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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 2 Female Assassin arc Chapter 47

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That night, Iris was alone in her room.

She looked up at the ceiling while in her pyjamas.

(A date…)

She was thinking about what Alia had proposed in the afternoon, where they would go out with Alta again.

(No… I got to go out soon, so it’s not really a date. Yeah, that’s it. Alia just spouted nonsense again…)

Iris tried to convince herself it was nothing big. 

Still, she couldn’t stop thinking about it.

– Iris had never fallen in love before.

Of course, she loves her friends and family dearly. But having a special someone isn’t something she’d ever experienced.

(And still…)

Iris laid her hand on her chest and took a deep breath.

The young, 12-year-old knight of the [Black Wolves Knight Order] – In regards to Iris the Swordmaster Princess, he proclaimed himself the strongest in the land.

And with those words, he defeated the Swordsman Gang member Adyl, who had murdered her father, Garlo Reifell.

..Now that I think about it, it might have been since our mock battle – The fact that I started feeling different.

That was the first time Iris was overwhelmed by someone’s swordsmanship. She remembers the times she fought with her father… It was kind of like that.

Except, she was then also saved by Alta.

If it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t be here right now – That is the very truth of the matter.

(It’s normal to be grateful…)

Is that the reason that Alta is on her mind so much lately? 

She wondered a lot about the fact that he was on her mind so much. 

Iris wanted to learn the blade from Alta. That was her strongest motion for being with him, but it would be bad if there were more reasons to be with him, she taught to herself.

Thoughts blunt the sword. Like Alta taught her, she must have one purpose and swing her sword according to that very purpose. 

“To protect someone, is the reason I want to become stronger” is all that should be on Iris’ mind right now, but…

(That’s right… I don’t need it)

She exhaled and reassured herself.

A date means nothing – We are going for Alia’s sake.

What should be on Iris’ mind is the Empire.

“Right. I might need to make certain that it’s not something else” – Iris mumbled to herself.

In order to deny her own emotions, she had no choice but to face the date that weekend.


At the same time in the Farmea Empire’s capital, Belo.

In the center of the city stands a palace. There live the Emperor and his affiliated nobles.

What’s more, the empire is a military nation. 

Aside from the emperor there is also a Marchal that commands the armies.

Rugal Bodel is the one that holds supreme command over the imperial army.

His daughter, Eina Bodel was standing in the garden.

Her face was very refined. She has long black hair, bound together so it falls on her back while wearing simple black clothes.

She touches the sword on her hilt, 


A single flash. With the sound of wind the grass and trees around her began to waver.

In time the flowers of the garden too began to drop their leaves.

“…. hmmmm”

“Training so late at night?”

“Oh.. You”

The one that showed herself from behind Eina’s back was a single girl. Dressed as a maid, she looked shocked at Eina.

“Is that how you greet me? Your journey to the kingdom is soon, you know. You can’t train all night every night. You should think about your journey to over there”

“Strange that you’d say that. If anything, this training is in regards to that very meeting, is it not? To train every day without restraint – That is the very basis of a soldier, is it not?”

“You don’t need to be a soldier, but.. You were only made to be an officer”

“Father also agreed. I’ve been a soldier ever since I was born. It would be bad to not be able to train every day”

– Eina said whilst smiling broadly.

The girl left out a big sigh in response.

“You might not care, but I do. If you were to actually do something foolish and be beaten, then I will be held responsible”

“Don’t worry. That responsibility is not just yours, but also of your superior, me.”

“How about that huh… Seems like there is something wrong with that statement, but I’ll stop splitting hairs about it”

“Wahha, that’s right. Though it splitting hairs, there might actually be a reason – All of it falls on to me. As long as you understand that”

Then, Eina started swinging her sword again.

“…Ha. Doesn’t matter what I say, it seems to fall on deaf ears with you”

The girl sighed again. 

Eina was riled up. She had heard that there was a single knight in the Kingdom that managed to beat 4 Swordsman Gang members.

A whole squadron of hitmen that excel in the blade – Beaten by one single knight.

Word has it that the Swordsman Princess was also involved in this whole ordeal.

(Am I able to keep myself calm? … If I get the chance I would love to test my abilities against them)

Like a child going on holiday, Eina was all too excited.

In regards to the time to come, she kept swinging her blade.

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