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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 4 Chapter 57

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 4 Chapter 57

Summoned by the guild

“If you can’t do it, Serafi-chan… I’ll pass this request to the guilds we are affiliated with.”

“Hmm, it will be okay if I got permission to take a break from school…”

I was summoned by the guild for a request.

Adventurers of A-rank or higher can receive all kinds of preferential treatment because of the fact that they can receive difficult requests due to their strength. In return, they are obliged to cooperate actively if there is a <request> from the national or local government.

The <request> this time is designated to a female who is A-rank or higher. Which is a harsh condition. There are women who are A-ranked or higher. However, it is rare for such requests to be accepted quickly. First of all, staying away from their families would be difficult if they have children. In addition, women who are A-ranked or higher are often influential in their society, and cannot normally leave for a long term work. Examples are my Grandmother and the female guards of the key female figures.

“Why is it limited to women?”

“Uh, well, the contents of the <request> says, to guard the Princess of Marshe Kingdom. A trip from the border to the Magic Academy, which will be about three days. One that will be guarding in her bed and bathroom as well.”
(TN: Marshe appeared in part 15)

“Huh? Why don’t they bring a maid who is as battle-ready as possible? Isn’t it a bit out of common sense to let an adventurer be in a Royalty’s sleeping room…”

“Hmmm, I don’t know why but they have the top priority mark from the guilds in Marshe. Well, maybe the Royalty have them as partners.”

“I think it would have been better to make a request for a female knight from Judor.”

“Well, they probably don’t want to request aid from other countries. On the other hand, if they hire an adventurer, they only have to pay.”

“The final destination is the Magic Academy?”

“It’s for studying abroad. Their Princess… She’s 11 years old.”

Studying abroad from another country… I recall His Majesty Ghilane is one too. He was in school, and on a snowy night, His Majesty― My face is getting hot.

Anyway… The Academy, it is a place to be avoided at all costs.

「Sera, you can’t go to the Academy.」

Lu’s voice is harsh.

But the guild is specifically asking for me. Also, Nick and Alma-chan have scary faces, but the guild is gentle to them. However, if I become a fugitive of the country, I’ll need a lot of money from the guild.

“Lara-san, I can’t go to the Magic Academy for personal reasons. Let’s ask for security from the royal capital. Also, don’t leak my information. I’ll play the part of a mysterious female adventurer.”

“Serafi-chan, that’s wonderful! Okay! I’ll check with you later!”

At the border town, I (and Lu) meet the escort.

The other party has a coachman, two escort male soldiers, and the Princess.

I get down on my knees.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Serafiona, from the Guild of Trundle in Judor. We’ll only be together for the short trip, but please take care of me.”

The Princess…… She is taller than me. And 3 younger than me! D*am it! The large round eyes of the Princess gave a short look at me and turned to the large man with long black hair standing next to her.

The man swings his sword and slashes at me from above. I made a light jump and kicked his wrist with my left foot, making him drop his sword, and put my dagger to the left of his neck.


The man crouches down. I took about, less than one minute?

Well, that’s what you get for trying to test my skills.

“So, are you dissatisfied with my skills?”

The Princess returns to sanity and swiftly shakes her head.

“No! No! Please take care of me, Serafiona. I’m Tomoe. I’m sorry for doing that.”

“Whatever… I believe you have your own circumstances, but I will not ask about them. However, it would be helpful if you could tell me what kind of danger you assumed would be coming.”

I was supposed to guard the Princess from a horse, but since there are no real maid, I get in the carriage with her. We departed with a male soldier each going before and after the carriage, protecting us. If all goes well, we’ll just stay overnight in a city on the way and enter the capital tomorrow at night. Once we enter the royal capital, they will be picked up to be escorted till the Magic Academy at the checkpoint.

“Umm… Is Serafiona really 14 years old?”

Princess Tomoe timidly chatted with me as I was thinking about which route to take in the future.

Princess Tomoe has straight black hair that reaches her waist, and brown eyes. She looks adorable as per my previous world’s aesthetic sense of beauty. She has the feel of a senior in elementary school.

“Yes, I’m small, but I’m 14.”

It’ll only be for about a day, but she seems to be investigating me a little.

“At what age did you become an adventurer?”

“I passed the guild test at the age of 11.”

“An Earl’s… Daughter, right?”

I am a noble, indeed. But,

“One simply doesn’t know how long they’ll be a noble, right?”

“Right… By the way, the clothes Serafiona wears are similar to those from our country.”

I am wearing a gray stealth costume today to be safe.

“That’s right. These clothes were designed by my Older Brother based on the clothes from Marshe. There seems to have been an international student from Marshe when he was attending the Magic Academy.”

“Oh… It’s Kenji-nii-sama, I’m sure…”

Pain fills the eyes of Princess Tomoe.

“Kenji, my Older Brother. He’s no longer there. My most important maid was also killed. The country is in turmoil. I was sent away by the king for my safety.”

Uwaa! Heavy circumstances. But, whatever. I don’t want to hear any more. But that might not be possible. -kusun- (sniffle)

“In other words, I can assume that Princess Tomoe is being targeted due to the ongoing turmoil.”

Princess Tomoe nods.

“To be more precise, who exactly are targeting you?”

Could it be Ghilane perhaps? Although there was no such scenario of him taking control of Marshe before invading Judor.

“It’s the Prime Minister. My little brother, the Fourth Prince, was born three years ago, and the Prince’s mother is the daughter of the Prime Minister, meaning, the Prince is his grandchild.”

“A typical dispute over the throne?”

Haa, it isn’t His Majesty. I’m sorry to have doubted you.

“How have you been targeted so far?”

“Mainly poisons.”

Grandmother… Grandmother’s concern is a huge hit.

“The others… Being targeted in the guise of an accident while traveling.”

Hmm? Like…… Right now?

4, no, I can hear the sound of 5 horses approaching.


“Yes… Princess, what do you want done to the enemies? Live capture? Or should I kill them?”


“I’ll move as you requested. They’re coming. Decide in 3 seconds! 1, 2, ……”

“D-don’t kill!”

“I see. Don’t move from this spot.”

I use defense magic on Princess Tomoe and me and Lu use sonar-like magic. I have to be alert since I don’t know the level of the enemies.

I opened the carriage door and jumped on the roof.


The escort soldiers are startled.

“Enemies are approaching from the front, I’m sorry but you’ll simply be hindering me, stay out of the fight!”

“Yes, yes!”

The enemies are finally visible.

The Princess said to not kill them.

Princess Tomoe is “safe”…… She’s not an enemy of mine.

I thought there would be no danger on my job this time.

I did not think about the possibility of killing people.

The reason the prices of hiring A-rank or higher adventurers are higher is because it would simply be wasteful to dirty their hands otherwise.

And I too was not prepared for it… How foolish I was.

「Want me to lend a hand?」

“Lu will be an insurance.”

I fired wind and lightning from my right hand, and when the enemies reached close at 100 meters, I dropped it in front of them.

-zakuuuu-!!! -baribariiiii-!!!

The ground is torn by the wind and lightning. The humans who received the attack fell down from their horses.

Looking into the rift, which is about 20 meters deep, there are five pairs of people and horses rolling.

“Princess Tomoe, should I judge them by the law of Judor? Or you want them to be judged by Marshe’s law instead? “

“…Please pass judgement as per the law of Judor”

“I understand.”

I sent transmission magic to the guild, requesting information on pirates and Marshe’s internal state. Of course, it is a butterfly like Enrique’s.

“Serafiona… can use magic…”

“A woman has her secrets.”

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