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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 4 Chapter 60

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 4 Chapter 60

Visiting Nick’s workshop

“Pardon the intrusionー!”

“Nice to meet you!”

Me and Alma-chan went to the artisan district in the capital city on a school holiday this weekend.

We heard a click and the door opened. Hot air blows out from the inside.


“Why are both Serafi and Alma coming in uniforms? Won’t they get dirty?”

“Hmm, I simply felt like these clothes were the most appropriate?”

“I simply thought uniforms were a safe bet?”

“Oii, how long are you going to be talking at the front door? Come inside!”

We heard a deep voice coming from inside, and excitedly went in.

“This bearded old man is my Master, Duncan. Master, this is Serafi, and this is Alma. Both have cute faces but they are stronger than the Island Monitor Lizards.”

“Nice to meet you, Master Duncan. I’m Serafi. I’ll be in your care today.”

“Master Duncan, my name is Alma. I will be in your favour today.”

Master Duncan is in his work clothes, there is a towel wrapped around his head, and he is sweaty…… He is a hard worker.

“Oh, young Misses, I have always been in Nick’s favour! Thank you for your orders! I hope you would like it!”

Master Duncan is a blown-glass craftsman.

He is the sibling of Nick’s dad. He took Nick under his care when they died of an epidemic. Back then, he said, “It’s natural for him to come in my house,” and Nick had been living with him since.

Blown-glass is not something that can be sold in large quantities. Their life definitely won’t have been easy. However, he raised Nick with great care as his disciple. He then grew up well under a good parent ー Not. The fact is that, Nick realized early on that his hands were not dexterous. He simply laughed and gave up on being his successor, and took on the role of helping with housework. And when he had a longing to be a knight, he never stopped aiming for it.

“Since this guy can’t make a glass cavity inside no matter how many times he blew it, making cups and vases are Impossible dreams for him! Wahaha!”

Master Duncan teased Nick.

Today, this glass workshop has Master Duncan and Tom-san, a senior disciple of Nick, who will be succeeding the store. Of course there is a room for Nick too.

“I brought them!”

Nick has two glasses on a tray. The short whiskey glass is my order, and the slender tall glass is Alma-chan’s order.

“Wow! Amazing! It’s stout!”

“… It’s thin and delicate, like it’ll break at any time!”

“How are they? Like them?”

“It’s many times better than I imagined!”

“These small bubbles at the bottom… It’s like the sea is frozen.”

“Haa… Girls, do you have something you want to paint? I’m gonna start doing it right away.”


“Nick, for mine, I want to use green and blue paint.”

“Oh, the color of the Demon King’s eyes? Then, let’s mix this and this.”

“I wonder if I should go with green too.”

“I think Alma’s will go better with the caramel color of your eyes, and in a gradient. It will add to the good taste of the beer.”

“Eh, what is gradient?”

“This is how they are…”

“Nick is good! I might have to re-evaluate you.”

“Then, Nick-sensei! I want you to make a representation of the territory’s wheat fields by mixing the green with white!”

“Then, I’ll cross over here with two brushes… How is it?”

“Awesome! Nick! This is definitely for you! You can even return to being a glass craftsman!”

“……Is that your way of saying, I have better prospects in this than being a knight?”

“Hahaha, Jou-chan, don’t say that! I can’t let him just sell things this way. It may be imprudent of me, but take care of this guy at the Knights School!”

“Master! You don’t have to say it! Always mocking me!”

“Hahaha. Keep your hands moving! You’ll be late to sear them!”

I and Alma-chan received Nick’s suggestions, and the painting is gradually finished. And I asked the chubby grinny Tom-san to sear it.

“Then, Nick, let me go to the kitchen!”

We didn’t receive classes for painting glasses, we’re not Nick, we didn’t know how to do any of these, so me and Alma-chan decided to prepare lunch for the male-only household. It would certainly repay some of Nick’s favour that way.

Alma-chan mutters while carving onions.

“I thought a male craftsman would have been more scary. But even though there are three men here, they are very friendly…”

“They’re Nick’s family. They would naturally be kind!”

“That’s right.”

Alma-chan is alarmed against adult men. She looks like a scared kitten that is afraid of strangers. I hope that, little by little, the number of people she can relax around will increase.

Do they usually cook with salt and pepper here? I thought it would be okay if I add a pinch or two for them… I thought to myself, and prepared tuna-carpaccio, and teriyaki chicken dipped in Marshe’s soy sauce-like sauce. Alma-chan prepared cold pasta with tomatoes, spices and plenty of garlic.

We serve them in glass bowls made by the Master.

“Yours look so refreshing, Alma-chan!”

“Serafi, your fast food looks like a fine restaurant meal! They looked amazing!”

“They look delicious!”

“Thank you very much for your favour this time, and your heartfelt gratitude. Please eat.”

