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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 4 Chapter 61

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 4 Chapter 61

Midnight Boys Association ― part2

*clamouring* *murmurs*

“Everyone be quiet! Quiet! New students! Don’t be so noisy! -fuu- …we’re here to hold the 23rd meeting of 『Thanking the fact that we were born in the same era as Serafiona-sama and Alma-sama!』”

-pachi- -pachi-

-pii- -pii-

“I’ll be your host once again this time. I’m Everest, a 2nd year student. It’s a pleasure to have you all here. Then, all the officials for each school year should take the attendance………
 Yes, all 198 people are here. That’s great. We have limited time so I will immediately move on to the agendas.”

“The first agenda is from the fourth graders, 『Is it possible for students of other grades to freely participate in the long-distance swimming exercises of the second graders?』 Representative, I invited you to the stage.”

“Yes, in second grade, the traditional event of the Knights School ― long-distance swimming from the coast below the school to Runrun Island ― will be held. As those that have experienced it themselves, we know… Swimmimg 10 km one way is very tough. We wished that nothing bad happened to our treasures ― SerAl! Se we really wanted to swim along as supports.”

“Yes yes, it’s definitely tough. It’s also dangerous when the sun goes down. Third graders 100% agree with this proposal!”

“Oi oi, your intentions are in full view! You just wanted to see SerAl in swimsuits!”

“No, not in swimsuits, to also serve as escape training, it will be in normal clothes.”

“Wet… uniform… transparent…”

“Oii―! A first year student has fallen from nosebleed―! Rescue team―!”

“Over here―!”


“1st year students, go back if you’re going to make trouble!”

“W-what! I enrolled for just this! Waa―!”


“A-anyway, we, their classmates, will be there, and we’ll save SerAl if their lives are in danger! We won’t need any help from you all.”

“But it’s Runrun!”

“What did you just say? Even though you’ve never swam before!”

“What are you―!”

“Oi―! Can you all be quiet!!”

“Yes, Kodak-sensei!”

“The long-distance swimming will only be for second graders as usual.”

“Hooray―! Too bad for you―!”


“Our dream…”

“However, there is a change. Elsa Trundle, Honorary Chairman of the Knights Women’s Alumni Association, proposed that the boys swim in blindfolds to further improve their abilities… The school accepted it.”


“Runrun Island with blindfolds…”

“Aren’t there, sharks, in that area…?”


“T-then―! We, 4th graders, are retracting our agenda. We’re done for now!”

“T-that’s so… Then, this agenda is abandoned. Then, we move on to the next agenda. From 1st graders, 『At the Oklahoma mixer organised by the 1st graders at the annual school festival, we want to gently escort SerAl ♡』 Representative, please get to the stage!”
(TN: There should be no Oklahoma in this world, right?)

“………, ………, ………!”

“……! ………!”




“Then, there’s free discussion from here. If you have any topic, please.”


“Pardon me. Since you’re a freshman, and I haven’t figured out everyone’s name yet, please go on after you said your name.”

“M-my name is Silk, 1st year. Umm, my Onee-chan, ah, not blood related, when I wrote to her about the school in detail, and how at this time, we used to have this meeting, she replied that she would like to participate next time. So… can I invite her?”

-zawa- -zawa- -zawa-!

“S-Silk-kun! This meeting is supposed to be completely confidential! Why did you leak the secret!!!!”

“I, I’m sorry! I had always been taken care of by Onee-chan and I can’t refuse her! And since she’s trying to be involved out of goodwill, I thought it would be okay!! Ah, waaa―!”

“D-don’t cry! There are many crybaby-kuns among the 1st graders this year… I supposed it’s natural as there are 3 times more applicants than previous years… But still, this is troublesome…”

“Oi―! Can you all be quiet!!”

“Yes, Kodak-sensei!”

“You, who is your Onee-chan?”

“-gusu-, Second Lieutenant of the National Information Headquarters, Sasara.”


“Sa-Sasara-sama is coming―!”

“Another girl is coming―!”


“Are you really Sasara-sama’s little brother?”

“Me and Sasara-onee-chan were raised in the same orphanage. Sasara-onee-chan is the Onee-chan we are all proud of. Even when she was still in the school, she would always pay visits to the orphanage with souvenirs and to play with the little ones.”


“Beautiful familial love…… Please add me in…”

“Everyone, keep quiet. Silk-kun, what makes Sasara-sama interested?”

“Yes, the other day, when Onee-chan met Serafiona-senpai, Serafiona-senpai wasn’t very energetic and that made Onee-chan worried…”

“Serafiona-sama was feeling down? Nick! Ah, over there. If you have anything to say, say it now!”

“Ah, the other day, Serafi received a request from the guild… But was betrayed regarding the reward… And she was sulking.”

“Serafiona-sama was betrayed?”


“Nick! Who on earth did that!?”

“Well, it’s nothing secret. Marshe’s Princess.”

“Marshe… We’re a merchant family, but I will tell my Father to stop doing business there in future.”

“I, the Viscount family, owns a shipping company, but I’ll tell my father to withdraw the regular trades.”

“To heal the wounds of Serafiona-sama’s heart, let us all fold <paper cranes>!”

“Folding <paper crane>? She’s not ill! In such a case, <Yakko-san> would be better!”

 (TN: Japanese use to give 1000 paper cranes to the ill to wish for their recovery.
 Yakko-san – an origami samurai’s attendant. Sorry I don’t know what it has to do with being broken hearted)


“Everyone, keep quiet! Silk-kun, Sasara-sama is of course not an outsider. If we can see her, it would instead be like a dream for us… an unexpected joy! Please let us know when it would be convenient for Sasara-sama. We will be glad to welcome her. Everyone, are you all okay with that? “

“””””No objection!”””””

“Umm, can I have a moment?”

“Yes, Murdoch-kun from Fine Arts Society, please go ahead.”

“Thank you to everyone for your help the other day. We truly appreciate it. The activity cost of the school’s study group has increased by five times at a stretch. We are truly grateful! By the way, I will take this moment to announce the completion of Volume 7 for 『The Four Sister Knights.』 Last time Alma-sama was kidnapped by the dragon. Who is the one that will rescue her at night? And the hands of the Demon King are sneaking up on the remaining three sisters. Also, this time, once again, the illustration is done by Nelson-senpai from 4th grade. Please applaud! “

-pachi- -pachi-

-pii- -pii-

“Nel―son―! Nel―son―! Nel―son―!”

“Oi―! Can you all be quiet!!”

“Yes, Kodak-sensei!”

“So, how much is it this time?”

“This time, it’s 1,000 gold coins because there is a two-color print following volume 6.”

“I’ll buy 20 copies!”


“An adult’s compulsive buying―!”





「It’s peaceful here……」

Lu strongly creased his brows.

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