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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 25

Looking for the written invitation

“Now then, I apologized for my discourtesy. Thank you for everything.”

“I don’t mind, Your Highness. Please be careful.”

Benedict gets into the car at the front door, and is about to set off from the Aldington House.

I and Eileen are side by side in front of the servants and bow deeply.

After waiting for our head to return to their original position, Benedict pointed at the paper bag in my hand.

“Anyway, I’ve definitely delivered that.”

“Ah, yes, thank you very much.”

I don’t know exactly what this gift means, but I’ll just gratefully say my thanks.

Benedict smiled at my words. And asked,

“Do you have any words you want me to deliver to Dominique?”


What do I want to tell Dominique…? I have none.

Thinking for a moment, I said,

“『It’s still rough, but there is definitely something dazzling as the game progresses. Expected further growth in future!』something like that.”

A game review?

Benedict was silent for a while, then blew out.

“I’ll pass it onto him for sure. I’m looking forward to seeing his reaction.”

“Sorry to bother you with that―” I said, then the car left.

We return to Eileen’s room.

I and Eileen spoke about our conversation to Win over lunch.

“Win-san, what do you think of His Highness’ visit this time?”

“I’m really relieved that you are safe.”

“Really now, you said that over and over again.”

I am deeply moved by the frank opinion of Win, which he said with a cool attitude.

The fault in my response has already been pointed out, so please pardon me already.

“First of all, Eileen, why did you come back like that in the first place!? You even left school early!”

“That person, he wanted to talk with me alone, and I thought that things would turn for the better if I did that!?”

Geez, you keep saying the same thing too!


Benedict, or rather, the Royal Family was threatened to “suspend it”. Benedict sponsored Garden Party, Evening Recital, and Evening Party.

Anyway, it’s an informal meeting.

I’m unfamiliar with the parties and practices of the country. So I asked, “Is it unusual for a royalty to hold informal meetings?” To which Win replied, “It’s a common occurrence.”

“Since the His Majesty the King, Her Highness the Queen, and Her Highness the Princess all have a hobby of growing flowers, there are many meetings of that kind, including the very small ones. The Master had been invited too.

  In particular, I have the impression that the frequency of holding informal meetings have increased since the law was revised and sovereignty shifted from the King to the Parliament.

  It seems the significance of the Royal Family’s existence has changed from a political one to those involved in national diplomacy and ceremonial functions…… However, since the law revision itself was about 30 years ago, I do not actually know of the system before that either.”


“So it’s like that.”

So it’s like that?

I and Eileen nodded to Win’s explanation.


“Why are you nodding too, Eileen? You’re a citizen of this country. So isn’t it natural for you to know of it already?”

“I will never give the time to think about the law or the state or something like that ever again!”

This is not a subject you can so cockily talk about like that.

However, I did not say that reproach to the negligent student that would be unaffected by my words anyway, and just stopped bothering any farther.

Win put a fork in the quiche on one plate and I asked,

“However, despite there being a threatening letter arriving to a royalty, aren’t His Highness and the royal guards too carefree?”

“I understand the idea, but His Highness the Third Prince, Benedict-sama is famous for his eccentricity.”

Does that mean that the Royal Guards have also given up?

I brought a quiche to my mouth. As I was chewing, Win remembered and asked,

“Anyway, has it been determined that Ojou-sama will be attending the meeting?”

“Of course!”

“……So says Eileen.”

I can’t just let her go alone.

She’s so motivated she’s even breathing through her nose. So excessive.

Win replied, “I understand” to both of us.

“So, we first have to decide what to do.”

“What to do… tailoring the clothes for the day? Do we need formal wear?”

“Your train of thoughts must be something along the lines of: it’s a private party, so it’s fine to wear plain clothes. We can just be in the clothes the Young Lady already has

―――but it’s totally not like that.

Please reconsider, Konomi-sama. The servants have things they can, should, and have to prepare. And they are essential, and must be done at all cost.”


What about the venue layout? The day’s schedule?

No, those are not something I really should bother about. Such things should have been written on the invitation――


That’s right.

“The written invitation. The invitation to Charlotte Oliver.”

In his standing upright position, Win nodded.

If we don’t get it, Eileen won’t be able to join the party.

“Since the written invitation had been sent to Miss Charlotte’s father, it will arrive shortly— His Highness said that. So right now, the invitation for Miss Charlotte is in the hands of Lord Oliver or”

“In Charlotte’s hands…… in the dormitory, right?”

Then, the question is how to get it.

However, this Ojou-sama, who is missing a little bit of her brain, doesn’t seem to arrive with the answer in her head.

“So that’s it…… then, Konomi! As my servant, go take that country bumpkin’s invitation!”

“No, I can’t.”

Of course, Eileen immediately pointed at me and intended to send me.

I, however, denied her just as swiftly, which makes her look like a pigeon who’s been shot by a peashooter.

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“I know that junior school students live in dormitories, but student dormitories are so secure that outsiders can’t simply enter them. Security is solid. Also, there should be a dorm mother as well. So the leaves…… well”

“What is it? Just tell me clearly.”

She nudged me as if to urge me on, who couldn’t think of a good way to bring it up.

“No, I’m a girl too, so if I want to simply look around the <Women’s> dormitory, it won’t be impossible. I guess one way to search the room is by having Eileen and I go there. But,”

“But, what is it?”

“I have a question for you, Eileen.”


“You don’t happen to have made some foolish statement about boarding students before, right?”

For a while, we exchange our gazes.


“But――― but but but, they’re living in a group in such a small and cramped room in such an old building!?

I truly believe that it is such a good match for a country bumpkin like her. And I can’t not be laughing at it!”

“What did you do to the daughter who left her parents and is simply working so hard in pursuit of knowledge!?”

Another element of inevitable trouble arose here.

It doesn’t seem to be easy to get us into the dormitory.

So, what shall we do? Leaving the fork on the plate, I put my hand on my temple.

Leaving Eileen alone wouldn’t hurt the students in the dormitory, but it’s possible she might cause troubles that I can’t even imagine.

Yes, just like how she brought Benedict back to the residence.

Maybe, just for a bit, she really is a fool… time out. Back to the problem in hand. I fix my hair to hide my straying thoughts. But, Eileen being how she is, it is quite possible that she might return home without finding the invitation even if she does go there.

So, should I follow her?

But then, as I mentioned earlier, doing so would upset the other dormitory students――



“Konomi-sama, did you think of something?”

I couldn’t say for sure that it would succeed,

――but one idea does come up.

We have not actually tried it, and I think it should be possible for all of the dormitory students. However― this is it.

I guess a “portion” of the dormitory students could be turned to allies?

“I see.”

“Are you okay, Konomi-sama?”

“Yes, well… no. I don’t know.”

I answered vaguely.

And said――

“I wonder if it’s worth trying?”

It may be no good from the start but, didn’t that say, nothing ventured, nothing gained?

And if it’s still no good, then we can’t help it.

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