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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 20

Confronting His Majesty Ghilane

“…Your Highness Prince Ghilane of the Galle Empire. I am Isaac, Earl of Granzeus of Judor. This is my family. Would you please tell us what this visit may be for? “

“I came to see the face of the freshman who was going easy on me, but… I found something even more interesting. You, your name.”

He doesn’t raise his voice. It’s calm and low, making others want to submit.

……He found me. I didn’t want to make contact in this world… Have I run out of luck? I quietly descended from Older Brother’s arm and fell on my knees.

“…Crow Prince, Nice to meet you. I am Earl Granzeus’ daughter, Serafiona Granzeus.”

“Serafiona, show me what’s on your shoulders.”


He shouldn’t see it. We applied three layers of genjutsu after all. But has he noticed the aura of the Sacred Beast that had been suppressed?

I alternately looked at the shoulder Lu rode and and the one he didn’t, leaning my head of feign confusion.

“Is something wrong with my shoulders?”

“Fufufu, trying to play dumb? How exciting? Serafiona, your talents are wasted in this country. Come to me! I will make a more suitable place for you than here in Judor.”

…I thought that my breath would stop. Previous life… in the novel… it’s very similar to the words he said to me.

“Your Majesty…”

“Your Highness! That person has <no magic>!”

When I turned around, a girl dressed in a school uniform pointed at me. I also wake up from my agitation.

This girl… is she aiming for His Majesty Ghilane? Stop saying things unnecessarily. Stop it.

“Hmm, <no magic>, your magic operation is already perfect at this age…? I want you even more now.”

Gillen took my hand and helped me stand up like a lady.

My chest tightened at His Majesty who wanted me even though my magic is limited. But if I hold his hands, only misery is waiting for me. However, he is the only one who wanted me in both my previous life and this life.

“Your Highness, my daughter is only six years old. She had only been quietly staying in our house without any outstandings or talents in magic. Please spare us of your jokes.”

“Which one of us is throwing jokes around? Trundle should refrain from any actions. Oh well, I’ll just make you reveal it then.”

Immediately after saying something terrible, His Majesty gestured with his left hand three times very swiftly. I couldn’t comprehend what he was doing.

Light suddenly glowed from the sky, which flew down on his left shoulder…

It has iridescent wings and golden cockscomb, with a tail reaching from His Majesty’s shoulders to the ground. A vivid vermillion bird. Remembering my previous life… Suzaku!

………How many people are witnessing the sight at this place? My family members – Father, Older Brother, Grandmother, and Enrique, all with a pale blue face, are kneeling and hanging their heads down. No one else within the line of sight does the same. Isn’t this place supposed to be a magic school where only those <with magic> gathered? Does the others in the gallery only see dazzling light? Does His Majesty know that and did not bother to hide the sight?

No, that’s not it. He takes this into account and instantly separates us from that large number of people, those that can and cannot see Suzaku. Those with enormous magical power in the Judor Kingdom will be troublesome to deal with in future though. Bold and efficient. Not only Lu, our cover could also have been blown.

Still, I don’t remember His Majesty Ghilane having a sacred beast.

Did he approach me just because I have a sacred beast? He wants me because I have a sacred beast? That’s how it is? Selfish disappointment fills my heart.

「Sera, we can’t deceive him anymore. ―Let’s go.」

I put a strong genjutsu around me. We can’t live as brutishly as His Majesty. I have no intention of revealing Lu and me to the unrelated people here. Apparently, the people here cannot see Lu. But I have to be careful.

I manipulated the gallery’s sight to see it as if we were across the haze… and induced their thoughts to find the ongoings here as uninteresting. Then I nodded to Lu.

The white silvery Lu appears with a gust of wind.

「…Have Magan passed away?」

Different from Lu, a mature voice echoed in my head.

「I succeeded him a while ago.」

Suzaku is more like a senpai, and Lu simply answers with a few words. They didn’t seem to be getting along.

“Hee? You shared a <bond>. How unusual.”

“…Is His Majesty different?”

“I caught this one and made it submit. It’s <subjection>. It’s convenient, right? It’s just as I wanted.”

I see, <bond> and <subjection>, we are different.

I stared at <assumed name> Suzaku. Her eyes are clear and she doesn’t seem to be dejected.

“It doesn’t particularly seem like you forced it?”

「Because I like the strength of this person.」

I look at the two sacred beasts together, then at His Majesty… he blushed a little. Oh, this is unusual.

“Fuu… The Celestial Divine Beast of the west, huh! I’ll ask you once again. Come to me.”

My encounter with His Majesty is only a sign of calamity, but I feel just a bit lucky to see this young, human-like Majesty…

“I’m glad to be evaluated so highly by His Majesty… you said you needed me… I’m glad. But I don’t think going to His Majesty’s side will make me happier than I am now. As I am now… unexpectedly, I am happy.”

Unlike in the novel. A natural smile formed on my face.

“…Serafiona, do you intentionally call me <His Majesty>?”

(TN: His Majesty is the highest form of respect, His Highness are the ones used for this just below that)

“I can see only a future like that.”

Something heartrending fills His Majesty’s eyes for an instant. He closed his eyes for a while so as to hide it, and opened his eyes again, it is now filled with the usual cold and cocky attitude.

“…10 years, Serafiona, I will give you that much time. I will take you away when you reach 16. You will be my Queen. Be prepared.”


I opened my mouth wide and did not close it because what he said was too unexpected.

Her Majesty’s Queen? Uh, who was it in the novel? ……None! There was no description of such. In the novel, didn’t he treat me like a pawn and dumped me too!? What do I say to this person? In the first place, his personality is too different! Do you want the Lu that comes with me so much?

Older Brother suddenly came before me as I was in this rave confusion.

“Serafiona is my treasure. Serafiona is like an angel and you tried to rob her away without minding her thoughts? Haha, shall I show you my unscrupulous techniques right now?”

Older Brother takes out a poisoned shuriken using space magic. In response, Dad also stood up and held me with his left hand and kissed me, and unfolded his right hand’s thumb and forefinger at terrible speed. Dangerous magic seems to be gathering. He no longer wants to hide his cheats from His Majesty.

Upon seeing that, His Majesty’s eyes glowed and he smiled.

“My bride is going to be very lively. I’m looking forward to it.”

When he laughed befitting his age… Damn, he’s cute!

Grandmother turned the closed fan to His Majesty …………If she clicks something somewhere, it will surely fire a missile or something from the front!

“It’s almost time for the interaction between us taking place here being no longer possible. Your highness Ghilane, my Lord Serafiona is a <contractor>. She is equal in all respects to His Highness, and there is no need to listen to your orders. If you want to take her, I would recommend that you make a reasonable effort. You have heard the words of my Lord, and there is no advantage in becoming Your Highness’ consort right now. Remember that there are so many replacements to Your Highness in this country alone. At the very least, don’t be hated by her in the eyes of the public. Ohohoho!”

Calm down a bit there! Grandmother!

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