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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 2 Female Assassin arc Chapter 42

Translator: Darling | Editor: Coming soon…

– The first thing she saw was a transparent glass wall and a colored liquid.

Many of the same things were put next together in a line. This is the place where the girl woke up.



A person who was facing the girl was saying something.

Judging by the looks of it, it was a child.

Yet, the girl still couldn’t figure out what it was saying.

Still, the face that looked back at her was somewhat kind.


The girl dressed in white started talking to the child.

The only thing the girl could feel was doubt.

Still, she shared her thoughts.

(Is this… my dream—)


As the girl came to senses – Alia Notoria was lying on her bed in her own room.

The beautifully cleaned room is not really that of a young girl.


She stretched widely once and then jumped up out of her bed.

As she got out of bed she lifted up a mat – there lied her weapons, all in line.

These weren’t the weapons she usually used though.

Folding kama and saw-like swords were just a few examples.

As for the smaller weapons, there were also things like kunai lying about.

“Let’s go with this for today”

She held a shortblade in hand. 

She picked up a bottle with liquid and a wet stone up from the table.

While sitting down next to the table, she began to sharpen the blade.

It was one of Alia’s daily tasks – Mending her weapons. 

The way to use all of these weapons was to throw them, mostly.

As she was sitting with the blade in hand she thought of her dream.

– It’s been a while since she thought of her “siblings”.

Alia had always been the youngest. But this has already been three years.

(Why did we suddenly… whatever)

Alia didn’t really care for this and started focussing on tending the blade again.

Shun – shun – You could hear her scrubbing the blade.

Finally, she could see the silver of the blade again.


She threw a piece of paper into the air. 

Then swung her short blade and cut the paper in two, it was cut so well, that the two-piece of paper fluttered in the air.

Alia made a small bow and then picked up her belt from the table.

She put it on both her thighs and hip and inserted many blades into it. The blade she just tended to was also shoved into the belt.

Like this, she made her way to her drawer. Within it were her school clothes and a few of Alia’s free time clothes as well. 

Both have been altered in a way so that taking weapons with her was made easy. 

That being said, school clothes really don’t make taking weapons with you easy.

What’s more, taking hidden weapons with you to school was forbidden altogether.

But Alia didn’t care. She put on her school uniform and went to the sink to wash her face.

As her preparations were finished she stood in front of the door.


As she strained her ears she could hear footsteps in the hallway.

3…2…1… And boom – She opened the door – The very moment Iris was about to knock on Alia’s door.

“Oh… You startled me. Why do you do this so often…”

“I just want to see your surprised face, Iris”

“…What is that supposed to mean? Well, whatever. If you’re ready, then let’s head to school”

“Ye, let’s go”

“Oh, wait a moment. You still have your bed hair”

As Iris said so, she took a brush out of her bag.

This too was part of Alia’s daily routine. 

She is ever so good at preparing her weaponry, but taking care of her social appearance, not so much.

As she got her hair done by Iris, they made their way to school.

This wasn’t the time that anyone else in the dorm was headed to school though. 

It has been a while, but these two were finally heading to school to train the blade again. 

“Iris, how are your wounds?”

“Oooh… Most of it has already healed. We’ve taken quite a break from our sword lessons as well, so if we can just have a nice warm-up routine today, that would be great”

“Yea, we’ll go at your tempo”

Iris smiled at Alia’s response. 

A morning like any other – Iris and Alia’s academy life was about to start again.

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