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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 41

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I am part of the [Black Wolves Knights] group – It been a while since I have been here in the leadership room.

Can’t really be helped. I was rather busy watching over Iris and acting as a teacher at the academy.

I came here to meet Remyl, so I waited on her whilst sitting in a chair.

“Thanks to the mask you retrieved, Zeil Terock became a suspect for the failed murder attempt on Iris, allowing for his arrest.

Rather than just being a suspect, it has already escalated to more”

“That’s all thanks to your investigation, isn’t it, captain? You haven’t really sat still yourself after all”

“Ooh, sharp, are we? I am still recovering from my arm injury you know. I am still busy with questioning, you know”

– As Remyl said this as she tried showing the bandages around her arm.

She even managed to catch Zeil while her arm is like that. Quite impressive, really.

If word got out that the current son of the King tried to assassinate someone, there would be quite an uproar.

Some said that it would be ill-advised to spread this kind of news among even the knights, but the King himself wanted the information to be out to the public, which caused this rumor to spread within the kingdom already.

“The one that does the questioning is one of your men, right?”

“Well, I have to talk with other knight captains though. Though most of that is over already as well”

“And you’re fine with that?”

“I asked for their cooperation before. What is going to be rough from now on is the [Escort knight group]. 

Though they are the knights that protect the royal palace, there are a few of them that pledged themselves to Zeil. 

Their internal control will be starting soon”

Though Zeil has been caught, does not mean that it is all already over.

Does it mean that no one is after Iris now?

If that were the case, then my job would already be over by now.

“So you called me here to talk about a new job proposal?”

“Do you take me for the kind of person that treats you like that?”

“I do. I mean, I did take care of four of the Swordsman Gang members, so..”

“Hahaha, yes, that’s true. You will definitely get an extra bonus for that!”

“Well, thank you. That’s what I live for after all”

“I really can’t see you as a twelve-year-old you know. You might even say that I like that part of you”

“As long as there is money, I see no problem with that. Well, I wouldn’t mind continuing as a teacher for a little while though”

Simply put, if I combine with what I make from my job as a knight with that of my job as a teacher, I just make a whole lot of money.

That is the first merit, but…

“But you still have your promise to train Lady Iris in the blade, don’t you?”

Remyl said as if she was looking right through me.

But just as she said, my goal is to still watch over Iris.

“As for her, I am fine with not being right next to her all the time. I am a knight after all. 

If I have work to do, I will naturally prioritize that. And then in the future, I will buy a house in the countryside”

“You wanting to live in the countryside is something I didn’t hear from you before… But rather than talking about the future, let’s talk about the “now”.”

“Hahaha, this sounds like our very first talk”

“Haaa, yes it does. And with that, I want to tell you the exact same too”

“The same?….”

– As I asked, Remyl responded with a smiling face.

“Well, originally it was the Knights Order that wanted Iris to have an escort. And this time, she happened to be targeted, so we put you up as her escort, though it was against your will”

“That’s correct. So now that she isn’t being targetted any more, my job is done, yes?”

“That was originally the plan. I told you in the beginning right? We want Iris to have an escort. Even she herself wanted this, you know”

I finally understood what Remyl was trying to tell me.

It seems like my duty not yet over.


On top of the school’s roof – Right around when the sun is about to set, a scarlet hue stretches out, creating a beautiful scenery.

This is where Iris was.

Her wounds haven’t yet healed, so both her arm and face still have bandages wrapped around them.

Ever since the assassinations have ended her school became a bit more relaxed.

Of course there were voices of concern. It was quite something, no matter how you look at it.

I started talking to this lonely girl on the roof.

“I wish I could thank you for taking my request directly”

“…But you can’t?”

Iris turned to me as I asked her.

“No, that’s not it. I actually think you’ve made progress by saying that you’d want an escort yourself”

“…Well, you’re the one that told me I could rely on you when I needed to”

Her expression had some sort of embarrassment to it, fitting for a young girl.

Is it because she’s finally able to admit to being reliant on someone?

As long as it is me, I don’t really mind it though.

…But if that’s the case, I shouldn’t show my greed right now.

Either way, I am still the one appointed to be her escort.

That is to say, nothing will change in our relationship right now.

I will continue to be her teacher, while I also protect her as knight, and teach her the sword as her personal trainer.

“But that would really be troublesome fo-“

“No, there will be no such thing. You’re still a student, a child you might say. It is only normal for you to rely on another”

“…That’s really something I don’t want to hear from you though…”

“Haha, because I am a child, knight, and teacher you mean?”

“If you put it like that I really can’t go against that but…”

“Either way, no need to worry. So please, let’s continue as before”

I got closer to Iris and held out my hand.

Iris nodded and took my hand.

“Yes, please. Let’s do so, Mr. Schweiss”

And with these words, Iris finally showed me her smile.

As I would once more teach my class tomorrow, my sword training with Iris and Alia would continue as well.

Quite an unforeseen life for someone with the title of Swordmaster. – Yet, it isn’t bad at all.

“Well, then I will from now on also rely on you with my own job, Iris”

“Please, do so! Even if it is paperwork that needs to be done, I’ll do it”

“Nono, I was joking, please calm down. I might get scolded at if I’d let you”

And like this, I actually became “Swordmaster Princess” Iris’ bodyguard.

How long this would last, I do not know – But, even when I am not right next beside her, I would still watch over her.

That is until she herself becomes a knight that will protect this land.

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