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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 16

Let’s capture the Otouto-attribute route! ――Louis Ford (2)

I dragged Eileen with her arm.

“Let’s get going.”

“W-where are we going?”

It’s bothersome to answer. We moved out of the classroom, ran down the stairs, ran across the corridor――

“Hey, hey.”


We were suddenly called and had to stop.

Looking back, a gentleman with a warm smile stood there.

Who is this uncle?

“Miss Oliver, Miss Aldington. Don’t run in the corridor.”

“Pardon us.”

Shut up, idiot. We’re in a hurry.

I hold in want I wanted to say, and lower my head.

This is the quickest way to get through this place.

He listens with a strange face.

The gentleman― probably a teacher― squinted his eyes at me and Eileen.

“Fufu. But, well, it’s good that you have a lot of energy.”


“Please excuse me, Oliver. It’s related to you and me. Ah, I know you think I’m a loud teacher.”


“But I―― I’m really concerned about something.”


“When I look at you, I remember my deceased wife.”


“Sorry, we’re in a hurry!”

“Here, I’ve got a picture of her―― ah, y-you girls!?”

I feel like he was saying something important, but there should be no problem with the progress of the game! Maybe.

I grab Eileen’s arm and start dashing once again, he did not stop us a second time.

Eventually, we arrived right below the classroom, short of breath.

Two Senpais appeared, they said, and the young lad Ford smiled without being surprised and greeted us, “Hello”. 

“Do you want something from me?” 

Become the lover of this selfish Lady.

Only something stupid pops up in my head, and thus said nothing, so let’s start with a self-introduction.

“Nice to meet you, Louis Ford. I― My name is Eileen Aldington, second year. This is my classmate and my friend, Charlotte Oliver-san.”


Charlotte, no, Eileen, has a bright red face and hiding behind me and said something in a very small voice. 

Probably a greeting, but her faint voice is not Eileen-like.

“While chatting with Charlotte in the classroom, we heard a happy voice from outside the window, so I just waved my hand. I’m sorry to have disturbed you.” 

“No, no. I’m glad to have been called out by Senpais.”

He has a warm smile.

Indeed, otouto-attribute.

“By the way, Ford-san, What were you doing here?”

“Yes. I was playing with him.”


“He is Aldo.”

That’s his name. Wa―n, he barked and ran at his feet.

A fur with a mixture of white and and colors that are very close to it. It stretches and spots in some places and is not very pretty.

“This child… is, he, your dog?”


Eileen said that and grabbed my arm with a -gyu-. Painful. 

Her voice is filled with tension. However, simply joining the chat is a good progress for her.

It’s a lot better than suddenly barging into the conversation later.

Being asked that, Ford gave me a seemingly troubled laugh.


“It’s different?”

What is it then, I asked.

Since they were playing with each other, I thought he was obviously his pet dog.

“The other day, he was abandoned behind the school.”

How pitiful.

I gently stroked the head of the poor dog, and he rubbed his nose against me.

“Some people did really mean things.” 

“That’s right, but my house… I can’t keep it there. That’s why, I sometimes give him my lunch and play with him.”

Indeed, he is a praiseworthy lad.

“What about his name, ‘Aldo’?”

“I named him. He doesn’t have a name, I thought it was pitiful.”

What a good boy.

(TN: the dog)

Eventually the poor dog left my hand and approached Eileen.

Ah, that’s bad.

I have my heart in my throat.

If she shouts out, “Why must I touch such a filthy dog!”


“Yo-yoshi yoshi.”

(TN: there there)

She reached out and touched him.

The dog then squints with a peaceful mind. I noticed Eileen cheeks loosen.

“It looks like he is happy to be stroked, Charlotte. I’m glad.”

“Yoshi yoshi.”

She didn’t seem to hear my voice. She folded her knees and leveled her eyes with her dog, stroking him further. 

“Yoshi yoshi.”

“Charlotte, this child is taken care of by Ford.”

“Yoshi yoshi.”

“It’s cute.”

“Yoshi yoshi.”

“Ford is surely a very nice lad to make friends with such a cute dog――”

“Yoshi yoshi yoshi yoshi.”

“Eileen, follow me for a bit.”


I seem to have pulled her too hard. 

Eileen whined, unbefitting of a Young Lady, and led her behind a school building.

When I released her grasped arm, she immediately barked.

“What were you doing!?”

“It’s a chance to get closer to Ford-kun whom you had longed for, so don’t endlessly be stuck with just a dog!”

“What ‘just a dog’!? Please call it a Wan-chan”

(TN: wan – dog’s bark)

I’m a cat person so dogs are a little bit–

……wait, eh?

Eileen, what did she say just now?

That means,

“Umm, are you okay?”

When I hear the voice and look back, I see Ford who was standing there.

He looks at us with his brows raised. He must have been worried and came to see us.

According to the information, he is a kind boy.


“In the first place, what do you mean, ‘chance to get closer?'”

She will be moved by his affection, and reform herself from being the Villainess Young Lady.

I thought of that, but Eileen keeps spewing out words as if she’s mad about something.

“What are you talking about, Konomi? I’m not interested in this kid.”


What do you mean?

“First reason, you there.”

She glared at the young lad Ford.

“You mentioned earlier, that you give the rest of your lunch? To this dog?”

“Y-yes. It seemed so hungry that I felt sorry――”

The dog was abandoned by his master and was left alone, so he takes care of him. He is a gentle lad, this Louis Ford. 


The wonderful behavior that would have caught the heart of many Otome gamers does not work for Eileen――

“Don’t you know that human foods must not be fed to the non-human: animals!?” 

What did you just say?

Me and Ford couldn’t say anything out of surprise, but the cause of our surprises might be different. Eileen however swiftly pursued.

“You will make him sick if fed too much salt!”

No!! Well, that’s a sound argument though.

“I, I”

Now look, Ford boy’s eyes are moist.

I followed up in a hurry.

“B-but, Eile―Charlotte. Ford-san was feeling sorry for the abandoned Wan-chan and wanted to let him eat delicious food. He didn’t know.”

“While it may be a nice thing to do, it’s just abuse to give them something just because you want to!”

I don’t want to be told that by the Villainess Young Lady!

“In addition. You secretly kept him on campus because you can’t keep him at your own house, taking care of him only when you’re willing, and letting him out only when you want to play with him. Can you really say something like that is done out of goodwill? They could do harm to the students too. So naturally, the staff will find them someday and get rid of them.”

“U, u……… Ueeen”

I couldn’t return any retorts.

Ford, who could no longer endure, has begun to shed tears.

“Ah, F-Ford… stop it Eileen, the other party is a child…”

“It’s about the life of a living creature. Even against a child, there are times when they must not be tolerated! This dog will be taken care of by me.”

“Here”, she said and the dog responded cheerfully.

“Wait Aldo…… Don’t do terrible things to Aldo!”

But Eileen is relentless. She has no intentions of keeping the dog away from her arms.

――And thus, the Heroine (Villainess) Charlotte (Eileen) deprived Ford boy of his important friend.

He knelt to the ground and began to beg her.

“You should learn from this experience, to never casually do something without taking it seriously.”

“The capture target-like uncle gently touches a photo of his deceased wife and her Imouto, who looks just like the Heroine (inside Eileen)”

Thank you for your request! I will reveal it now!!

TN: I’m really confused by the last segment. It wasn’t even the Author’s Note. I don’t know whose monologue or whatnot this is. Please support me on PayPal. Thank you (*_*)

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