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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 2 Part 31

Becoming an animal doctor

I follow the baby snake, go around the swamp halfway, get down on my knees and crawl through the gaps on the vines that cover the trees… It was not intended, but the whole-body suit is perfectly suited for the obstacles. Otherwise, the thorns and sharp twigs will riddle me almost full of scars.

Suddenly we reached a space of about 6 tatami mats.


At the base of the deepest cedar tree… a large snake, likely to be about 30 cm in diameter, lied coiled up………… This snake seems to be the target of my request.

The baby snake slithers with a -suru- -suru- to the Papa Snake, and licks Papa Snake’s face with a small and thin tongue. His eyes glow, and Lu’s figure enters his eyes. He tries to lift his body, but falls midway.

「It’s fine. Rest. What happened?」

“……, ………, ……”

Lu observes big Papa Snake while interviewing him…… It looks like two-thirds of his skin is peeled. And deep scratches are present everywhere… This is a wound from magical lightning. It looks very effective. Well, I thought I’d use it too.

「Sera, I’ll explain later. Heal him first.」


It doesn’t matter if this big snake is the target of the subjugation request. I fully follow Lu’s words. Lu never makes mistakes. I purposely raise the magic power to MAX so that the pain would not stay any longer.

“Pain, pain, fly away―! Fly away from Papa Snake―!”

Pure white light flows from my hands and covers the huge body of the large snake. The phenomenon looks as if the light is emitting from the big snake itself… The light gradually diminished after about 5 minutes…

“How is it?”

I call out to Papa Snake.

「……Awesome. There is no damage! I seems to have been reborn.」


Err, did I hear the snake’s voice just now? There was something like this in my previous life’s memories. Once upon a time just like how I can hear the snake’s voice right now, there was a protagonist of a magical story that had a hard time then…

(TN: its not mentioned clearly if she is talking about the heroine of this story but I suspect it is her)

When I am holding my head,

「Sera! I am able to communicate thanks to Sera’s magic.」

“Well, shouldn’t magic be given directly to you for things like that?”

「The way Sera casts her magic is like she’s imprinting the very being of her ‘self’. Rather than using magic power to cause a magical phenomenon, you used you magic power to fulfill your wish.」

There was such a difference. I had unknowingly given away my magic. Don’t transfer magic power so simply! But I don’t think my magic will be used outside, other than for myself and Lu, with this time being the only exception… Well, there’s no problem. I’ll be careful when I act with others in future.

“So, Papa Snake-san, can you tell me why you got struck by lightning magic?”

「We have lived around this area for a long time. I intend to live well with the other creatures of this forest.」


「A short while ago, the other side of the shore suddenly became boisterous, and when I went to check it out, I was suddenly hit by lightning magic and continued to be hunted. Whatever the cause might be.」

“From the kingdom?”

The swamp itself is the border. Beyond the swamp is the kingdom.

「I definitely heard the sounds of humans. We managed to get this far somehow. The humans don’t chase us here. However, I couldn’t go any farther now and thought I would die. Then Sacred Beast-sama’s party appeared…… It was truly a narrow escape from death.」

It is a matter of course. Grandmother’s belief in Lu is about a hundred times stronger than what the followers of other newly emerging religions would have. And now that Lu has banned the killing of forest animals except for livelihood requirements, nothing has threatened the animals of Trundle.

It should be the people from the Royal capital side that release the attack magic in Trundle territory… Their aim was probably to attack the Lord who protects this swamp and the surroundings of this forest… such contemptible conduct. Surely, there will be more of such events in future… What can I do about it?

But, if you pull such mischief on a snake that hasn’t hurt anyone…… wouldn’t you be cursed for it? Is this a legend from my past life? I’ll do that…

「Snake, we came here because the Trundle hunters had claimed that you had attacked them?」

「Holy Beast-sama, I swear I haven’t attacked any humans. However, I definitely caused a lot of damage and ruckus when going this far after being exposed to so many attacks. Perhaps, that might have been the cause of such report.」

「Sera, that seems to be the case. What will you do?」

“Lu, wait a minute! ……I’m done! Baby Snake-chan, can you ride on Papa Snake’s body? Yes! Here I go! -pachinn-“

I imagined a square with both hands and they appeared. A glass-like object appears in front of the parent and child snake, and the glass shines in seven colors and turns into a mirror. It is then absorbed into the two animals.

「Eh―, it will bounce attacks back?」

“Oh, it’s a reflection magic. The next time they receive a lightning magic attack, it will be bounced back with a power that is 3 times stronger to whoever casts it! This is a spell that reflects attacks from all angles. Nihihi!”

「You too are evil.」

“The officials in charge are. Nihihi!”

Now, let’s say that this is the best defense for the swamp, and how do I soothe the injured hunters? I’m not going to give them Papa Snake.

When I look at the huge body of the big snake, I see the wounds healed, but the scars remained, and the scales around it began to peel. The scales are also huge since they come from such a big snake.

“I’m sorry that the scars remain. If I may be so impudent, may I take the scales that are about to come off? I’ll take them back and use them as proof of mission completion.”

「Scales? Of course, it doesn’t matter. They felt itchy because of the wounds. Wait a minute.」

Papa Snake suddenly rose, and climbed up and over a big tree on the side. That’s dangerous. You’re 10 meters long! And,

-zabari-!!! -dosa-!!!

The skin came off from his head at once.

“He’s molting―――!”

In front of my eyes is a white shell in the shape of Papa Snake, full of wounds… It looks like a 10 metres long carp streamer…

「Bring those back.」

In my past life, wasn’t there a saying that money would multiply if they are put in a wallet made of snake skin? Should I temper it a bit with my magic and sell it to the hunters? Their numbers can easily get to 1,000. Can’t I make money with this?

Hmm? Isn’t it easier to hear Papa Snake’s voice?

I move my gaze from the shell to his body.

“No way…?”

The huge tree was entangled by a big snake having magnificent silver scales, unlike the bloody and pus-covered blue-green scales from before.

「Well, that was the 10,000th molt. Those silver garments are given by the goddess only if one has lived with a good way of life. Congratulations. You are no longer a snake but a small dragon from today.」

「Sacred Beast-sama, and <contractor>, this day arrived only because of Sacred Beast-sama’s blessing and the gentle magic of <contractor>. Me and my daughter, we swear to serve you for my whole life in future.」

Baby Snake-chan was a girl… oh, Baby Snake-chan’s skin has also turned silver! But that’s not just it! The real problem is!

「Sera, that’s good. Snakes can move everywhere. Perfect for spies!」

Lu, I wasn’t looking for a spy!

「Sera-chan? I am Miyu. I’ll do my best!」

What is Miyu-chan? Did she gain the ability to talk when her Papa levelled up? Her voice is so cute! Kuu~!

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