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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 8

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

The next day – After all the classes were done, I could finally say that my life as a teacher had started.

In the morning I would mainly go over the matters of communication during the homeroom classes, and the end of the day seemed to be the same.

I also proposed that if the students have anything to discuss with me, they can always bring it up.

But it’s not like students like these would have much to discuss with a child like me, right?

“Hey teach, where did you train your swordsmanship?”

“In the east. It’s mostly thanks to a good teacher I had.”

“You’re too strong, man. You’re so strong that I couldn’t beat you at all.”

“Right!? You wouldn’t think of that of the kid teacher though…”

Well, this was kind of the extent of their “discussion topics”.

It was more like a round of questions.

And after school, some of the female students would gather and I would listen to whatever they had to say.

Though there weren’t really any discussion points, so I was really willing to just get out of there and go back to the teacher lounge. 

But they just would not stop talking.

The male students too still have some interest in my doings, and I could just feel them staring at me.

It was mostly jealousy. Though they would say that they aren’t jealous of someone who’s younger than them.

“Hey teach! If you’re free after school, let’s hang!”

“No, can’t do. Even after school, I’m a teacher, so I still have work to do.”

During all of this, it mostly felt like they didn’t really treat me as their teacher though.

I really expected them to treat me with awe and respect after showing them what I could do.

But all the students still treated me as a child, after all of that.

The fact that I defeated the “Swordsman Princess” also seems to be spreading quite well.

Though I didn’t really defeat her by defeating her, because the time ran out. 

Whenever I looked at Iris’s direction, she would always be staring directly at me.

It really was quite the pressure.

Even so, it feels like she’s about to come and strike at me at any moment.

I don’t think that anyone is really thinking much of me right now, but at the same time, I have to fulfill my duty as a bodyguard as well.

“Well everyone, I soon have something I got to attend to, so-“

“Hold up.”

The one that interrupted me while speaking was none other than Iris.

With her expression as serious as she had always had made the girls that surrounded me shrank back.

Something that only the Swordmaster Princess could do.

“Ah, yes. What is the matter? If you have a discussion point then I would like to hear it from you.”

“Fight me, with everything you got.”

“Yes, of cour-shu huh?”

I thought she was going to say that she still didn’t acknowledge me as her teacher, but then that came out of her mouth.

The classroom became quite noisy again. Fighting for real, huh? With that, she wants us to go beyond the level of the Mock Battle we had.

No, wait. She’s trying to go for the same thing again. If I lose, I would have to step down from being a teacher.

“During the Mock Battle I fought with all I had, you know. I can understand you don’t want to acknowledge your defeat because of the time limit, but -“

“No, that’s not it! I’m fine with you being a teacher by now. I acknowledge it already.”

Though it really feels like she doesn’t want to admit my status, she says something like that.

So what she really wants is just to fight me, is it?

Iris continued talking.

“I just want to fight you with all your power.”

“Well, as I said, I already fought with all tha-“

“Don’t lie. With my eyes I-“

“Is Mr. Schweiss here? The weekly meeting is about to start soon, so..”

Right at a time like this another teacher came looking for me.

Really, quite the timing. 

I turned my back on Iris and said-

“Let’s talk about this next time.”

Iris isn’t the type of girl that would stop me when I actually have something to attend to.

But her willingness to fight me with full power isn’t something that I would have thought of.

It’s quite something to do so while being her bodyguard, but also her teacher.

I might be able to open up to her with this – is what I was thinking at first. But in the end, it might be better that I just kept my distance for now.

I thought Iris would stop after I dodged her request – But what I didn’t expect was that she would be waiting for me to get out of the meeting.

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