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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 15

Let’s capture the Otouto-attribute route! ――Louis Ford (1)

We then repeat the tic-tac-toe match several times.

Meanwhile, I am looking at Eileen and thinking about another thing at the same time.

Her high spirits, then frowning again, and such appearances makes me associate her with something.

When Eileen secures a few victory as my opponent, I asked her,

“Who is Eileen fond of?”


Then, as expected, Eileen raised her brows.

“I don’t observe people, so there’s no context… what is it with you?”

Then, she -hmph- with her nose and says, “I don’t have an obligation to tell you that in the first place,” and turns away.

Well, I expected that.

But seeing Eileen like that, I have my own thoughts.

After all, the thing I have to aim for is not just the ending in this story, but the “true end”.

Just going with any ending, forcing Eileen to stick together with anyone of my choosing, that cannot be done.

If I tried to do that, I’m sure like with Charlotte’s childhood friend -I’ve forgotten his name somehow, sorry- she will deal with them her own way once again.

If that were to happen, just Eileen being the current “heroine” will not help with anything.

And naturally, the ending will be a bad end.

No matter what, I must avoid that.

The other party has to be chosen carefully.

Look for a person she acknowledged, go his route, have her liked by the other person, confessed to, and sticking them together――

“Ha―a, the difficulty is getting higher and higher.”

“What’s wrong, you’re not feeling well?”

I don’t want to be told that by the one responsible for it.

But if Eileen could be so interested in this game, I suppose there was a lot of potential―

I’m trying to think about it, but I’m done thinking. There would be no development in future if this keeps up.

I grab Eileen’s shoulders, then said,

“You have to say who you like――!! Just talk about it――!!!”

“Wha-What is it?!?”

“Say something――!!”

Eileen screamed as I shook her as much as I could.

Should I be concerned about her a bit? “say―― say――!” she screamed like it’s a curse.

She gave in sooner than I expected.

“Okay, I understand! I’ll say it, I don’t know well, but I will say who I like!”

I just need to know.

I let go of her. With a suspicious light in her eyes, Eileen looks around in a hurry. 

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk but, however, so suddenly, to say who I like… Unn, yeah… ah.”


I look towards the direction her eyes are reluctantly and hesitantly staring at.

――Outside the window.

Following it, I saw him.

It’s not empty, just below the classroom, he’s there.

“Come on, Aldo!”

He is a bright blonde boy.

Is he a little shorter than Eileen? With an innocent look and thin arms.

There is a young boy playing with a dog and laughing.

I look at Eileen by my side. She is looking at the boy without a word―― her cheeks were slightly red for some reason――





“W-what is it?”

“Hey, does Louis Ford catch your eyes?” 

I said his name.

Eileen blinked. And,

“Were you aware!?”


She clicked her tongue.

I however shook my head from side to side. 

“I’m well informed.”

Him too, like the other capture targets, I only have some information about him. 

His profile is in the materials collected by Win as well.

Other than that, he was on the package design.

“I-is that so? Fuun.”

“Are you bothered?”

“N-n-n-not especially!?”

Eileen responded with a voice that is clearly shaking.

My expectations were a little off and I couldn’t quite distinctly comprehend it.

Nevertheless, this selfish Young Lady has become interested in others. Something like this will not come too easily in future!

I can’t miss this great opportunity!

Louis Ford.

He is the second son of a wealthy man and grew up getting heavily doten on by his older brother and sister.

Because of that, he is a little strange sometimes, but everyone loves him because of his calm personality and his love for animals.

In fact, it can be seen as a complex towards younger ones――

Amiable face filled with gentleness, blonde hair and blue eyes. It won’t be wrong to say he has an Otouto-attribute physique.

(TN: Otouto – younger brother)

I had inadvertently crushed a flag, but another one immediately returns!

I take a big breath and said,

“Excuse me, Ford-kun… No, Ford-san!”

“W-wait a…! Please stop, it’s embarrassing!”

I do not want a Villainess Young Lady to talk about embarrassment or what not. 

When I waved my hand, the young Ford noticed us.

He hugged the dog and opened his eyes as if surprised for a moment, but immediately smiled in a friendly manner and waved his hand back.

Hmmm, this is.

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