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The Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 1 Part 21


“Your Highness, Your Highness, we have to prepare for the next match. Please Return!”

We hear a voice from outside the barrier. No matter how much genjutsu I had casted, they will be able to tell where we are if they concentrated on a good point.

I snap my fingers. The genjutsu clears like a mirage as I hug Papa on his knees. Older Brother sits in my seat and Grandmother drinks tea next to him. Before he left, His Majesty Ghilane simply stands quietly and smiles gently.

“Being next to you who has <no magic> is very comfortable. We will meet again.”

He gracefully kissed my hand and walked away with his servant.

Aaaah– the screams from all around me are annoying!

Older Brother, I will use purification magic to my hand! It will be cleansed that way!

“Mou… I’m tired. Why don’t we go home since Older Brother’s match is already over?”

“Yes, but we need to discuss a little something before that.”

“I will be joining you next holiday.”

“Lalouza, good work. You’ve done well.”


Cheers resounds in the arena. Looking at the field, players from the second semi-final match have appeared.

Suddenly, Lu’s claws dig into my shoulders. It hurts a bit? Lu?

「Sera… it’s him.」

Following Lu’s gaze after his unusually serious voice,

…Ah, no doubt. He is the one from the Magic Research Institute. Although he seems to have grown a lot in just one year.

“Older Brother, that guy, who is he?”

The whole family stares at him. Papa sighed with -fuu- and said in a tone as if he had given up.

“He is the first prince of our country, His Highness Schneider.”

We broke up with Older Brother and left the Magic Academy immediately since we were depressed by the defeat of our Family Member. Or more specifically, we wanted to hide ourselves before we are noticed by someone once again. There should be no more new characters making an appearance today. The event just before already had us in panic.

I close my eyes while swaying in the carriage and recalling the information from the novel.

In the novel, the first prince did not even appear. Although he is the first born, being the child of a consort and with a weak constitution, the next to ascend the throne is almost already decided to be the genuine and talented Prince Gardner… only a quick explanation of him were in the novel’s settings. A perfect mob.

When I reached home, I changed into a casual dress and went to the lounge where Father and Grandmother are waiting. Martha, brought me tea who had a stiff expression, and was surprised and squats down to hug me. Her attitude has not changed since I was born. The only mother-like figure present around me since I regained my memories at 6 years old.

“What happened, Ojou-sama? What happened that makes you look so sad?”

Already, Martha has a sad looking face. Oh… the scent of Martha is like a sedative to me, like my mofumofu.

“It’s nothing. I was just tired. Lu wants to eat a delicious cake too.”

“I’ll serve you right away.”

She hugged me again and went to the kitchen in a flutter to prepare. Thank you Martha.

I am back in normal operation.

“Father, I don’t know much about Schneider for some reason. And I heard from somewhere that the first prince has a… weak constitution.”

“He is sickly and ill, so he doesn’t show up in public anymore. Well… you have to tread carefully when bringing up topics of the two Princes.”

In other words, if you talk about it too much, you can be ousted. How scary!

“But, he can see Lu, so His Highness Schneider, he has a great deal of magic power… he is very smart when recalling his previous conversations, while His Highness Gardner can’t even see the two holy beasts in front of him. He wasn’t even aware that they were descending on the stage. Why is the excellent first prince, who was never standing out before, on a dazzling stage like the magic tournament? “

Enrique entered after a quiet knock.

“A letter has arrived, Elsa-sama.”

“Thank you, Enrique. Let’s see…… His Highness Schneider is a second year student, he was quiet last year and did nothing to stand out. He naturally didn’t join the magic tournament. However, the look in his eyes changed about a year ago, and had been casting magic in avarice since then. The eyes of the Queen…… he doesn’t seem to worry about them anymore. Well, it seems the Queen’s factions are simply watching so far since there is no way to compare the first Prince and the second Prince because of the difference in their grades. I guess his way of life changed after obtaining a great power of some sort.”

It was within such a short time! Grandmother’s information network, how excellent! Grandmother herself is scared enough.

Anyway, I guess I raised a flag of some sort at that time. I feel depressed.

As a member of the royal family, and as Gardner’s brother, I wonder if I will eventually stand in front of him.

I throw a bite-sized cake into Lu’s mouth. He is also eating with a distracted face unlike usual.

But the first Prince who was nothing but a mob in the novel, came forward with the title of His Highness Schneider. It is also evidence that the contents of the novel has been distorted. Can I consider it as a welcoming thing?

“Anyway, it’s good that we know who he is now. We can make measures now since we are aware of his presence. We’ll let Lalouza follow the Prince’s movements to a degree that isn’t unnatural. And we will cut off exchanges as before.”

Me and Grandmother silently nod to Father’s words.

“Do you think that Schneider has identified me and Lu?”

“It’s always good to assume the worst of the worst. Don’t be optimistic? Serafi-chan, you will be more careful with such assumptions.”

“Yes, Grandmother.”

“And… the ridiculous proposal of His Highness Ghilane, isn’t it okay to just ignore it?”

Papa, I’m afraid of the something-black aura on your back!

“Otou-sama, I’m not interested in lolicons at all. But His Highness Ghilane has a Sacred Beast and is aware of my secrets. I hope things don’t go out of hand.”


“Ufufu, Serafi-chan, Aren’t you very self-assured? I’ll share you a little secret, you can just regard him as a joke. In things like love, the one to fall in love first loses.”

That’s not the point, Grandmother… It’s not about falling in love, His Majesty Ghilane is in love, not with me but Lu. Oh, but isn’t the end result the same? Should I tell him that if he harassed me, he won’t get Lu?

“For now, the other party is a royalty with a great position, and I’m just a child, so won’t it be treated as a joke? Also, I’ll be careful not to set things up in a bad way.”

Father and Grandmother nodded.

“But then, Serafi-chan, you caught a big game from the very beginning? The prince of Galle, wasn’t his last action a show of him falling madly in love? Grandmother can raise her nose high!”

Falling madly in love? Umm, the glare from behind you seems out of a crazy disagreement? You simply have a very grand delusion, right Grandmother?

“Esteemed Mother, this isn’t something we can simply laugh at!”

“Ara ara.”

“Otou-sama, don’t worry. I and Lu will be adventurers. I always start from here or from our territory, and will always return to Otou-sama. And there’s no way I can get married while on a pilgrimage, right― Lu―?”

「Oh! I’m not sure if I will marry Sera myself and live like that.」



Father And I hugged tightly.

AN: This is the end of Chapter 1 Childhood. Baukuma 400! Thanks to everyone who had been patiently reading the Chibi era, where Sera and Lu are flying and bouncing.

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