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Terrarium Adventure – Chapter 6

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

That’s troublesome. I really hate walking. I wiped Daisy’s mouth with the clean napkin and she stayed still while feeling confused.

“Then, we can go right now without preparations. All I really have is diamonds, so is there anything else I should get?”

“Hmm, I’m not sure either. People with lots of wealth buy lots of potions and food.”

I have no clue how much ‘lot’ is. I can buy products later and right now I wanted to visit that curious ‘orchard.’ While enjoying the fresh morning air, we left the lodge and the lodge owner sent us off.

When we arrived at the orchard, it wasn’t a wide apple field like I imagined. It was a glass dome building that reminded me of a huge botanical garden. It felt like half of a karaoke mirror ball was installed in here as the sunlight glared at it.

Also, it was miserable as there were too many people. Before approaching the entrance, my shoulder bumped with other people at least ten times.

I raised Daisy up after getting her consent since she might bump into other people as she is shorter than me. Daisy tried to escape as she was confused but as I wobbled based on her movement, she stopped moving.

“I’m sorry. I brought you too late. I didn’t know there were so many people.”

“No, it’s fine. Even if you woke me up earlier, I wouldn’t have woken up. Anyway, are all these people Druids?”

“No, some are just bystanders. It’s a scene which is hard to see.”

Just like how I ride buses or trains, I squeezed past people.

“Do you know where to get a numbered ticket?”

“Hello, how can I help you?”

I was looking around to get the number ticket which Daisy was talking about and a man talked to me. The man in a neat suit seemed like a desk clerk here.

He looked mysteriously at Daisy as I was hugging her and changed his face. It was too short for me to feel offended but I just ignored it.

“Help sounds good. I would like to enjoy this place, but where do I get a numbered ticket?”

Although I didn’t know about its use, I just said it. As last resort, I can ask Daisy for help.

“Right now, the fruit number tickets which were supplied for free by Terrarium have all been issued and it is out of order.”

“What should we do? Mr. Druid! If you miss today, you have to wait for 1 year!”

Daisy held onto my clothes, feeling anxious.

Damn! That means I can’t use it! Can’t go on an adventure! Can’t play games! This wasn’t in my plan! Wait! For free! There aren’t any free tickets anymore, but how about paid tickets?

“How about paid tickets? I will pay with diamonds.”

“If you are buying fruits then you do not need a numbered ticket. I will guide you.”

“Sure! Let’s go!”

While following the desk clerk, I saw a long line which occupied one side of the building. They were preciously holding a white piece of paper in their hands. Is that the number ticket? They looked at me with envious eyes and I looked at them with curiosity. How long had they been waiting there?

“Since the fruit only bears once a year, there are limited quantities. Out of that, half must be given free to Druids who are on an adventure based on Terrarium policy. Only 100 are given so some people wait for 3 nights.”

Waiting for 3 nights! It reminded me of a friend who waited all night to go to an autograph event of an idol group. Also, I thought of a friend who waited in line to get the latest mobile phone.

I didn’t have such stamina to do so. They are really amazing.

The place I arrived at after being guided by the desk clerk was a room filled with large tree branches.

Is this the tree of this world? The leaves were golden and were shining along with circular and transparent fruit hanging on the tree.

There were other people inside as well. They looked at me since I came late and turned their heads after laughing.

What the heck? I feel bad.

“It’s my first time being here.”

“Me too.”

As I put Daisy down, she was worried if I wasn’t tired. Cute.

Because I didn’t know what to do, I sat on a chair which was provided in the corner of the room. I planned to copy what the others were doing. However, a man sat down next to us. Although I didn’t ask, he started speaking.

“My parents sold their land to make diamonds for me today.”


“My parents want me to become an outstanding Druid. In order to do so, I must get a Rare Driard by all means. Of course, it would be better if I got a Unique or Special rank!”

“I see.”

Thanks, although I didn’t ask. I nodded my head while smiling at the guy who looked serious.

“You can do it!” I said something I didn’t mean and he took a deep breath while holding onto a pocket which may be filled with diamonds.

So, this place was for drawing something. I was confused since it was named an orchard.

I really hate doing random drawings, but now I’m rich. I always envied people who withdrew consecutively without worrying about their budget.

Now, I get to do it. I don’t care how much one fruit costs, and I can just buy all the fruits here.

At that time, someone picked off the fruit which looked like a transparent bead. Then, after being guided by the desk clerk, he disappeared into a separate room. So those fruits are the same as cards.

“Can’t get normal! If I choose Normal, I should go home. Never Normal!”

He screamed while looking serious. That made Daisy shiver while becoming surprised.


“Weak battle abilities and the basic skills suck. If Driards can use the recovery skill, it’s fine as they can sell it to someone with lots of wealth, but if it’s a dealer then he is screwed. Unless you use it for a Driard with a good rank, I only have enough diamonds for one drawing.”

Somehow, I felt strange. Of course, what he said is the common rule for drawings but it strangely made me feel bad.

This unknown feeling made me turn my attention away from him and I started staring at the branches.

All of sudden, a loud cheer broke out. Everyone in the room appeared nervous. Then some people went outside.

“Somebody got Driards above Unique rank! It’s extremely rare to get multiple Unique ranks from one branch… Should I give up this year and try again next year? Damn…! My parents stretched it because choosing with diamonds gives one a higher possibility!”

The man next to me made me distracted by standing and sitting repetitively. I stood up and sat after distancing myself from him. 

Somehow, Daisy followed me while looking sad.

“What’s wrong? Is it because of that person? He seemed strange.”


As she continued to seem sad, I took out one diamond from the pocket and shook it in front of her.

“Do you want this?”


Daisy raised her head while blushing. I hope this one diamond can make her feel better. Then I would give her dozens. Luckily, Daisy is who she is.

“Somebody got a Cyclamen! It has a thick color so it’s unique!”

“Damn! That was one of the Driards I was aiming for! Now, there won’t be any Cyclamens from this branch.”

“Thank God…”

People who went outside came back and shouted while entering the place. At the same time, some people sighed or felt relieved. All of sudden, there was heavy tension inside the room.

It felt the same as when I got nervous when somebody got a good result from drawing and it was displayed on the screen. How do they know if their ranks are good?

“Want to have a look?”

I asked because Daisy looked sad since she missed a good chance to see things. However, she strongly shook head and said she wanted to stay with me here.

She wants to stay with me? Does she depend on me? Somehow, it made me sad too.

“I quit! I will look next year. Unique. I wouldn’t mind getting Rare rank but I don’t feel good.”

The guy who was talking to himself said that and left the place. Now I’m curious how many diamonds are required for the drawing. I raised my hand towards the desk clerk who was waiting for people to choose the fruit. The desk clerk who brought me to the room came to me instantly. 

“When do I need to make the payment with diamonds?”

“First, you can get the fruit and pay accordingly. Of course, you can pay in advance. Diamonds are used to maintain the orchard.”

“Ah, I see.”

So, I was about to ask how much it cost, but as somebody was making a payment, another desk clerk brought a box full of diamonds.

The number written on the box was 300. The man only had one fruit in his hand. So, it’s 300 diamonds per drawing. That’s why that man said he saved it up by selling land. It was indeed big money for the people in here. After all, you can get three loaves of bread and two bottles of milk with one diamond so 300 diamonds means 900 loaves of bread and 600 milk bottles.

Good. I know the method and price. I stood under a branch while holding Daisy’s hand.

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