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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 4 Chapter 59

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 4 Chapter 59

Getting caught up in a farce

A small place was arranged at the checkpoint, and Princess Tomoe and the three enemies were seated.

I stood in front of them and tried to be as intimidating as possible. The four can’t move. Sieg-old-man is enjoying a relaxing time beside me while having green tea.

“Well, Sakaki-san, Yamada-kun, and you… umm, Tabuchi-san, right? Can you please explain the outline of this event from your perspective?”

“What do you mean, Serafiona!? You should simply consider these guys as rebels and promptly have them in captivity!”

“Princess Tomoe, you’re too loud! Be quiet for a while!”

I cast <soundproof> magic on Princess Tomoe. Her mouth keeps moving, but I don’t bother about it.

I… I’m quite mad about something.

I prompt Sakaki-san to speak.

“I am Sakaki, the Commander of the 3rd Battalion of Marshe’s Army. First of all, I apologised for getting you involved in this.”

You absolutely should be. I silently gazed at him.

“Marche has been losing output from one mine after another in recent years, causing the national power to weaken, and eventually drying out. But despite this situation, the royal family is living in luxury. Even though the common people had no onigiri to eat, this Princess said, ‘If you don’t have Onigiri (rice ball), you should eat Omochi (rice cake),’ dismissing our plight with just that.”

I’ve heard of that somewhere.
(TN: The phrase “Let them eat cake” is often attributed to Marie Antoinette, but there is no evidence that she ever uttered it ー so says wiki)

“The Prime Minister finally can’t take it anymore and decided to step up ー To abolish the monarchy and form a republic. Letting politics be in the hands of the people.”

That’s the Onigiri Revolution.

“I joined His Excellency while I am still in the army. I thought I could do things better that way since I was directly under the royal family.”

Sakaki-san sighed for a pause,

“But things weren’t as I expected. I suddenly received a command from the head of the army to escort Princess Tomoe. It was a seemingly legitimate instruction, so I can’t refuse it.”


“It was an absolute farce, the things they said like Tomoe-sama studying abroad too. It was a ploy to make the ‘dignitary’ be protected by you and have the ‘sinners’ captured and punished in another country. Their hands will be clean that way. However, despite knowing the plot, I couldn’t help but ride Princess Tomoe to Judor.”

That is so. As I expected, after all, despite being a Princess, she has no magic power, so it is impossible to enter the Magic Academy.

“Now then, let’s listen to Princess Tomoe!”

I undo the <soundproofing> magic.

“-Puha-! You guys, if you silently listened like that, they will say whatever they like! I admit that the country’s finances have suffered and there are places where we have to make amends. But that’s not enough of a reason to raise a revolt, kill my brother, or poison my maid the other day!”

“Millions of people are starving because of your bad governance and your luxurious lifestyle!”

Yamada-kun screams.

“Oh, the royal family must preserve their honour at all times.”

“-che-! What use does your honour have? It’s pointless! You all are!”

Yamada-kun keep roaring.

Princess Tomoe stares at me.

“Serafiona should have known yesterday that these guys were my enemies too. Why didn’t you slit their throats last night!? It was such a good opportunity too!”

“That’s because my request was <Escorting the Princess>. Nothing more.”

“You… I can’t believe this!”

“In other words, I only have to escort Princess Tomoe to judor even if I may be hurt, while Sakaki-san and the others will get captured. Sakaki-san is okay with hurting the escort as long as they can get Princess Tomoe. Either way, since you specified an A-ranked female adventurer for an urgent request, I came out with the title of an Earl’s daughter. That was a contingency plan for when I got aimed at… But even after all that, you still despised me even though I’m a gold plate adventurer.”


“So what? You simply are just a danger-loving adventurer?”

“Well… -fufu- That’s not a bad point, but it’s rather a matter of rules.”


“Yes. Let me check them briefly. The request this time is a great deal to me. And it’s fine by me to bring all four of you to Judor.”

“What! Why must you do that!? You guys are a complete failure!”

“Hey… Are you mocking our guild?”

Yes, the Great Demon Sieg-san makes his descent. Princess Tomoe can’t bear the intimidation of the elder who has an experience, several orders of magnitude above herself.

“T-that’s right, the work was to take me to the Magic Academy! I’m going to return to Marshe right now. The requirements of the request aren’t met. I truly feel sorry for you.”

“Well now, as per the clause of the contract we signed yesterday… Look, here. It says until you get to the royal capital, right? The mission is cleared. The commission fee for this time is 3 million gold coins. Thank you for your patronageー”

“That’s stupid!”

