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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 9

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

“Mr. Schweiss, wait up!”

A voice came from behind me.

A girl came running after me in the hallway – This was the first time that something as lovely as this happened to me in this rather young life.

And this would be quite the experience if it was any other girls but her.

“Teach, fight me.”

That’s what the “Swordsman Princess” said to me. An invitation that I held very little interest in.

Even though we were still in school, this girl just never seemed to care about what others might think of.

“What the-“

I let out a small sigh, opened a window in the hallway, and looked back.

Iris’ expression was as serious as always. It would be easy to just say “That would be too troublesome”.  Perhaps too easy.

Not only am I her escort, but she’s also a daughter of the Reinfell family, one of the four noble families.

And I am a knight, in service of the kingdom.  

As both a knight and as a teacher, I can’t just neglect my students.

…I just simply don’t feel like fighting.

“I want you to fight me without holding yourself back.”

“I already showed you my full power yesterday.”

“No, you held yourself back.”

She’s strong, even I could say that much.

I was sure that with the level of that class, they would believe me that I already gave it my all.

I met the students’ power level, just enough so that I could handle them.

“You’re mistaken. Furthermore, I have other work to attend to.”

“Then I’ll help you out.”

“Really? – No, I can’t just let my students do my work for me.”

For a moment I actually felt like taking up her offer. Truth is, today I have to sort out some paperwork. That’s a job that even a child is able to do it.

Even so, I can’t just take her up on the offer and then fight her afterward.

“P-please, I’ll do anything.”

“Anything… That’s not something a girl should say. If I request something indecent, would you actually do it?”


Iris was clearly shocked by what I said.

Flustered, her face became red. It seems like she caught on to what I was saying.

“Well, if you understood what I was saying, then…”

“I wouldn’t mind.”


“If that’s what you’re after, teach, then I am prepared.”

She said so while gnawing her teeth and with tears in her eyes.

Is she actually serious?

She would actually do anything to get into a fight with me? Even though I looked so much younger than her.

I don’t really know what moved her in the first place, but when I gently held her hand, she started shaking all over her body.

Rather quickly, the puzzle pieces came together in my head.

“If you don’t have the mental preparation for it, you would be wasting yourself. 

I’m sorry but… I can’t say it more lightly than this.”

“Well, don’t say it lightly then!”

She actually said that.

It was quite troublesome, really.

(It’s not easy being a teacher, huh)

I thought I was just going to teach the students at their respective levels, but with this girl…

The worst of all is the fact that as her escort, this is even harder.

“Well, fine then. If you are willing to go that far, there is one thing that I want.”

“Y-yes, of course!”

Iris seemed to blush again. However, I wasn’t going to make it any easier in getting into a fight with me.

“Starting from now, you have 30 minutes to catch me. If you can do that, I will fight with you on my real power level.”

“… Catch you?”

“Yes. If that’s something you won’t do, then we leave it at that. This is my requirement for the battle.”

“…I’ll do it.”

There was no hesitation in her answer.

Without a doubt, she would chase after me with all she had.

“Well then. Let the game of tag commence-“

As I uttered these words I kicked the ground.

I made my way to the window that I opened before and flew out of it.

“What the-!”

“I won’t stay on just the school grounds, though!”

This requirement was made, simply because I have no intention what-so-ever to get caught.

I figured that I jumped out of the 3rd floor since that’s also where the meeting room is. This should buy me plenty of time before she can actually come after me.

It might be a little bit childish, but I’ll make sure not to get caught, no matter whatever it takes.

“I won’t let you get away~!”

“What the-“

Iris too jumped out of the window as I did just now.

She didn’t even care about her skirt – What’s more, she didn’t even hesitate to jump out of a third-floor window.

Seems like someone from her level can pull off something like this too.

“Thirty minutes maybe a little too long…”

Despite having my regrets, I made a run for it without looking back.

And so it began – The Swordmaster Princess’ chase.

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