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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 43

Marquis’ daughter, Alma McGregor, is looking back

Unlike usual, I wake up in the dark. The window is opened and fresh air rushes in. Someone is moving on the edge of my sight.


My first and best friend wears a grey full-body outfit to hide her body. In both her hands is a weapon I have never seen before, and intensely performing shadow training. Her movements are so detailed that it looks as if the opponent is there. Is her opponent a small jumping beast? What the heck is going on?

She’s intensely breathing, suddenly taking distances and sneaking around, her eyes glaring and gazing at her opponent. She is the very model of earnestness.

Resting my cheek on the window sill, -fufufu- I laughed.

“I say, I just can’t win.”

My best friend is stronger and cooler than anyone!

The ugly jealousy I had towards my best friend is long gone.

I was born to the family of Marquis McGregor as the fourth child. When I was born, my grandfather, the Marquis, had said, “a girl, how trifling,” and his attitude has not changed.

The McGregor family is proud to have served the royal family for generations, protecting them as the Imperial Knights, being the closest to them. The house also has the rank of the Knights commander. It is natural that the three stars which are lined up on their shoulder are things they are proud of.

However, Father failed to meet Grandfather’s expectations. Thus, Grandfather apparently abused Father who did not graduate from Knights School at the top. After that, the two had never talked, and Grandfather remains the absolute in this house. No one goes against him.

Grandfather decided on Father’s marriage and had him married as quickly as possible. When their eldest son was born, he was declared to be the possible successor to the house.

Both the eldest brother and the second eldest brother are excellent, they grew up with the teachings of Grandfather, graduated from Knights School at the top ranks, and joined the Imperial Knights. My father is just air of this house. Even my twin brother stupidly mistreated Father when he had done nothing so far. Mother who gave birth to three boys has better treatment at home.

I didn’t want to be treated like air as my Father. I didn’t want to be despised. So I did everything in the same way as Cecil. I trained as much as Cecil, studied as much as he did, and ate in the same way he did. However, Grandfather and my brothers hardly bothered me. Cecil had a martial arts tutor, but I didn’t.

At the magic test, everyone in my home has <no magic>. It usually doesn’t matter, but it was different for me,

“You’re a girl yet you have no magic. You really are useless. You can’t even be a bride.”

Grandfather told me so.

Not only was I not taught the path to be a knight, I had never been trained to be married despite being a Marquis’ daughter! My existence is completely unnecessary, neither treated as a woman nor a man.

I get sadder and sadder and cry in my room… but I don’t want them to see that. I kept training alone, silently. Looking away from Cecil, who is the same age as me, yet loved by Grandfather and Mother.

The one who was with me, ironically, was Father who was treated as nothing but air.

“Alma, you are going to become a cute knight?”

“I-I don’t want to be like you!”

When my face turned red and shouted that, my father looked sad.

“I see… Wait a minute.”

Father searched for a book from the many books around.

“If you want to be a knight, don’t just look on at the events happening in such a small house, let your model be a great knight. Look for your favorite hero from this book.”

My father’s book was a primer on the modern history of this country. Wars against the outside world and civil wars between the kingdom of Judor, going from the beginning till modern age, all described in chronological order, analysis of troops in each battle, days to convergence, names of generals and commanders , tactics, wins and losses…… It was pretty difficult for a child, but I desperately read through.

And finally, I found the hero I was looking for.

The army who led the two wars to victory, the Super-class War Princess who calmly returned with a dagger even against a thousand enemies coming at her, Colonel Elsa. A woman standing at a height that is completely out of reach of even the greatest men.

When Elsa was at the position of Chiefs of Staff, only operations approved by Elsa were undertaken. Among the roster of the Staffs at that time is… Grandfather’s name.

“Fufufu, hahaha!”

I aim for Elsa-sama.

From that day on, I doubled my daily training. My older brothers practiced the spear because of the tradition in our home, but since I could not imagine myself using the spear on a horse in the future, I practiced one-handed swords by imitating them.

“I wouldn’t be enough to be your opponent, but do you have an alternative?”

Father started to be a companion. He does not exercise regularly and has no strength in his body. And so, instead of straight on attacks, his style is sneaky and nimble… completely different from the ways of McGregor… he uses a sword too. Regretfully, I gradually adopt his sword style little by little. But I can’t do anything about it.


“A girl like you can’t beat me no matter how you trained. Just give up. It’s annoying!”

One day, Cecil mocked me, holding a sword and jumping in. My body moved on its own, I rammed my sword handle into Cecil’s solar plexus.

“-guh- -gufu-!


This incident was soon falsified, that I used a sneak attack on Cecil. I received a slap in my face from Grandfather. Meanwhile, Cecil was looking at me out of a window.

Because we are twins…… a family, I would have believed in him until the end, but that day, I gave up.

In the meantime, my body enters its growth period and changes femininely. The baby fat disappeared, my chest gets bigger and gets in the way, even making it hard to move, and periods will come. Cecil, on the other hand, has a tall body.

My goal is Elsa-sama, so my feelings of jealousy towards her body type cannot be suppressed.

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Cecil’s old clothes are too long and my chest too tight.

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