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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 30

Received a request for the first time

The B-rank plate I received is very cool.

The S-rank ones are made of platinum, the A-rank ones are made of gold, and the B-rank ones are made of silver. Sieg-old-man has my name carved in a cool front. As for my last name, I only have an initial of the letter ‘G’ as adviced, also by Sieg-old-man. ‘G’ for Granzeus obviously… Being a noble can be a negative for adventurers… Which is because, an adventurer lives under his own name alone in the first place.

And, the designs of ‘T’ and ‘G’ for ‘Trundle Guild’ are carved on both the front and back. Proof of my guild and my pride. My father provided me with a platinum chain. Why platinum? When I asked him about it, he asked back,

“Do you think it is embarrassing for only the chains to be platinum? Serafiona?”

In other words, become an S-rank and they will both be made of platinum.

And the plate is, like in my previous world’s military, an <identification plate>. Coming in a set of two.

When you can’t take the body of your dead buddy home, put one in his mouth and close it, then bring the other back to their family. And… one day, when you come to look for the body, you will use the plate inside their mouth as a landmark.

When I put mine on my neck… I spontaneously tightened.

By the way, Papa has the S-rank plate of the Granzeus territory’s Guild, while Grandmother and Older Brother have the S-rank plates of Trundle Gulid. Older Brother, when did you do it?

“Hmm? I registered in the guild during the first year of going to Magic School when Grandmother gave me permission. Shuriken? Ah, a few years ago, Grandmother used them? I guess during the test, I threw about 50 to 100…? No, maybe about 200? Ah, I have not killed anyone. After that, I was working on a request to verify the forbidden books in the royal library.”

Kodak-san… he is probably the victim at that time…

“Otou-sama, Gilbert-san of Trundle Guild, do you know him?”

“…………Who ever might that be?”

Hiiiii, father’s killing intent is leaking――! It is tied to a past I must never touch! I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!

So then? I’ll complete my first job!!


“Serafiona-chan has finally arrived! I have been waiting for you. You’re alone? I thought you would be with Lalouza for your first job.”

“My brother went to the western desert for a red scorpion 10 days ago. He is trying to make his 100th poison? Or something like that?”

Oh my, aren’t you very attentive about my safety? But I have Mofumofu with me!

“Ah… that’s right. You are siblings that can break through on your own.”

“So, I want to get a request today. What should I do?”

“Well, the jobs that come to your rank are usually the best. But the request available for Serafiona-chan at B-rank right now is, only a merchant corps escort request. Serafiona-chan, is overnight stay impossible? “

“That’s right. I plan to return later today.”

“Well then, would you accept a job that comes from a lower rank…? Is Serafiona-chan reluctant to work with lower ranked requests?”

“Hee? No.”

I need money. I need to do something to make money!

“…An attitude that is not fastidious about the type of job… this report, noted.”

“Lara-san, say it louder? I can’t hear you.”

“Oh, pardon me. Well, the request available right now that meet Hime… no, Serafiona-chan’s one-day trip limitation are E-rank, collection of Hyer fruit; and C-rank, subjugation of marsh snake. Oh, but this is a bit far away.”

I look at the map Lara-san gave. The marsh is at the edge of the Trundle territory, two days away by horse. But however! I have Lu!

“Lara-san, I’ll accept the subjugation of the snake! There is likely to be Hyer in the terrain, and barely a territory of Trundle.”

“…She will spare no effort for the pending issues in Trundle territory… Noted.”


“Yes, yes―! Let’s proceed―!”

When I make enough distance away from the guild and make sure there are no signs of humans around, I take off my cloak and put it in my <magic room>. I appeared in a full-body gray ninja costume and Lu, who was in my chest, came down to the ground.

“Lu! Please!”

「Roger that, Sera!」

Lu’s whole body glows in seven colors and instantly becomes adult sized. Its size was about an ordinary car in the past. There is a sense of stability.

I jump on his back with a -pyon- and sink my cheeks on his fluffy fur.

「Se―ra―! It’s ticklish! Where should I go?」

“Hah! Sorry! Well, straight at 3 o’clock. Let’s go!”

「Let’s go―!!!」

His silvery paws kicked the ground vigorously.

The swamp is in a deep forest just beside the border. Around the swamp, the trees are knocked down, with signs of something crawling all over the place, and traces of flowers getting trampled.

“Lu―, the big snake attacked the hunters around here. How can I pull it out of the swamp? If blood spills, other predators are more likely to come, so I’ll kill it with a single lightning shot? It should be water-based, right?”

「Sera―! I’m tired― I’m hungry~!」

“Yes yes, right away.”

I take out a cake with fresh cream and black-tea from my <magic room>.

“Lu, it’s Matsuki-san’s new work. Later, I want you to tell me your thoughts on the amount of sugar.”

「I’ll have the cream later. It would not collapse even if I move violently. Matsuki would have thought it through. And in regards to sweetness, I totally trust Matsuki.」

What’s this trusting relationship?

Lu returns to Mofumofu size and clings to the cake on my lap. I scanned the area with the new magic <map> that I made to use as an adventurer. Hyer nuts can be crushed and used as antipyretic, or mixed with flour and applied to injured areas to provide analgesics. …………There. They are on the upper part of the tree. Hyer fruits are also good for Martha’s waist, so why not take a little more of them?

「Sera, a customer.」


In front of us is a turquoise coloured snake, looking the same as the swamp snake wa are looking for, but measuring only 10 cm, lifting up its neck in the shape of a sickle and staring at us. I’m not good with snakes but… I may be okay with them if they are that small? It even looks like a toy.

“Err, hello……… wait, Lu, a customer?”

「…It wanted to see a doctor since his father got hurt. It wants us to follow it. Let’s go, Sera.」

Holy Beast Lu is 100% friendly to forest animals.

Huh… next time, Serafiona, becomes an animal doctor!

I calmly followed the snake and Mofumofu.

AN: 30 episodes.

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