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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 32

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“How about this one?”

“Well… Teach’s should definitely wear more calm colours, rather than all these bright ones. That fits his personality better”

“Um… Teach?”

“A.. uh… I mean.. Alta! It would fit Alta more to have calmer colours over all these bright ones~!”

– As Iris was talking with the shopkeep she kept being flustered and confused.

Alia was being Alia and kept handing me clothes to try on.

“How about this, Teach?”

“Alia, those are girls clothes”

She was holding a one piece.

Though I wouldn’t wear it ever, Alia still looked at me and said:

“But it would really fit you”

“Well, if you could, please get me male clothing please”

“Well, I’m a girl, so..”

“Well, that’s true”

This was her way of telling me that she only knew girls’ clothing since she was a girl herself.

Judging by the clothes she wears herself it seems like she has little regard for what really fits her, nor does she seem to have much interest for them.

It’s not a matter of what would match and whatnot, she would just not think that much of it.

“Teach, how about this, then?”

Iris came with something the shopkeep and her had picked out together.

Much better than what they came with before, it was a really nice shirt.

They also choose a pair of pants that fitted the shirt well.

“Alright, let’s go with this”

“Really? But you haven’t seen the rest yet”

“That’s fine. Iris choose this set for me, so I’ll be happy to wear it”

“R..Really? Well, the size fits, so let’s buy this one then”

Iris rushed over to the counter.

Compared to the demeanor she usually has it really feels a bit refreshing.

(Doesn’t it?)

Now that I think about it, Iris seemed a bit flushed after we made our appointment after the last training.

First, she seemed like such a serious girl, but lately, she really has become more ladylike by the day it seems.

She might have always been like this though.

Still, it could be that she has such a demeanor since her classmates call her Miss Iris.

What’s more, she has the title of Swordmaster Princess, making her even more pressured.

It’s all because she won that tournament – If she would just have been a normal citizen then she might have had a more promising future as a knight.

As the daughter of one of the four Knighthood Captains that is.

But more than just becoming a knight – She’s expected to become the next “King” of the kingdom.

With that in mind, today might be the day that Iris is finally able to spread her wings for once.

(Might have been even better if today wasn’t the day of reckoning)

All that I had in my mind was me protecting Iris.

First, we defeat the Swordsman Gang, and then we capture the one that’s after Iris – That’s how I will guarantee her safety.

(I have to rely on the captain for the second part though)

“Mr. Schweiss”

As she pulled my sleeve, Alia was standing right next to me.

“Alia, what’s up?”

“If it’s so obvious you’re happy with what Iris chooses, then why do you dislike my choices so much?”

“Well, the premise is quite different..”

This time she came up to me with a hoodie that had cat ears attached to it. 

Though it definitely was clothing, it was something that I would never wear myself.

Seems like Alia is missing some of Iris’ refinement.

But she did mention that she was familiar with Iris’ household, before.

Did that impose that she too was living a life like Iris’?

…I definitely can’t see her do that though.

“Alia, you’re good friends with Iris, right?”

“Yes, we’re good friends. I think highly of her” – Alia said without holding any emotion back.

Alia too was very aware of who was coming after Iris – She knew of their strength, and how much stronger they are then she is – Yet still, she came along for Iris’ sake.

Maybe that’s what she means when she says she thinks highly of Iris.

“Do you think highly of her too, Mr. Schweiss?”

“I… I do. I am supposed to protect her, for it is my duty as a knight”

“That’s not what I meant”

“Well… As a teacher then”

“That’s also not what I meant”

She just disapproved of both of my claims.

Not as a teacher and not as a knight…

What remains is what I think of her as her trainer, but that also seems to be missing the mark.

“I protect Iris because it’s her. That’s probably where we differ, Mr. Schweiss”

“Oh.. Like that you mean..”

I understood what Alia was after.

Our ways of thinking are fundamentally different it seems.

I would mostly think as a knight when asked about Iris. Nothing more than that, and nothing less either.

“You too should protect her because she’s Iris”

“Protect her, because she’s Iris?”

“Yes. Iris will protect both you and me – With all she has. That’s the kind of person she is, and that makes me worried. That’s why I should protect her, no matter what.

Still, you will protect her time and time again, right? After all, you’re far stronger than both me and Iris”

As Alia said these words, she left.

I don’t think I’ve ever talked this long with Alia before. Usually, she is of little words, but for Iris’ sake, she seems to be willing to talk a lot.

What Alia told me was her expression of how much she valued Iris. She just seems to be willing to defend Iris from the bottom of her heart.

(If we want to protect Iris, we should be wary. Though I chose the battlefield, it still a waiting game in regards to when the enemy will strike at us)

I have to be cautious the whole time.

If it comes to it, I am sure to be able to defend Iris against all odds.

That is when I don’t have to protect Alia as well.

Still, Alia told me to “Make sure to protect Iris”.

That another student would think this much of Iris.

(Maybe I should follow her example… Just being strong doesn’t mean much on its own -)

“Hey, where’s Alia?”

“She’s bringing the clothes back to the clothing racks” – Iris said as she was coming back from the counter.

She gave me the paper bag with clothes inside –

“Thank you for the clothes. How much was it in total?”

“Oh, it’s fine like this”

“No, no. If anything, I am your teacher – I can’t be treated by my students”

I love to save up on money, but this would simply hurt my pride.

Well, if she were to claim that she did it since I help her train and such it would be a fair trade.

Still, I handed her the money, and we continued our talk.

“Where shall we go next?”

“Let’s get some breakfast first, and then we go into a few more stores. After that, we go to the battlefield. How does that sound?”

“Alright. Well, I haven’t had breakfast yet, so if you two are also hungry, then that sounds like a great plan”

“Ok! Then I’ll inform Alia too”

“Oh, I’ll tag along. Let’s try to stick together from here onward”

“Right… We’re in the middle of the tactic now” – Said Iris as she remembered what they were actually up to.

She was really enjoying the fact that she was buying clothes.

I only had my eyes on Iris during the whole shopping event. I could only think of her safety during this whole affair.

Still, to protect Iris I had to be close to her – Seems like that’s what Alia meant during our talk before.

(I have to ask because a student asked me to… Should I do it teacher like, or unlike a teacher…)

“Ah, Mr. Schweiss, do you have some time right now?”

“Of course”

“Thank you”

Seems like Iris also has something to ask of me. She doesn’t want to ask me here in case someone else overhears us.

After our shopping spree, we went to get our breakfast.

As we walked around a bit we soon made our way towards the battlefield.

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