“Young Misses, thank you! Then, itadakimasu!”


“Great! How can you prepare such wonderful dishes in that small kitchen!?”

Alma-chan and I looked at each other and laughed. They are misunderstanding that they are luxurious.

Thanks to Matsuki’s easy-to-understand recipes, we were able to swiftly prepare them.

“I think it would be okay to have the fish?”

“Tom-san, you know that you aren’t very good with them. Don’t overdo it.”

“No, I’ll eat. I don’t want to give my share to Master and Nick!”

And, what is it I heard next!?

“Huh… Such delicious dishes… I wanted to have her eat it too…”

“Umm, your wife? She passed away?”

“Well, it’s entirely just a delusion.”


“A-Alma-chan, shall we eat too?”


“I know the glutton Serafi is good at cooking, but Alma is the same! Thank you for the meal!”

“S-surely, it’s thanks to the Master’s plates! Right, Serafi!?”

Alma-chan replies with a blush. Hmmm.

“No, it’s due to Alma-chan’s intense affection!”

“Baah! Se-Serafi, it was you who couldn’t have been more affectionate! And this is the result!”

“An intense affection.”

Tom-san is grinning.

“Affection… This scene was there too with her…”



I want to look into the story in Master’s brain once.

“Today… is the best day ever… Our son here has brought two good friends home…”

He muttered in a small voice, looking up at the empty ceiling.

The dishes are beautifully emptied, and the housekeeper, Nick, cleans them up.

While doing so, the glasses are ready.

“For real!?”

“Serafi, this is… way more than I imagined!”

The best glasses in the world! The paintings appeared vividly and clearly on the glass.

We cheerfully wrapped them up with the wrappers and ribbons we brought.

“Haa… I think if I could do that, my sales will increase a lot.”

Tom-san sighs.

“Nick! That’s how it is! You should achieve mastery in it!”

“Painting? At a Knights School?”

The master’s silly pretenses seem to always be putting Nick in struggles.

“Thank you very much for today! I hope to repay you someday!”

I have plans later, and wanted to hurry home, when,

“W-wait a minute!”


“This… Here…”

They are round, flat glass balls about 3 cm in diameter.

Mine have silver streaks in a light blue glass; while Alma-chan’s have the platten of golden waves, with small bubbles seemingly dancing in them.

These are… silver and gold.

Nick scratches his head.

“If it’s not cup shapes… I can come up with various things.”


“Just please accept them without making a fuss”


“Well, this is, I’m grateful for everything so far! And you both looked a bit down these days. It’s because Eris-senapi and Sasara-senpai graduated, right?”

That’s a pretty good observation… And you have good sense, Nick.

It’s too light to be used as paperweights and too heavy for having them as necklaces though. They are glass balls that look like slightly bigger reeds. They won’t play any especially important roles, but Nick’s feelings are filled in them.


They are handmade. I’m impressed. Nick is… a friend that is way more than I deserved.

Even when I become old, this glass ball will always be in my pocket. I will occasionally take it out and hold it up to recall the days I spend with Nick and Alma-chan.

Tears also filled Alma-chan’s eyes.

“Nick… Thank you… I’m delighted!”


Alma-chan rushed into Nick’s chest and burst into tears.

“H-hey, Alma! W-what! Eh!?”

Nick gently placed his hand on Alma-chan’s back.

“I’m, always, just an annoyance, to Nick… This is, a cute gift, for a girl… uuu…”

“Alma… you and I, we’re the inseparable Serafi’s problems resolvers.”

“Yes yes… huh!? Oi!”

“Spring is here…”

Tom-san, I WAS having that same thought in my mind!

Nick wipes Alma-chan’s tears with a towel wrapped around his neck.

“Maybe… a grandchild is not a distant dream… I wished you were here to see it too…”

The Master’s delusion has entered Stage 2.

“D-Dad, this, please. Between your studies, please, use them to appease your throat…”

“Alma………? This is amazing! It’s similar to Alma’s warm eyes! With this glass, I can always feel like you’re by my side. Thank you Alma!”

“Father! This is what you should use to drink your whiskey from today on! I prepared it with the image of the wheat and wind from Granzeus!”

“Serafi, really?”

“What do you think? I just have it painted…”

Father popped his special whiskey immediately. A rich scent wafts around. When it is poured into the glass, it turns amber, and the green and white swirl run all over it. After narrowing his eyes and slowly turning the glass in his hand, he enjoyed it straight using his mouth.

“Aah… It’s delicious. I was a bit fatigued, but I’m the happiest father in the world. Thank you, my Serafiona.”

Dad made a gentle smile, returned the glass to the table, lifted me up on his lap, and pressed his face against my cheek.

This sweet and handsome man is the Demon King? I don’t understand it at all.

Today is Father’s Day.

AN: 60 episodes.

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