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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 4 Chapter 62

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 4 Chapter 62

I was called to a ‘Secret Special Training(?)’ ― part2

In an afternoon with a warm summer breeze, a paper plane I had seen appeared before me.

『Come to the martial arts hall after school』

It’s been a long time since I was last called.

“Serafiona-kun, it’s been a long time! Have you been doing well? You’re in second grade now. Are all of your families in the territory healthy?”

“Long time no see, Your Excellency General Avenger. I felt a bit lonely since my female Seniors have graduated. I find the history and tactics classes, started in second grade, to be very enjoyable. Grandmother will be working in her territory today.”

“I see… I’m glad…”

The information he really wanted to hear was only the last one once again.

General Avenger is wearing a summer uniform today. The medals hanging on his shoulders and chest are jingling. Did he just return from a ceremony or something? What does it mean for him to meet me when he seems so busy?

“Aah, I’m sorry I couldn’t get in touch very much. I had been busy after I realised that my magical swords technique had already been used in battles, and I was thinking about how to use them in the military.”


“It’s a simple technique for martial artists who can use magic well, but there unfortunately aren’t a lot of such talented people. I was thinking that a magician and a soldier should pair up, with the former operating the magic needed for the latter… but I still couldn’t get the support of the Magic Division… hahaha.”

“Umm, can’t you hire magician mercenaries from the guild?”

“Why hire a magician from outside when there is the magic division? I have a repulsion against doing that. In fact, the number of mercenaries and adventurers who can coat magic on their weapons well are high.”

“Is that so……”

“But, Serafiona-kun, don’t be so discouraged just yet. Some people listened to me seriously at a party and said that they would help me.”


“I thought about the future of Serafiona-kun. I wanted you to grow further as a magic swordsman, but no, I am not fit enough to help you with that. But as a teacher, I have the obligation to help you go further by any means necessary.”


“When I asked him to oversee your education, he was happy to accept it.”

What are you saying?

“Serafiona-kun, rejoice! His Highness, Prince Schneider!”

The door of the martial arts hall opened, and a person entered with the light from outside lighting up behind him. He released intimidation that is strong enough to crush me.

The blonde hair, characteristic of his royal blood, is beautifully dressed; he has sharp jaw lines; and his gray eyes have a cheerful glint in them. Is his white robe, different from the magicians’ trademark black robe, one that is dedicated to the prince? There is a white rose adorned on his chest… Coupled with his magical aura… How godly.

“General, I’m flattered to have been introduced in such a brilliant manner.”

Meanwhile, I… I took a dagger out from my thigh holder, and jumped as far back as I could, and crossed both my hands.


His Excellency’s eyes opened wide at my abrupt action of taking arms.

“…It’s been a while, can we say that? Countess of Granzeus.”

Everything was, after all, already laid bare. I was just dancing on the palms of his hands.

『It finally… arrived…?』

Lu descends from my shoulder, instantly acknowledges the strength of His Highness, and returns an intimidating aura.

“Ah, the Celestial Divine Beast of the west, as beautiful as I remembered.”


He can see Lu. His eyes see through the genjutsu.

“Don’t glare at me so much, I am very grateful to you. The meeting on that evening changed my destiny.”

「Sera, we’re leaving.」

Me and Lu flew towards the window. Then sword-like ice bullets flew at us. I deflected them all with my dagger, while Lu quickly grew to adult-size and smashed the window glass with his tail.

“Serafiona! Are you crazy? Turning your blade towards the Prince!”

General Avenger drew his sword and is about to slash at us. Sh*t! Do I have to retaliate?

While I was hesitating and raising my right hand, someone broke in between me and His Excellency.


He received the attack.


“His Excellency, it was the Prince who made the move first!”

“It’s not a matter of what comes before and after! It is blasphemy to turn one’s blade against the royal family!”

“Heh. But this happened because His Excellency broke his promise. You swore to Elsa-sama. You shouldn’t have said anything about the abilities of our Princess to anyone!”

“That’s stupid! I have no reason to keep secrets from the royal family!”

To His Excellency… Being a decent military personnel for the country means loyalty to the Royalty. The reason for his very existence is to protect the Royal family. No matter what serious commitment he had, the royal family always comes first. And he couldn’t have imagined that we were hostile against the royal family.

I was stupid. I judged that, with a personality as serious as His Excellency Avenger has, he will not betray me. However, he ironically betrayed me because he has such a serious personality.

“The healthy growth of our Princess and the secrecy of her abilities. That is the consensus of Trundle and Granzeus, and to those who are of the higher positions. Knowing the abilities of our Princess, we have the most natural conclusion that it is the Royalty that will cause her most harm by exploiting her.”

“Harm…? That’s a strange thing to say.”

His highness Schneider has a bitter smile.

“You bastard had said one too many insults to His Highness!”

“My bad. But for us, it’s only strength, the Trundle’s way of life that is equal to all, that matters. To Elsa-sama, and us, our one and only desire is to protect Serafiona-sama. Young Lady! Go!”




Lu jumps out of the window. I immediately followed.

“After her!”

The shout of His Highness resonates throughout the martial arts hall.

I followed Lu who is repeatedly making leaps.


I can see the sight of Alma-chan and Nick below me! Both of them, who seemed to be in a rush about something, opened their mouths wide, extended their hands to me, and looked up at the sky!

I felt the glass treasure on my pants pocket.


Tears flowed down my cheeks.


I mumbled my words to the two of them.

And engulfing myself with the wind, I increased my speed.

Goodbye. Knights School. The place of salvation I had longed for since the age of 3.

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