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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 2 Female Assassin arc Chapter 48

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It was finally weekend, early in the afternoon – I went to a cafe a little bit away from the school grounds.

Before me sat two girls.

One of them wore the same tranquil like clothes as last time – This was Iris.

Then the other one wore clothes that were clearly too big for her – That was Alia.

In front of them was one massive parfait.

The size was clearly meant for two. Thus they split it in two and ate it together.

Alia said it was a date – But all it really was was just a get-together.

“The parfaits here are massive, aren’t they?”

“Yea, it’s just perfect if you eat them with two.”

“Would you like some too, Teach?”

“No, I am fine.”

“Ok! Iris, say Aaa—“

“Wh-what… That’s so embarrassing though.”

“Uh… I know.. But whatever.”

Though it was full of embarrassment, Iris still did as Alia asked and ate the parfait as she wanted.

They look very close, like always – But to show that, might be Alia’s goal for today.

(That being said, after we told her that I was training Iris in the blade she became rather worried, but that is just mere jealousy, right?)

Though this time it is for work again, if I keep talking it might seem like I am taking Iris away from her.

From Alia’s perspective, I have taken Iris away already too many times.

I don’t know what she is thinking usually, but it seems like it has something to do with simplicity or purity maybe? – Anyway, Iris really seems to imply wanting to be able to stand on her own.

(Not that I am trying to take her away or anything, but it seems like being with Iris is quite a hassle)

After all, she’s called the Swordsmaster Princess. That might be due to her having such strict family members.

“Here, this one has cream.”

“Ah, thanks. You don’t want one with cream, Iris?”

“Don’t ask me that. Mr. Schweiss, where are we going after this?” – Iris asked suddenly, as she spoke in my direction.

“Don’t ask me. You should ask Alia what we should do next. I don’t really need to go anywhere in particular.”

“Yeah, but …— but I thought maybe that we…”

Iris started talking strangely without volume.

Due to this, I couldn’t really guess what she was getting at.

“…? What are you saying?”

“Well… Eh…”

“It’s a date, so we can all decide where we can go. I chose this place, so you’re up next to choose where we go, Mr. Schweiss”

“Ooh. Is that so? Well then, Iris, don’t you have a place you’d like to go?”

“I wanted to go buy clothes at the market, but we can do that later too.”

“No, sure. Let’s go there then. I was thinking about doing some shopping too, so that is perfect”

“Well, then it’s settled. Let’s go, Iris.”

“Hey! Don’t pull my arm so much!”

Alia grabbed Iris’s hand and started moving quickly.

Both their appearances and their personalities are completely different, yet they really seem like sisters when you look at them like this.

Alia quickly looked over at me with a triumphant look.

(You really don’t need to be so cautious all the time) – I replied back whilst smiling back at her.

She protected Iris by boldly challenging the Swordsman Gang members – But that too was to be expected from her. That is how far she’s willing to go for Iris.

Alia’s techniques are by all means that of an assassin. She has a very high skill level for just a normal girl.

I really mean to ask her about that but…

“Excuse me.”

“Yes? What is it?”

I suddenly heard a girl’s voice call out to me.

As I looked behind me there stood a girl in sunglasses, dressed in a black coat.

I don’t know if it is her purpose to stand out or to keep a low profile though. Yet, she was looking at me.

“I have heard that there is a Clocktower near here, good for tourism they said.”

“Oh, yes. That is in the vicinity of the water fountain, over there. Though it is known as a Clocktower, it really doesn’t stand out that much though”

“Oh.. Is that so? So I shouldn’t expect too much is what you’re saying?” – The girl asked a bit let down.

From behind her, a girl in a maid costume showed herself.

The girl’s way of speaking sounded a bit manly, but you could tell she was raised well.

But if she’s looking for tourist spots, she must not be from the Kingdom then? Is she a noble from another region, maybe?

If that’s the case, then we aren’t that different though.

“But please, go on then”

“Well, I am sorry. I just talked to that girl over there. But the Clocktower seems to be rather uninteresting”

“That’s what I have been telling you too…”

“Oh, really? Sorry, I only heard half your story”

“That’s fine. But please don’t go out there on your own”

“Sure, whatever you say. Let’s first get something to drink though. I am rather thirsty. Go buy something in that cafe over there real quick.”

“Sure, but make sure you don’t go alone.”

“Of course.”

The girl in the maid costume glared at me as if she was going to hit a nail with a hammer, as she moved over to the cafe we were just at before.

As the girl in black saw her move towards the cafe she said

“Well then, boy”

“What. I am just waiting with you here, right?”

“I am not planning to live a life of waiting you know. Why do you think I am here?”

“I have absolutely no idea.”

“Whahah, right!”

As she laughed, she moved away.

She really didn’t plan to wait for the maid after all.

She really lives rather freely, huh.

“Mr. Schweiss, who was that just now?”

“Oh, they came asking for directions”

Iris came back to me after she had just left with Alia.

Maybe because I took so long to get to the market?

“Where’s Alia?”

“She’s already headed for the market. She said she wasn’t going to wait for you.”

“Oh.. I see… Well then, maybe we should go look for her then.”

The reason Alia called this all a date was just an excuse for her to show how good she and Iris were for each other. 

Yet, Iris keeps paying attention to me, so I can kind of understand that she feels a bit down by that.

“Oh, right, Mr. Schweiss”

“Yes? What is it?”

“Do you have someone you like?”

“Someone, I like, you say?”

“Don’t get me wrong! I mean we call this a date, and from the outside, it might actually look like one… So if we were seen by the person you like then..!”

“Oh, like that? You’re really tough aren’t you, Iris?”


“I am only twelve”

“No, I mean, at that age you can absolutely have had one, or maybe even two people you’ve liked. That’s quite normal”

“How were you when you were twelve?”

“I only focussed on the blade back then..”

“So, that means you have someone right now?”

“NO! That’s not what I meant!”

Iris denied that very quickly.

She started this conversation in such a way that I thought she wanted some love advice, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

If Iris were to have someone she liked, her relationship with Alia would most definitely take a turn for the worst.

“I mean, you don’t really have to pay that much attention towards each other. I mean, it would be strange if we were spotted by students from the academy. 

But then again, Alia is with us as well”

“That’s true. So if we’re together we’re fine – Wait Alia?”

It seemed as if Iris had just realized something.

I too looked around and saw that Alia was being followed by a man.

I didn’t really understand what was going on but knew that this wasn’t a normal situation either.

“That is…”

“Thief! Someone, catch him!”

As we understood what the man was saying, we soon realized what we were looking at as well.

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