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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 44

Marquis’ daughter, Alma McGregor, is reborn

After a bloody effort, I passed the Knights School entrance examination.

I was relieved. I can finally get away from that too-trying-to-live-in house. After graduation, I have no intention of returning to McGregor or join the Imperial Knights. I want to be a military operations executive. Cecil also enrolled at the same time, but I have nothing to do with him.

I finally stepped into the school where Elsa-sama studied.


“New students’ representative, Serafiona Granzeus.”

A delicate, neat, little princess stood, who seemed to never have held a sword before.

My eyes turned red in anger.

Later that day, I got my pride shattered.

First, I was instantly defeated in arm wrestling.

Then she gently advised us that we shouldn’t be embarrassed to live in this Knights School while being “cute girls.” The difference in circumstances between us is only getting my stomach getting more and more churned up. She also said that we should do whatever we want just as we are. And if we want to be strong, we have to do our best while enjoying it.

Can we do that? Are we allowed?

These ideas came from Elsa-sama, whom I longed for.

The ideas of the strongest person of this century, regardless of gender… There can be no doubt in its legitimacy.

…So Elsa-sama, like Serafiona, is also supple, and tough.

That’s what’s different between us. I accepted Serafi’s proposal straight down to the deepest part of my heart.

Serafiona’s gown was soft, the hem was cute and fluttery, and it smelled of sweet flowery soap. I realized for the first time that I had longed for such clothes.

I cried a lot… I accepted myself as a woman… and my mind got a little lighter.

There are three other girls with similar circumstances beside me, and they are tearfully laughing together.

It never was easy to be alone.

When Serafi noticed Cecil’s mockery-filled gaze, she became so expressionless that I forgot the fluffy look she had been showing for the previous two days. I could only stand aside.

I saw a glimpse of her true self.

She asked me if she could beat Cecil with a terrifying smile on her face.

I immediately realized that Serafi is trying to show her true strength against Cecil, and I immediately agreed with a smile.

The match was like an adult going against a child… No, a baby. Serafi jumped almost twice the height of Cecil in a leap without any approach-run, and dropped her heel on his head. Cecil couldn’t even react, and his face sunk into the ground and fainted. I laughed, despite it being a cruel attack.

Looking at Serafi, I hung my head down in shame and,


She said with a bitter face.

Oh… Serafiona is doing this for me. The clever Serafi had seen me through in just two days, and noticed Cecil’s past actions, noticed our feud, got angry for me, and knocked Cecil down while revealing her normally hidden nature “because we are friends.” And, even after what she had done for me, she still looked sad.

My friend is a hundred times stronger and gentler than me.

After that, Cecil gets entangled with her, often saying silly things. Serafi was somehow depressed at first, but she can now laugh from the bottom of her heart. Cecil would have generally been a good marriage partner to make connections with a marquis’ house. But for Serafi, that was just a stupid thing. As far as Serafi’s attitude goes, she doesn’t seem to care about Cecil or the house.

That said…… I have been alienated from Cecil for a long time… And growing up like that despite being twins.

After spending time with my teachers and classmates, I realized that there are many people and houses out there, who are many times stronger than my family, which I find to be kinda funny. I recall that my father described the Marquis’ house as “a small house.”

My Father had left the house at the time of my admission. And I just realised that he was protecting me.

I summon my courage and invited Father to the school festival.

The first years set up a coffee shop. I wore a white school-shirt, a tie, and a black skirt that covered down to my knees made by Serafi, and a white lace headband. This is the formal attire at a coffee shop, and there seems to be a rule to meet customers by saying, “Okaerinasai. Goshujin-sama!” The world is wide and I simply happened to not know.

(TN: Okaerinasai – welcome (home))

When we said that we do not have a tie, all of our classmate boys suddenly ran to the arena, started a brawl, and we borrowed the ties from the two people who remained (Nick and, for some reason, Kodak-sensei). I felt like I had to check the rules of the Knights School in the student’s handbook once again.

Our cafe is named <Cafe Kodak> for some reason. I and Serafi concentrated on serving the customers. It was so hectic I felt faint. Why are their orders all the same? When I had that thought in mind, Father arrived at the store.

“O-okaerinasai. Goshujin-sama!”

What? The three people lined up behind Father have nosebleeds! Is it a heat-stroke?

“Alma… You’re very cute. You look like a white lily.”

My Father said so with a wide smile. Father is… He isn’t an eloquent person who can speak well.

I’m ashamed and can’t look at my Father. I moved him to a seat while I could only look down, pulled Serafi by her hand and brought her along.

“Father, I’m going to introduce you, my friend Serafiona.”

“Alma’s friend!? Nice to meet you. Alma must have been in your care. Please stay in touch with Alma in future.”

Serafi’s jet-black eyes opened wide and they got rounder and rounder.

“Wow! Even though it’s the same face as that masochist, why is he such an Ikemen? Where’s the common sense!?”

Maso? Ikemen?

“You seem to be really nice to Alma-chan! After all, the gentlest man is the best! They are also reliable! Dear Father, I am Alma-chan’s best friend Serafiona! Nice to meet you!”

Father’s face turned red and he nodded.

That’s right. A man should be gentle and reliable! While I just want to be strong as a woman.

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