’t even made our social debut…… right? Umm, pardon me. How old are you?”

“I’m 16 years old. My social debut is at 18.”

The second half of her answer is for ‘Eileen’.

I nodded and affirmed.

You don’t know your age? Benedict has the looks of someone that just saw something strange.

No, I remember the age of my “true self” ……I just don’t know the age of a debutant in this world.

“Anyway, it’s like that. Which is why, the first thing I need is to get permission from my house… I need my father’s permission.”

“There is no problem with your age. This is just an informal meeting I called on my own. In addition, Konomi, I’ll prepare a written invitation for you.”

“Y-Your Highness, Your Highness! Me too. Please call me, too!”

Eileen raises her arms high, not wanting to be left behind.

Benedict looks at Eileen being in such a state and narrowed his eyes, as if he is seeing something dazzling.

“Charlotte Oliver! You cared so much for your friends…”

“I just wanted to play detectives.”

Her words just cooled down my tension, more or less.

“Don’t be anxious, Charlotte Oliver. Your name was originally on the list of invited guests. It should have been sent to your father, and it will reach you soon.”

“I’m honoured, Your Highness!”

“Right, it will be safe to leave it to the two of you!”

The two are about to break into a dance.

And the situation being like this, avoiding the detective event seems impossible.

So, I pondered.

The details of the mission given to me this time are: guarding Prince Benedict, finding information that could lead to the culprit and catching the culprit, all while protecting Eileen.

Thinking about the execution route, it seems better, but… as I sigh,

“…Ah! That’s right.”

Benedict interrupted and put a paper bag on the table.

“I was about to forget. Konomi, this.”


He slides it to me.

I thanked him and took it up.

A black paper bag with no handle. The mouth is taped after being opened already.

“What’s inside is changed?”

“Oh, actually, it was just under supervision.”

The bulge of the bag is large, and rattles when I shake it. What’s inside?

I heard his explanation as I scratched the tape with my nails.

“A gift for you, from my friend who told me about you. When I told him that I was looking for you, he had a bitter face, but that was probably just a front. He was happy to tell me your name. And, since I was coming to see you, he told me he would like to give this to you. I don’t know why but, he seems to like you a lot, I think?”

He seems to like me?

“…Who is that?”

“Open it and you’ll know who my trusted friend is.”

In that case, that friend asked him to be a wingman.

The tape finally came off as Benedict finished his words.

I look inside. Then saw,

“A chess board?”

I take it out.

What is stored is a portable chess board. When I open it in, it also contains a set of chess pieces.

And ――one more thing.

One message card about the size of a business card.

It had a scribble that reads,

  I was just careless yesterday.

  Next is this game.

“You don’t know who the gift is from?”

“…It’s that guy. What a sore loser.”

I have no doubt that he’ll be involved in the scenario again!

Benedict tries to hold his laughter.

This man, when he has a bitter face, it was probably to hide his embarrassment――

I thought that, but kept silent.

Instead of saying that,

I recalled the name of the one who sent me this chessboard.

Right, Benedict’s friend, the one who introduced Benedict to us.

Yesterday morning, he tried to meddle in our affairs.

Surrounded by many people, that character was beaten by me――

“Martin Luther”

“It’s Dominique Gonneau”

I’m not good at remembering people’s names.

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