“Subsequently, the client deliberately put the adventurer at risk. Attempted murder! Penalties will be incurred. I am an A-ranked female adventurer. That means 20 million gold coins by default. Which sums up to 23 million gold coins. Please pay in full.”

“You must be kidding! I don’t understand! Also, I’m penniless!”

“……Are you going to jump the bill?”

“Naturally! It was a big deal for the nation this time! It was a quest to wipe out these rogues. Which was the intention of the Kingdom of Marshe. Something like a guild will not tell me what to do. And I don’t need to pay either! Rather, you should willingly cooperate!”

“The guild is an independent organization formed all over the world. Also, there is no reason to be so attached to Marshe. If you just pay the money, it’s the end of the contract. And, don’t try to interfere with the workings of the guild in future, get it?”

“I heard you were an Earl’s Daughter, but… Money money is all you talked about.”

“Sorry for being so miserable. So then, as a nation, you made a formal request to the guild and, despite it being completed already, you’re breaching the contract.”

“I am Tomoe, Princess of Marshe! Don’t ask the same question twice! How rude can you get!?”

“I understand!”

I turned around and received a bunch of letters Sieg-old-man threw at me with my right hand.

The letter instantly turned into hundreds of red butterflies and flew out of the window.


For the first time, Tabuchi-san rose and shouted.

“W-what was that butterfly?”

Princess Tomoe looked stunned on seeing the ominous-looking sight.

“It’s <transmission magic>. Red signifies that it is an urgent matter, and it can be read by those with <no magic> as well. This guild has already passed these words to all guilds and adventurers all around the world ー to have dealings with Marshe is…… unforgivable.”

“What do you…”

Sakaki-san covers his face with both hands.

“You! You are the prideful royalty yet you don’t even know how much wealth the adventurers are bringing to the economy! Don’t you know that security against monsters and beasts come from being protected by the adventurers! Uuu, Aah, Marshe is done forー! Waaaaa…!”

Yamada-kun cries.


“…Princess Tomoe, you broke the ancient covenant of the country and the guild………… Haa, Guild Master, can I leave the rest to you?”

“Leave the rest to this Sieg. This Princess is standing in front of the guild chief and dared to not fulfil their ends of the request… In the future, we will make every effort to examine with great care the contents of every requests, even for <urgent requests>”

I left the checkpoint.

「Sera… This time, you were just doing meaningless work.」

Don’t tell me that. I’m crying already. -kusun-

A few days later.

One evening after class, when I returned to the dormitory, I was notified that someone wanted to meet me. When I headed to the wide, well-guarded lounge, there were the Sakaki-san group from a few days ago, whom I had no liking to make any recollection of.

“It’s true… You really are a schoolgirl.”

Yamada-kun has a bright red face and is fidgeting.

“Haa, what is it? Here to settle scores?”

“No… We just wanted to apologize once again before returning to our country. I’m really sorry to get you involved in our farce.”

You most definitely should be.

“And… We won’t ever forget this favour from you.”

“Favour? I don’t remember being your ally. Rather, shouldn’t you be having grudges instead? I am the girl who triggered the guilds to become your enemies.”

“What you have done was regretful, but it was the right thing to do. I’m saddened, but I held no grudge.”


“You… could have killed me and my colleagues in the middle of the road, but you let us live.”

“I was following the request.”

“You also gave us the opportunity to speak, not just the Princess.”

“I try not to accept the words from the royal families, especially not from a member of a royal family who wants to keep her hands clean.”

“Marshe, abandoned by the guild, will collapse in no time. Someday, someday after the revolution is over, I will return you the favor.”

“I would like to receive the favours in cash!”

I looked down to the school gate.

“An advice from an excessively concerned person: from what I’ve experienced, things are harsher after the revolution. You sometimes have to be a ruthless dictator to curb the chaos. And should you forget your cause, it will be your downfall. Are you resolved for that?”

It’s a knowledge I learned from history books in my previous life!

There is surprise in Sakaki-san’s eyes, and fear in Tabuchi-san’s eyes? He looks like he might sprint away at any moment. They kept staring up and down, from the top of my head down to my toes.

“Your concern… You are frightening indeed. The Twilight Princess of destruction. It has been deeply engraved in my heart. I’ll see you again someday.”

The three make a deep bow and leave with a horse.

「The variations in Sera’s name is gradually increasing.」

Destruction… Is it because I pretty much destroyed the country? That’s awful?

“I’m tired. Lu, give me a cake.”

「Well… I will yield the 4th one whole to Sera.」

………When we return, we will negotiate with Papa to increase Matsuki’s salary, for the shipping cost.

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