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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 4 Chapter 58

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 4 Chapter 58

The escort mission was harsh

After that, I changed the route so that we may enter the royal capital at the last minute. However, assassins would be coming no matter what. I didn’t want to show off my hand-to-hand combat technique, so I sunk everyone down to the ground the first time.


Is there a tracking-type magic in Marshe? Since I’m on that topic now, let’s come up with one in my spare time.

I gave a quick glance at Princess Tomoe’s body. There is no trace of magic here that’s not coming from me. What? Not only are there no traces of others’ magic… I don’t feel any…

Well, putting that aside… There’s a traitor. There are two escort soldiers and one coachman. Who among them is it?

They are using assassins against their opponents to squash possible future troubles, right? The gentle Princess? Well, I’m lucky.

「Everything smells fishy.」

“Yeah, it’s troublesome.”

Anyway, today we just keep on marching ahead. When it’s almost the middle of the night, we arrive at a town half-a-day away by horse from the royal capital, and get an inn. Through the guild, I booked for accommodations in all possible cities, so we were able to rest without any problems.

For the females’ room, I and Princess Tomoe entered a small twin room. I greeted the escorts outside the door… Sakaki-san, who is approaching an old age; and Yamada-kun, a young soldier. I said my goodnights with a smile, and closed the door with a -patan-. Sakaki-san and Yamada-kun will take turns to sleep. The coachman uncle has already gone to bed.

I used <soundproofing> and <recognition inhibition> magic to the room.

The room is filled with the fragrance of warm food.

Princess Tomoe gazes at it as if urging me on.

“Excuse me.”

I took a bite of the steamed fish among them. Yes, Grandmother’s poison number 3 is in here!

I put everything on the table away and took out the <disposable> meal prepared by Matsuki this morning.

“Go on, Princess Tomoe, have them too.”

“This is……”

The menu for dinner is umeboshi onigiri (dried plum rice-ball), chikuzenni (chicken stew), tamagoyaki (rolled eggs), and dessert.

“It’s similar to Marshe’s dish…”

When I told Chef Matsuki that I will be eating with someone from Marshe, he prepared these. Matsuki has finally set foot in the world of Japanese flavors and soup stock.

While I was eating vigorously,


I heard Princess Tomoe exclaim. She gently picked up the onigiri, had a simple taste-test, nibbling a small piece, then swallowing it down her throat. -mogu- -mogu- -gutsu- -gatsu- she keeps on eating silently.

Since I was quite hungry too, I ate silently. Rice is also on the request. Please savour and eat it.

“It was very good. Thank you.”

Princess Tomoe blushed as she said so.

「Matsuki made it. It’s only natural.」

Now, now, Lu, hold it down.

“We have to be up early tomorrow, so have a good night’s sleep.”

“Um… Serafiona, are you going somewhere after this?”

“No, as Princess Tomoe’s escort, I will be resting right next to you.”

Lu can go for a walk freely.

“That’s okay… Good. Good night.”

“Okay, good night.”

The next day, we set off at dawn. We aim straight for the royal capital while receiving raids like yesterday. If we’re going to be attacked all the same, it would be stupid to make a detour. Occasionally, there were some opponents that cast spells, but I intercept them before they activated their spells. Yay!

Then, by afternoon, we arrived at the royal capital! -pachi- -pachi- -pachi- -pachi-
(TN: hands clapping)

I greeted the guards with a wide grin to show them my plate, and when I entered the gate, a needle pierced my neck from behind. When I turned around, Yamada-kun had a blow gun pointed at me, and Sakaki-san and the coachman pulled a sword, who then proceeded to swiftly defeat the guards at the checkpoint.

It was all three of them in the end! But their cooperation has a somewhat sloppy feeling, I think? Anyway, why was I aimed at now of all times? I guess it certainly was a moment I let my guard down. I feel a film covering my eyeball in an instant, and I knelt down.

Meanwhile, Princess Tomoe was pulled out of the carriage. Princess Tomoe shouts and resists.

“Oh, you traitors! Outrageous! Hmm! Serafiona! Are you alright? Help!”

“……Number 8… Just bee venom…”

“You guys, this is Judor! And Serafiona here is a Countess! You know what that means!”

The faces of the three men from Marshe distort as if they are in pain.

“The crime of killing the Earl Daughter is not light. You will be caught and judged in Judor. You will never step in Marshe’s soil again. What are you gonna do? Fufufu! Ah, I can hear the sounds of footsteps. Other guards are rushing over after hearing my screams! This place is the fort leading to the entrance of the royal city, and soldiers often come and go. No matter how much you struggled, it’s only a matter of time before you get caught! Ahahahaha!”

“Because you, you incorrigibly keep indulging in every possible luxury! The peopleー”

Yamada-kun tries to kill Princess Tomoe, but Sasaki-san stops him.

“You have a future ahead of you. I will not allow you to get your hands dirty. I will…”

Proclaiming that, he swung his sword.



“Alright, enough already.”

I stepped in front of Princess Tomoe and kicked Sakaki-san on his belly.


He got blown off to the wall.

“Se-Serafiona, y-you, how?”

“Haa, I’m not dead! Aren’t you looking at me way too spookily?”

“Y-you! The poison! It was from marr bee! And a lethal dose too!”

“Oh, I’m used to that.”

I received it frequently too!

The footsteps we heard earlier stops, and the gate opens.


“Princess, we’ve kept you waiting……… Huh? What happened here!?”

“Soldiers! This lady here is the daughter of Earl Granzeus. These guys attacked her and tried to kill me too. Apprehend them immediately. Eh, eeh!?”

Opposite to the <soldiers> stood an old man. He is Sieg-old-man. The head of the Guild has arrived.

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